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Falling Blackness looks singularly unimpressed as the rifleshots whizz toward him. With a flick of his right hand he slices at the pair of shots and drops them to the deck. He has to step aside to avoid the fragments of the first, but not by that much. "You need to try something better, Mr Assessor."

Carmine watches the Abyssal deflect the twin shots of the Assessor with ease, and smiled all the brighter. Then she moved, red silk streaming out behind her, Eminance moving in a flat arc to power through his defence and send him hurtling backwards

Falling Blackness "Well, scantily-dressed lady of my dreams, I'm certainly worthy of you...but I have my doubts if it works both ways." Carmine's blows slide off the one-eyed Abyssal's defenses like water off an oiled cloth.

Falling Blackness sends a pair of short, testing blows against Carmine's defenses without real effort, just probing at her defenses to see how good she is.

Carmine A soft violet glow begins to build around carmine as the abyssal launches his pair of attacks, Carmines sword flashing up to parry them before lashing out with a pair of elegant ripostes, once more testing her blades on his

Falling Blackness gives Carmine a raised eyebrow as she scratches her blade along his side, leaving a line of red among the bandages. "Very good."

Carmine "As are you." she says happily, apparently not having noticed the cut on her side

Xar'Rex crouches for a second, then springs forward, curling into a ball and hitting him in the knees with his sharp spines.

Falling Blackness forces Xar to decide between hitting him and getting a sharp Soulsteel daiklave in the face. As the Dragon-king's path is diverted, the bandaged man smirks. "I told you this would be easier if you would all just lay down and let me kill you."

Xar'Rex does not, in fact, light the an-teng-lover on fire, but instead lights the deck on fire.

Myrrh "Oh...well if we're going to set everything on fire..." Grabs the August Revolution from the deck, loath to use it otherwise he draws the mummy in his sights and braces himself against the mast, firing twice at the spinning mummy man!

Corve doesn't just stand there and watch his company fight the threat. Instead, he launches himself to the side, bringing Judging Thunder to his shoulder even as he hits the ground. He begins rolling, carefully keeping the deathknight in his sites as he aims for... the railing behind him. With a rapid finger, he finds within him a surge of essence, pushing the Solar energy into his weapon and infusing the rifle with massive amounts of energy, making the bullets spin faster into place as he unleashes a barage of unstoppable power, ricocheting the bullets from the railing to the Abyssal's back.

Falling Blackness staggers forward as the pair of bullets rips through his back and out his chest. As the blood falls from his wounds, the mummified Exalted turns and leaps for Corve, his heavier wavy-bladed Daiklave slashing in a flurry of attacks that aim to reduce the offending Solar to bloody shreds on the deck.

Carmine Carmine almost doesn't spot the last attack that arcs back towards her from the whirlwind of fury directed at her friend the assessor, but spot it she does, the air around her turning violet once more as she snaps elegance up to deflect the blow and then spins to deliver her counterstroke. She continues through, spinning twice more, the silken bands horizontal, each spin accompanied by a slice at him

Falling Blackness pants a bit as he beats back Carmine's violet attacks with a burst of Essence. "Only one gets through like that. Now I'm being careful."

Xar'Rex follows up Carmine's assault with one of his own; opening his mouth, he belches forth a gout of white-hot flame that blasts the deathknight from where he crouches, hidden and surrounded by the flames that slowly eat away at the deck,

Falling Blackness turns the flaming belch aside, sneering at the freakish Dragon-king. "A burning burp is all you can do, freak?"

Falling Blackness "Did the Wyld take your stones when it took your shape?"

Corve is now burning with a tremendous anima banner. It's blinding in its silver and lavender light, twirling around him in essence strips; his veins pulsate with power as he continues rolling, the movements having done their job when he had been attacked by the Abyssal moments ago. He only has a few deep cuts now, and when he stops rolling, he notices his opponent is facing the other way. Propping his rifle up, he takes a few shots at the bastards back, the blasting bullets nigh-silent in their wizzing trajectory.

Xar'Rex "You are one to talk, you are nothing without what you wear, that binding, hiding what you are. You hide from yourself, you could not stand to see you in a mirror!"

Myrrh levels the massive rifle at the abyssal, pulling back some sort of level on the body of the rifle. "Everyone get outta the way!" he yells as he channels his essence through the bullet before finaly pulling the trigger sending a gout of smoke and flame shooting through the night sky, as well as one large bullet.

Falling Blackness dives away from Myrrh's attacks, the slim blade he uses for defense flashing in the rising sunlight. "I yield the ship, Solars, but if you go South you will find me waiting!"

Falling Blackness takes a running leap and dives from the side of the airship into the clouds.

Myrrh "Yeah! You better run you mummy bastard!...the ship's still on fire!"

Storyteller Seconds after the Deathknight jumps, he comes back into view, standing on the deck of a small airship that looks to be made from shadows and cobwebs. He raises his swords in a salute and spins the wheel of his ship, guiding the shadow-vessel away, to the South.

Corve stands up and rushes towards the edge of the ship, slipping his gun over it and aiming down... but the Abyssal is sailing away, too fast for even Corve to be able to shoot at him effectively. "MOTHER FUCKER!" he screams, kicking the rail.

Xar'Rex "Oh. Sorry." He waves a paw, and the flames extinguish themselves, with one defiant flare.

Carmine looks down at her cuts and smiles "He was fun."

Xar'Rex "I do not like him." Xar looks over the railing. "Not at all."

Corve shakes his head. "Me neither," he murmurs, holstering his rifle. "Stay on the look out when we get to Chiaroscuro..." he says. "But for now... Myrrh, you're on pilot duty. Carmine, Xar, round up anyone you can tell was on his pay roll, and put everyone else in a secure area. I'm going to talk to the Captain." His tone isn't as authoritive as it seems... most of it simply seems like the most logical course of action. Never the less, he smiles at his companions. "...please."

Corve he begins to walk. "We need to be ready for anything else that may happen, here or in Chiaroscuro."

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