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Glorious Carmine Elegance is a tall and graceful woman with a mass of wavey red hair that is as often worn loose as it is plaited into an elaborate arrangement of braids. Her eyes are a deep dark brown, and her lips are full. Carmine's skin is a smooth expanse of perfectly bronzed flesh, and though she is not overly muscled, anyone running a hand over that skin will find it firm below their hand.

Carmine typically dresses in just five pieces of red silk: One band across her chest, tied behind her back; One peice about her waist, held up at the side with a complex golden clasp and then two silk ribbons, one tied to each wrist. A silk strap, from shoulder to waist, acts to hold the sheath for Eminence, hilt protruding over one shoulder. Held up by the same strap is a small bag containing Carmine's possesions, and a brace of javelins. Simple canvas sandels protect her feet.


The sun shines down on the battlefield.
The sun shines down on a field of corpes.
The sun shines down on a small circle of men and demigods.

In the middle of the small circle , a woman dances. Her red hair flows in the breeze and a golden glow surrounds her. She is clad simply, in five peices of silk. Her skin is marred by many cuts, and her body is covered in blood. The weapon in her hand is made of sunlight and it weaves complex patterns on the air. She does not know why she dances, only that she must. She does not know who she dances with, only that she is. She does not know how to lose, and so she will win.

A violet haze surrounds her, when one of the men slices clumsily with the brutal sword in his hands. She is aware of the blow, lets it hit, red motes seeping into her skin, the blade not even breaking the skin as the sunlight blade reaches out, severing the man's head from his body cleanly. Defensive instinct takes over as one of the demigods, a woman clad in jade, strikes with long and thin blade, parry and counterstroke simultaneous. Crimson sunlight deflects the sliver of glass as the jade of her breastplate is sundered, blood spurting from the wound with the scent of roses, the wood aspect falling back. The other two mortals attack, blades falling loosely from their hands as they strike the woman's skin, her counterstrikes openning their chests to the desert air. The Earth Aspect's attacks are parried almost before they are launched, used to give impetus to a spin. He flares desperately, a mountain appearing above him as he frantically channels essence into his skin, hardening it again the riposte, the twin slices still scoring him deeply.

Having followed in the dance, now it is her time to lead, and lead she does, the sunlight in her hand glowing with white heat as she launches the trio of cuts at the Earth aspect. He falls, stomach spilled onto the sands, arm hanging half detached, neck half missing. There are just two dance partners now, leaves surrounding one, a woman of flame dancing above the other, the scent of blood and roses hanging in the air. The pair trade blows as they dance across the boiling sands and scattered bodies, before one of them falls.

The red haired woman relaxes, now that the threat has passed. With some small measure of sorrow, she drops out of her fighting stance, sheathing the golden blade. A bird alights on her outstretched hand, and she knows it. She talks with it a while, but it can tell her nothing, and so she bids it take wing again. She starts to look over the bodies of the dead, for any clues to their identity ... none, save for the eye shaped sigil on the palms of their hands. The sigil means nothing to her, and so she gathers the bodies, takes what food and water she can find, and then piles the bodies with some of the dryed grass growing nearby.

As she walks away across the desert, the plume of smoke rises up into the clear desert air.

Name Nature Caste
Glorious Carmine Elegance Thrillseeker Dawn
Concept Homeland Anima
Warrior who doesn't know how to loose The desert Woman of Flames
Player Chronicle Experience
Kraken Exalted Pulp 89 Un, 280 Sp, 369 Tot
Physical Social Mental
Strength 4 Charisma 3 Perception 2
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 5 Appearance 4 Wits 3
Dawn Zenith Twilight
Archery Endurance 3 Craft
Brawl 2 Performance 3 Investigation
Martial Arts Presence Lore 1
Melee 5 (+1) Resistance 5 Medicine 5
Thrown 5 Survival 3 Occult
Night Eclipse Specialties
Athletics 3 Bureaucracy
Awareness 3 Linguistics 1
Dodge 1 Ride 3
Larceny Sail 1
Stealth Socialise
Linguistics Flametongue; Low Realm
Essence Virtues Pools
•••• Compassion 2 Personal 20 |
Willpower Conviction 4 Peripheral 48 |
•••••••• Temperance 2 Commited
Valor 4
Combat Statistics
Initiative:8(15)Soak (L/B):(9/9) or (24L/24B/12H)Mobility:-0
Eminence:16 (23/25)Parry:13Damage:16LRate:5
Javlin:7 (7)Parry:n/aDamage:5L(P)Rate:2
Effortless Dodge:5Dodge Action:9
Feat of Grace:8Feat of Might:7
Essence Regain8/Hour4/Hour0/Hour
W/ Hearthstone12/Hour8/Hour4/Hour
Health Levels (7)0124Incapacitated
Anima Banner:
Carmine's anima starts as a faint glow, growing in brightness as she channels more essence, growing deeper and redder until finally a woman of sunlit flames with a spear of pure dawnlight and armour of shimming gold appears above her, long violet tresses blowing in the wind.
0 MotesNo display.
1-3 MotesAs she begins to spend Peripheral Essence, Carmine's Castemark appears and begins to flicker with otherworldly luminosity. Anyone who can see her can make a Perception + Awareness roll at standard difficulty to notice it.
4-7 MotesAt this level of display, Carmine's Castemark glows like a beacon, and its light will shine through anything placed over it.
8-10 motesA red glow starts to build around Carmine, from her feet to about a foot off her head.
11-15 motesThe red sky gets deeper, and starts to become tinged with the purer light of dawn, though no detail can be made out yet.
16+ motesThe shimmers of dawnlight coallesse into the dancer with the spear, long violet tresses blowing in the wind, wrapping themselves around Carmine when she needs to protect herself.
Virtue FlawBerserk Anger
Limit Break Condition:The character has to face the consequences of her actions, or is otherwise shown she is fallible.



  • Golden Essence Block
  • Dipping Swallow Defence
  • Solar Counterattack
  • Ready In Eight Directions
  • Call the Blade
  • Summoning the Loyal Steel
  • Excellent Strike
  • Undaunted Weapon Technique
  • Serpent Strike
  • Steel Symphony Stance
  • Perfect Circle Stance


  • Ox-Body Technique
  • Essence Gathering Temper


  • Masterful Performance Exercise


  • Durability of Oak Meditation
  • Iron Skin Concentration
  • Unfailing Tortoise Technique
  • Spirit Strengthens the Skin
  • Iron Soul Approach
  • Adamant Skin Technique
  • Steelskin Meditation
  • Essence-Hardened Form


  • Hardship Surviving Mendicant Spirit


  • Triple Distance Attack Technique
  • Cascade Of Cutting Terror
  • Fiery Solar Chakram
  • Hundred Golden Knives Approach


  • Body Mending Meditation
  • Wound Care Mending Technique
  • Healing Trance Meditation
  • Touch of Blissful Release
  • Skilled Surgeon's Touch


  • Sensory Accuity Prana



  • Five Shadow Feint
  • Silent Void Strike


Crimson Sunrise (12xp - Actually 4bp and 7xp)

A faint violet tinge fills the air around Carmine as the the Sunrise starts, building into red arcs that guide her weapon in defence or vicious counterstroke, webs of red essence hardening her skin further when strikes pentrate her defences, the red fading to true sunlight as more essence is channelled.

  • Dipping Swallow Defence
  • Solar Counterattack
  • Iron Skin Concentration
  • Essence Gathering Temper
  • Iron Soul Approach
  • Summoning the Loyal Steel
  • Adamant Skin Technique


Artifact 4

  • Eminence 4 - A sword of sunlight, bane of the unclean
  • Heartstone Bracers - 2
    • Gives +2 damage with all weapons, and +2 dice to reflexive melee actions
  • Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light - 1
    • Keeps Carmine clean at all times
    • +2 dice to resist Diseases and Toxins
    • +2 dice to resist cold
  • Shimmering Steel Sash 2 (based on an artifact by Ikeselam
    • Sash woven from Orichalcum, Moonsilver and Red Jade
    • Acts as a shield when active, melee attacks +3 difficulty, Ranged +1

Manse 3

  • The Quiet Oasis - 2
    • Produces the Blood Stone
    • Out in the desert near to Gem, the Quiet Oasis sits. Surrounded by trees and all manner of plants, it appears to be a small slice of heaven in the harshness of the desert. No animals come to drink here though, no birds live in the branches of the trees and none of the desert tribes visit if they can help it. The reason for this might not be obvious at first, but anyone sampling the fruits or supping on the water is likely to find out soon. Any toxins or diseases the bearer of the Hearthstone has been exposed to taint the waters and contaminate the fruits, the toxins persisting for months after the exposure. In addition, if the wearer of the stone should bleed, instead the pool will fill with blood.
    • A small island in the middle of the Oasis, if carefully searched, will yield a series off steps that descend to caves carved into the rock, pleasantly cool even at the height of the day, the hearthstone chamber at the very base of the manse, where the plinth sits in a pool of icecool water, drawn up from the Dragonline running through the sands below. The Quiet Oasis produces a Blood Stone.
  • Some 1 Dot Stone

Merits, Flaws and Other Things

  • Prodigy (Melee)
    • Carmine weilds all manner of melee weapons as easily as she breathes, flowing into attacks and defences alike with a grace and poise that is staggering to behold.
  • Amensia
    • The fight in the deep desert is the first thing Carmine remembers. She has no idea as to the identity of the people who she killed, or why they might have attacked her. She knows just three things from the time before. Her name, the location of the Quiet Oasis and that somehow, she is special, to someone or something.
  • Slow Healer
    • Carmine simply does not heal as fast as the other chosen, perhaps as a consequence of the the events which took her memory.

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