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Iron Horse was born in the Hundred Kidgdoms less than 18 years ago. Son of farmers, and with no less than 3 older siblings and 2 younger ones, he never did live surrounded by commodities. However, he never let this get him down. Ever since he was young, the boy possesed an unending optimist and energy. As he had to work soon, he grew strong and tough quickly. His favorite job, however, was running errands, running from place to place to deliver messages and things. As he ran all over the place, he earned the nickname of Iron Horse... and it stuck.

Soon, however, Iron Horse got hit with the itch of travel. His family threw a nice farewell party for him, and he promised to write. His initial travels took him north towards Nexus, Lookshy, and Great Forks, where he got odd jobs as a courier and sometimes as plain old muscle. He never -did- get a horse, however, so he mostly kept running all over the place.

It was during a delivery job between cities that his life changed. Bandits jumped on him and stole what he was carrying, but failed to kill the kid, believing he was no threat. The angry young man took off after the hore-riding thieves... and reached them. The chase ended with him kicking the leader on the head and recovering his things while the other thieves fled for the hills as they saw the yellow glow surrounding him.

His further travels eventually took him further to the north, where he eventually fell under Xansha Niestro's care. The Sidereal taught the kid much about his new heritage and destiny, and Iron Horse accepted this changed on his life with his usual optimism as energy. While he was a bit of a handful, Xansha Niestro nontheless taught the boy plenty, including the beggining of his martial arts style. Meanwhile, the boy kept doing his preferred job (courier and deliveryman) in the north.

The death of his mentor, however, has managed to shake Iron Horse's little world a bit. He wants to find the ones responsible for her death... and kick it in the head.

Sadly, he's not the brightest star in the sky.


Iron Horse is young, healthy, energetic, cheerful, and... stupid. A country bumpkin in all the sense of the word, he hasn't quite grasped that fate has something larger in store for him. Still, he's eternally cheerful in a way that tends to be infectious.

He follows orders to the letter, or at least to the best of his capabilities. His pride consists in being able to do -anything- he sets his mind to, even if he's notably better at physical stuff.

Iron Horse also remembers his family fondly and writes to them sometime and sends some money. He understands they won't live as long as he will, but he's set in making their lives as good as possible. He was previously warned about not revealing what he was, so he doesn't.


Boyish, barely 18 years old, and apparently nothing more than a young and fast kid, few people suspect that Iron Horse is built like a warstrider. His stamina doesn't seem to end, he's in top physical shape, and he's strong like an ox. If appearances have ever been deceiving, this is a good example how.

He's not much to look at. Brown hair that has grown fairly long and is held in a very messy ponytail, and yellow eyes filled with stars (they used to be green). His clothes are often dirt-stained and worn, although he does his best to put on a better appearance when his master asked to. He also wears a simple necklace with a large leather decoration on it, filled with symbols supposed to ward against evil spirits and such. It doesn't work, and it's not much to look at, but he will get very very violent should anybody try to take it away.

Iron HorseFollowerMercury/Charon
Naive, tough kidHundred KingdomsYellow/Brown
TiffaRed Ice4 unspent, 67 spent, 71 total
Strength4 Charisma4 Perception4
Dexterity5 Manipulation2 Intelligence2
Stamina4 Appearance3 Wits2
Endurance5 Craft  Archery 
Ride2 Dodge4 Brawl 
Sail1 Linguistics2 Melee1
Survival3 Performance  Presence 
Thrown1 Socialize  Resistance4
Investigation  Athletics5 AbilityRating
Larceny  Awareness4 Endurance - (Running)2
Lore2 Bureaucracy    
Occult2 Martial Arts3   
Stealth1 Medicine    
Linguistics: Native: Riverspeak. Learned: Old Realm, Skytongue
Temporary WP7  Conviction***
Paradox Committed:2Temperance*
- - - - - - - - - -  2/11 Pers; 0/28 PeriValor***
CalculationsPersonal=(2x Ess) + WP
 Peripheral=6xEss + WP + (Sum of Virtues)
BACKGROUNDS (12)valuenotes
COLLEGES (7)valuenotes
The Mast1 
The Messenger2 
The Ship's Wheel2 
The Rising Smoke2 
Initiative: 7Soak (2L/4B):Mobility: -0
Armor (?L/?B)w/ Armor (?/?)Fatigue: 0
ESSENCE REGAIN8/hour4/hour0/hour
w/ HEARTHSTONE14/hour10/hour6/hour
HEALTH LEVELS (7)0124Incapacitated
Mighty Tigers+8L+1+26+4
 Special notes: +2 die to climb
 - 2 motes to attune, +1 to change form
Charmspage #typecost
Ox-Body TechniquePg.132SpecialPermanent
Adds 1 (0)HL.
Unswerving Juggernaut PrinciplePg.132Simple5 motes
Gain 5B/5L soak, needs no sleep, suffers no fatigue, and adds essence to Endurance rolls as long as he keeps moving in a straight line to his destination.
Becoming the WildernessPg.140Simple1 mote per target number reduction
Reduce Target Number of Survival or Awareness rolls while in the wilderness. May use Valor with this charm.
AbsencePg.145Supplemental1 mote per target number reduction
Reduce Target Number of Dexterity + Dodge roll
Water and Fire LegionPg.162Reflexive5 motes, 1 WP, 1 Health level
Immunity to fire -or- water until next Calibration. Or, may Coerce spirit or elemental of fire or water into service with a successful touch plus a Charisma + Resistance roll. Service must be to protect something. He may always use Conviction with this charm.
Shield of MarsPg.162Reflexive5 motes, 1 WP
After the ooponent rolls damage but before it's applied, make Dexterity + Resistance roll. Each two successes lets the Exalt transfer one level of undodgeable, unblockable and unsoakable damage to his attacker or one of his attacker's allies (who must be present) rather than taking it himself. If target uses a perfect defense, neither the Exalt nor the target suffer damage.
Systematic Understanding of EverythingPg.166Reflexive1 mote
May add +1 to a speciality of his choice until he next sleeps.
Burn LifePg.174Simple3 motes per dot
Roll Essence + Athletics, he can add one point for each sucess to his physical attributes, but by no more than his Essence. This shortens his lifespan by 3 days per success. He may use Conviction with this charm.
Forgotten EarthPg.175Reflexive1 mote
Triple leaping distance for a single jump.
Inexorable AdvancePg.175Simple1 mote
He suffers no armor or damage penalties of any sort, nor any penalties that redice his running speed, for 5 turns.
Hungry TouchPg.174Supplemental1 mote per target number reduction or damage point
May reduce target number of Willpower roll to boost his Strength + Athletics to destroy an object witha feat of strength. If the object is destroyed, he regains the Willpower point spent. Alternatively, he can buy up to his essence in additional points of damage.
Prior WarningPg.175Simple6 motes
When in danger, he may roll a reflexive Wits+Awareness roll. If it suceeds, he gets a feeling of ill dread warning him of the danger. He gets a warning period of 2 minutes per success. This lasts for 5 hours.
MARTIAL ARTS (Tiger Style, Caste book Dawn)
Crimson Leaping Cat TechniquePg.73Supplemental3 motes
For a single turn, add MA to Dexterity to determine how fast he can sprint, run, or jump.
Striking Fury Claws AttackPg.73Supplemental2 motes
For an instant, character does Lethal damage with bare hands. If using Tiger Claws, add permanent Essence to raw damage.
Tiger FormPg. 73Simple6 motes
The character adopts the attitude and stance of a raging tiger. For the rest of the scene, add MA to damage rolls and add Permanent Essence to bashing and lethal soak totals. The character gains this bonus with or without weapons, and he always deals Lethal damage. He suffers no penalties for fighting prone. Incompatible with armor.
Iron Horse carries a backpack with him, loaded with clothes, food (like jerky), a pot, a blanket, and other stuff that is otherwise useful for a traveler. The backpack is not as heavy as it looks, but it is rather bulky. He also has the custom of carrying a hatchet with him (it's better for cutting branches and stuff than a knife is).
Mighty Tigers Starmetal Razor Claws.
- | -| - | - | - | -



Mighty Tigers (Razor Claws)(3): A gift from Xansha, these starmeral weapons appear to the eye as nothing more than bracelets. However, when the nessesary Essense is spend, the bracers expand and grow to cover the user's hands, finally settling down as two wicked razor claws.

The Mighty Tigers share some property of normal Razor Claws, namely, they give 2 die to climbing rolls, but they are more powerful than a normal set. They enhance the user's attack speed, for one, and its blades are much more wicked.

It costs 2 motes to attune to the Mighty Tigers, but they remain in bracelet form until 1 more mote is spent and commited, which triggers their transformation. Releasing said mote changes the claws back into bracelets.

They have settings for two Hearthstones, one in each gauntlet.


Underworld Spirits


Bold Fox: A rotund and robust merchant in Crystal that often has Iron Horse run errands for him to a few cities. He is suspicious of the boy's yellow eyes, but the boy claims he has no idea why he has such eyes, and Bold Fox doesn't think he's smart enough to lie. For his services, Bold Fox is willing to part with information and useless trinckets, although he's not beyond trying to swindle the boy either.

Runia Bela: Owner of a hostel in Icehome, Runia has also had Iron horse do a few jobs for her. She honestly likes the boy and sighs thinking that he's too dense to see her advances (which he is). She's a fairly pretty woman in her older 20s. She also has an ear for gossip.

Sutoli: A vagabond boy who moves around the North sometimes, Sutoli has the uncanny ability of running into Iron Horse without meaning to. The two have become friends, although Sutoli sees the young man like something of a rival and might begin traveling further on the next couple of years. He is clever and knows plenty of stuff about the underworld of the cities as well on how to sneak aboard Guild caravans.


Xansha was quick to discover the boy's afinity of running all over the place, and after some deliberation allowed him to attune to a manse she knew of. The House of the Wind Path is an air-aspected Manse Gem located to the southeast of Crystal, and its Hearthstone is the Gem of Elemental Travel.

This, of course, means that Iron Horse has taken to running all over the damn place even more.

(Gem of Elemental Travel is in the Book of 3 Circles, page 115)




Iron Horse has, quite frankly, more money that he knows what to do with. Mostly, he gets new clothes, food, and whatever comes to mind, and then tries to send some money back to his old home.


Good relationship


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