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Items from the Column Gallery

These are items that the Circle "obtained" from the gallery of 100 columns found deep in the catacombs under sunken Abundance.

Column 1

  • Small silver statuette of a nude man holding a slain dragon over his head. The man is one of Corve's past incarnations.
  • Huge femur, probably from the man depicted in the silver statue. Whenever anyone but Corve picks it up while Corve isn't watching they feel a tingle.
  • Tooth from the dragon killed by the man.
  • Ashes in a vase of bone or ivory, probably from the man or the dragon.

Column 2 (Destroyed)

  • A diamond necklace of a turtle and elephant on an electrum chain. When removed from the niche, it grew dark and twisted. It exploded violently. (Black Dot)
  • Unknown item lost in the explosion of the amulet.
  • Unknown item lost in the explosion of the amulet.
  • Unknown item lost in the explosion of the amulet, exploded again.

Column 3

  • Small silver statuette of Corve's former self with his wife and son.
  • Orichalcum Smashfist, a level 3 Artifact. See Valor's Fist. (Black Dot)
  • Small golden plaque giving the name of the artifact.
  • A lock of hair, blonde.

Column 4

  • A small jade statue of a woman, chased in silver.
  • Blue Jade flute. (Black Dot)
  • Stoppered vase of Blue Jade, capped with wax and stone (Black Dot)
  • Sheet of music.

Column 5

  • Stone disk covered in Old Realm Code.
  • Small fragment of unknown cloth.
  • Yellow Jade statue of a Dragon-Blood.
  • Crystalline Artifact of unknown purpose, constructed of a black crystal spike sphere with a single perfect clear spike protruding from the top. See Strange Crystal Device. (Black Dot)

Column 6

  • A large hunk of ore spotted with rust and shining in rainbow hues. (Black Dot)
  • Painting of a star-filled sky
  • Tuning fork made of the rust-stained metal. (Black Dot)
  • Map of the Southeast, blurry and hard to read. No locations noted visibly.

Summary of Other Items

  • 4 statues in silver depicting Former-Corve in various poses of valor and heroism
  • 43 bones of various types and sizes (Black Dot, 13)
  • 24 vases, empty. Various materials and styles
  • 16 necklaces (Black Dot, 4)
  • 9 rings (Black Dot, 5)
  • 4 male armbands (Black Dot, 1)
  • 2 female armbands
  • 6 Pterok items of various types, nothing interesting
  • 20 statues of humans in various materials. (Black Dot, 2)
  • 38 statues in various materials depicting animals or other non-human, non-Dragon King things (Black Dot, 22)
  • 16 samples of crystal, coral or other stonelike materials
  • 5 samples of metallic ores
  • 3 non-portrait paintings
  • 4 portrait paintings (Black Dot, 1 female and 1 male portrait)
  • 59 dead plants
  • 26 teeth, fangs, claws or other natural weapons from nonhumans (Black Dot, 10)
  • 2 human teeth (Black Dot, both)
  • 14 feathers
  • 6 bits of cloth
  • 2 bits of string (Black Dot, one)
  • 3 coils of rope
  • 42 weapons, none magical but all very finely crafted
  • 15 shields
  • 5 sets of bracers
  • 2 dolls, one male and one female on different columns (Black Dot, female doll)
  • 4 eggs, preserved by magic (Black Dot, all four)
  • 2 guns, not artifacts but still First Age craftsmanship
  • 1 sphere containing all five elements, a First Age ecosphere
  • 1 key made of petrified butterfly wings (Black Dot)

PC Notes

the butterfly key, a rib bone from an animal, two statues of humans, two of the eggs, the female doll. carmine picked some important items anyway. I took the key and the eggs already the blue vase from column 4. the rusted tuning fork. the map. one male armband. can you add that list of items to the Player Notes section of the Gallery page? Xar`Rex- I'm taking the spiky crystal and the Yellow Jade statue of the man, and the stone disk, the most interesting crystal pieces, the 5 ores, the eggs, the guns, and even though it's dangerous, the butterfly key Corve- At least one of the Corve statues- probably the first one, since it gave him the flashback; the smashfist; male armbands, female armbands; guns, and ecosphere.

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