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The Notice of Demands Given to the Plutocracy of Brume

The decadent and self-absorbed isles of the sky have too long cast down their false shadows upon the surface of the world. Now, the time of the silver-fisted dominion of the sky-lands is at an end.

The Great Serpent of Shadows has arisen from beyond the Void and made his will known to the Faithful. If the blasphemous isles are to remain in the sky, casting false shadows upon Creation, they must submit themselves to the will of the Great Serpent. Their shadows will become as his and all under them will fall under the power of the Faithful.

If the isles or the lands in their false shadows fail to heed the warnings of the Great Serpent, delivered by his dedicated messengers and hands in Creation, the venom of the Death Snake will take your souls and all the petty goods of the sky-lands will be dross among the shattered ruins.

Submit to the will of the Great Serpent, as expressed by his Faithful Messengers, or the isles of the sky will be torn down, their false shadows forever expunged and the lands beneath them destroyed in a cloud of darkness and soot.

All will hail the Great Serpent of Shadows, the Black Viper of Final Endings, Master of Dust and Bone or be destroyed.

Name-Eaten Light-Killer, Greatest Coil of the Black Viper.

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