Merciful Osprey

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Soren, known as "Merciful Osprey" or just "Osprey" to all but his closest friends and confidants, is a stalwart member of the Bronze Faction. Upon learning the story of the Solar Exalted and their fall from grace, he immediately realized that his duty was to be the champion not only of his tribe, but of all men, defeating the returned Anathema before they could bring war and suffering to the entire world.

Early on in his career, he crossed paths with a young Dawn Caste woman named Fieldmouse, an outlaw who, armed with powerful regalia salvaged from her past incarnation's tomb, was preying on Realm holdings near Greyfalls. Despite heavy bureaucratic interference from the Gold Faction, Soren managed to infiltrate her band and put an end to it, returning to Yu-Shan with news of the Solar's fall and the powerful artifact sword he had confiscated upon her death. This exploit won him the attention of those in the upper echelons of the Faction, and he has since enjoyed their favor.

Soren has never been the same since then, becoming increasingly withdrawn and standoffish. Some say that the Anathema killed his only true love; others that she laid a terrible death-curse upon him, whose doom will strike anyone he loves. Others say that he's just adapting to his job; whether this is cast as a good or a bad thing depends on the political leanings of the speaker.

The glass-and-orichalcum daiklave he salvaged is most definitely cursed; when it is drawn from its heavily-warded scabbard, it emits terrible wails of anger and woe which shatter weapons and strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest men, and thirsts for blood. It is said that it was crafted by the demon Alveua, the Keeper of the Forge at Night, and that once it has been drawn, it cannot be sheathed without tasting human blood. Some say that its bearer's withdrawal is due to the constant battle he must wage against the sword's baleful influence, lest its mindless bloodlust enter his soul. What is certain is that he very rarely uses it unless the situation is dire indeed, preferring to fight with long knives, a staff, or his bare hands.

Much of Soren's time in brooding contemplation, and he carries about him an air of intensity tempered with sadness. Although polite to others, he is rarely what one would consider "open." His deepest feelings most often find their expression in actions, rather than words. He is very concerned with matters of duty and commitment, not only to his causes but to his companions. Although his demeanor is standoffish, he values his friends highly, and would not hesitate to place himself in danger for their sake.

Soren is a tall, well-built man, strong without being bulky. His hair is long and black, usually worn in a braid or ponytail; his skin is the swarthy, reddish-bronze of an Eastern tribesman. His eyes are dark indigo blue, flecked with stars. Little trace of his uncivilized upbringing remains in his comportment or demeanor.

Circle Relationships

  • Esara Gia?: Osprey seems to enjoy a greater level of emotional rapport with Gia than with almost anyone else, although she is certainly not privy to all, or even most of, his secrets. While in Yu-Shan, he is almost as likely to be found at her Manse as at his, causing others (especially his colleagues in the Cerulean Lute of Harmony) to make certain assumptions about the nature of their relationship.
  • Malic?: Malic and Osprey have the same sifu. Although the impetuous Southron and the reserved Easterner are as different as night and day, Osprey thinks of Malic as an impetuous younger brother. Their frequent disagreements are largely devoid of spite.
  • Arkadi: Osprey feels little camraderie with the city-born and -bred watchman, but does not yet actively dislike him. His manner occasionally reminds him of Malik's, which can be either a good or a bad thing, depending. He is definitely conscious of the fact that Gia has no love for Arkadi.

Merciful Osprey Backstory

Soren "Merciful Osprey" Fish-Hawk, the Minister of Grieving Steel

Caste: Chosen of Serenity
Nature: Martyr
Anima: Blue
Concept: Angsty loner
Experience: 137+22

Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3
Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3


  • Yellow
    • Endurance 3
    • Survival 2 (Foraging +1)
    • Thrown 1
  • Blue
    • Craft 3
    • Dodge 4
    • Linguistics 5
    • Performance 4
    • Socialize 3
  • Red
    • Brawl 4 (Wrestling +1)
    • Melee 5
    • Presence 2
    • Resistance 2
  • Green
    • Investigation 2
    • Lore 4
    • Occult 3 (Wilderness Spirits +1)
    • Stealth 1
  • Purple
    • Athletics 2
    • Awareness 2
    • Bureaucracy 2
    • Medicine 3 (Folk Remedies +1)

Ability scopes:

  • Craft: Fate, Stone chipping
  • Linguistics: Old Realm, Flametongue, Forest-Tongue, High Realm, Riverspeak, three Eastern tribal tongues (one of which is native)
  • Melee: Staves, knives, swords, axes, spears
  • Performance: Song, Dance, Ritual

Backgrounds: Allies 2, Artifact 5, Backing 2, Celestial Manse 3, Manse 1, Salary 3, Sifu 3

Compassion 3 (2), Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 2

Willpower: 7
Health: -0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-4,Incap
Fu: 3
Essence: 4
Essence pool: 15/37+5


  • Craft
    • Elemental Vision (wood) (perm)
    • World-Shaping Artistic Vision (In Eastern Wilderness) (perm)
  • Dodge
    • Absence (1m/tn, Su, inst)
    • Duck Fate(10m, R, inst)
  • Endurance
    • Optimistic Security Practice (5m, S, scene)
  • Investigation
    • Auspicious Prospects For Serenity (1m, S, inst)
  • Performance
    • Perfection in Life (5m, S, scene)
    • Defense of Shining Joy (5m1w, S, scene)
  • Socialize
    • Hot-Eyed Snake Whispering (1m/tn, Su, inst)
  • Brawl
    • Horrific Wreath (2m, S, 5 turns)
  • Melee
    • Harmony of Blows (8m, Ex, inst)
    • Impeding the Flow (3m, R, inst)
    • Orchestration of Conflict (2m/tn, Su, inst)
  • Athletics
    • Burn Life (3m/dot, S, scene)
  • Lore
    • Systematic Understanding of Everything (1m, R, til bedtime)
    • Of the Shape of the World (3m/tn 1w, S, 3hrs)


  • Violet Bier of Sorrows Style
    • Secrets of Future Strife (perm)
    • Blade of the Battle Maiden (2m/d, 2w, R, scene)
    • Flight of Mercury (1m/pt, R, scene)
    • Joy in Adversity Stance (5m, R, scene)
    • Violet Bier of Sorrows Form (6m, S, scene)
    • Life-Severing Blow (2m/level, R, inst)

Equipment: A sturdy cloak with a high collar, a sturdy walking stick, a pair of long knives, a cursed daiklave in a heavily-warded scabbard


Cautious Wolf Attitude
Harmony of Blows + Impeding the Flow + Duck Fate
1 willpower, 8 motes +10 (Duck Fate) or +3 (Impeding the Flow)

Like a wolf nipping at the heels of a deer, Osprey circles around his opponent, weapon darting in to strike at their flanks. Also like the wolf, he remains vigilant, ready to jump back or bat aside incoming blows. When he activates this Combo, faint cobwebs of destiny shimmer into visibility, entangling his weapon and tracing a spiral pattern about the unfortunate target.


Colleges: Pillar 3, Ewer 2, Crow 3, Sorcerer 2

Resplendent Destinies:

  • Crow
    Black Osprey, the cursed wanderer. In this guise, his hair hangs loose, partially obscuring his face; one or two crow feathers adorn it. His cloak is worn black-side-out, its collar turned up to hide the lower half of his face. Extra wards hang conspicuously from his daiklave's scabbard. He refuses to speak of his origins, and his demeanor is aloof. His hard blue eyes silently mock others' weaknesses and failures. The glint of silver coin is sure to help win him over to a cause.
    Effect Points: 4
  • Pillar
    Wise Osprey, the itinerant shaman. In this guise, his staff is hung with feathers and small talismans, and his hair is worn in a practical braid. His cloak is worn dun-side-out with its collar down, and is marked with unobtrusive shamanic symbols. Though quiet, he is helpful and wise, always willing to mediate disputes. His judgment is often harsh, but always fair. He is always willing to help a child or mother in distress.
    Effect Points: 3
  • Ewer
    Sapphire Hawk, the exotic poet.
    Effect Points:

Quick Combat

Base initiative: 7
Soak: 4B/2L/0A (unarmored)
Dodge: 11
Staff: Spd 15 Acc 12 Dmg 10B Def 11 Rate 2
Knife: Spd 7 Acc 10 Dmg 5L Def 7 Rate 4
Punch: Spd 7 Acc 9 Dmg 3B Def 10 Rate 5
Kick: Spd 4 Acc 9 Dmg 6B Def 5 Rate 3
Grab: Spd 1 Acc 9 Dmg 3B Def 9 Rate 1
Keening Edge: Spd 16 Acc 12 Dmg 12L Def 12 Rate 5

Expanded Backgrounds

Allies ••


Artifact •••••

'[ Keening Edge]''

 Artifact •••••
 Orichalcum and glass daiklave
 Speed +9 Accuracy +3 Damage +9L Defense +3 Rate 5 (Power Combat, excluding material bonus)
 Commitment: 5, orichalcum

Backing ••

Bronze Faction.

Celestial Manse •••

A large country villa with an atrium whose columns are cut crystal, producing a Stone of Universal Compatibility.

Manse •

A cozy stone hut in a forested Eastern valley, producing a Stone Potato.

Sifu •••

Master Tomorrow's Flower Haddad, Chosen of Mars.

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Brain Storm?

Spending 45 xp: 27 on Essence 4, 7 on Linguistics 5, 8 on Sorcerer 2, 3 on Ewer 2. I'm assuming that the training for the Essence and Colleges occurred during the period of downtime which recently passed. _Ikselam

Spending 6xp on Temperance 3.

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