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Myrrh is a man in his late 20's standing 6'5" with brown eyes and the light brown skin and short curly red hair of an easterner. His hairstyle is...ill kept at best, he always seems to be wearing his old longcoat from his hobby of airship piloting and a pair of strange looking goggles rests on his forehead. His face is usualy sooty from whatever strange new project he's been working on lately. Due to previous work related accidents he always keeps his face free of stubble.


Myrrh is for the most part a calm and introspective man, unless he's onto some sort of discovery or large project, then he's a flurry of activity and the ocasional oath laden tirade. He's constantly working on some sort of minor project involving a new gadget or tool. He keeps his goggles around at all times, considering them a major good luck charm that have been with him since his teenage years. This of course all fades when he returns home to his wife where he seems almost submissive, always agreeing and allowing her every wish. It's no wonder however, he has no real head for finance and spends most of his money on projects and minor or non-functioning talismans and charms which he is convinced are vastly effective.


Myrrh was born into a family of engineers, which he apprenticed into as a child. He grew in skill to the point where his engine designs are used in many airships today. A driven man, he didn't have much time for socializing, instead throwing himself into his work. His parents however arranged for him to be married to Nellens Calidreh, a realm exile recently arrived to Luxury. With her wealth and skill in business she had made quite a name for herself in Brume, although her temper made her slightly attractive to suitors. The two had a rather rocky start, but in the end Myrrh was the more flexible of the two. They now live in...general hapiness although she tends to nag suggest, or outright yell at him on a proper course. He spent most of his time continuing to do his job and she continued to sell and promote his wares. Of course she didn't know but usualy suspected that he snuck out of the house late at night to the local bar to drink and complain which is where he made the aquaintence of Corve, who he found fantastic company considering he listened and barely yelled at him. A welcome change from tumultuos marital bliss.

That all changed last year when he was trying a new invention of his, a prototype portable flyer, crashed into the rocky crags near the very edge of Luxury. Near death he Exalted and clambered to safety, his wounds quickly healing. He discovered the Wailing Canyon, an anthema tomb...his tomb. His exaltation had filled him with knowledge and skill, and memories of countless lost wonders and relics of the first age. Emboldened by his his new power, and trying to get out of the pelting sleet, he took refuge in the manse discovering a large open complex, it's doors long since gone. Yet it was free of the elements. In the center of the manse he found a withered corpse, nearly a skeleton glistening in golden possessions, things he felt were his, remembering making them long ago. Since his exaltation has has tried to keep his new nature a secret from his wife, retreating to his manse at night instead of a bar to conduct his new projects.


The August Revolution A rifle of truely immense proportions, the August Revolution is Myrrh's finest work to date! It's made from Orihalcum, nearly five feet in length. It's barrel and stock are covered with a variety of latches, levers and tubes all for some arcane purpose. While, of a similar design to the Judging Thunder the Revolution is much more ornate. It has a greater range than the thunder with variable damage settings adujusted by the lever at the base of the stock. However it lacks the silencer option of the Thunder, making it less of a tool of subtle attacks and more a loud terror weapon.

Hearthstone Bracers A truely ancient pair of relics from the first age, it was collected from the corpse of his former incarnation. They're incredibly detailed with illustrations of the unconquered sun although they seem to have been knicked and dented from regular use as defensive tools. It's slot is empty.

Hearthstone Amulet Another of the items recovered from the tomb, it's designed to look like a golden gleaming sun like the mark of Sol Invictus himself. It currently has a strange clear stone inserted in it's slot.

Sheath of the New Age (Orihalcum Breastplate)

Nellens MyrrhExplorerTwilight
PlayerChronicle Experience
Crazy-CabalPulp Exalted! 16, 396, 422
Strength2 Charisma4 Perception3
Dexterity4 Manipulation2 Intelligence4
Stamina2 Appearance2 Wits4
(25, 10 from Caste/Favored, min 1 in each Favored)
Archery4 Endurance1 Craft5
Brawl2 Performance0 Investigation0
Martial Arts0 Presence5 Lore5
Melee0 Resistance2 Medicine0
Thrown0 Survival0 Occult5
Athletics3 Bureaucracy0 AbilityRating
Awareness2 Linguistics1 ArcheryFirearms3
Dodge5 Ride1   
Larceny0 Sail2   
Stealth3 Socialize0   
Linguistics: Low Realm; Cloud Tongue
Willpower7 Personal:19 Compassion3
X X X X X | X X x x x  Conviction2
Limit Break  Committed:19/19 Pers Temperance2
- - - - - | - - - - -27/46 Peri Valor4
CalculationsPersonal=(3x Ess) + WP
 Peripheral=7xEss + WP + (sum of virtues)
Anima Banner: 
Virtue Flaw
Limit Break Condition: 
BACKGROUNDSvaluenotes (17)
Artifact3A small collection of trinkets and a rifle
Manse3The Wailing Canyon, a manse on Luxury
Resources2A small allowance from his wife.
Familiar2Snuffles the Fungus Ball!
Ally1His wife, a wealthy, mortal business woman.
Initiative:8 Soak (L/B):(1/2)Mobility:0
ARMOR: Orihalcum Breastplate (8L/6B)w/ Armor (9/8)Fatigue:0Attack: 15Dodge: 12
ESSENCE REGAIN8/hour4/hour0/hour
w/ HEARTHSTONE13/hour9/hour5/hour
HEALTH LEVELS (10)0124Incapacitated
August Revolution12L(12L)+4(0)100 yards4+3(0)




  • Wise Arrow
  • Trance of Unhesitating Speed


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • Spirit Detecting Glance


  • Graceful Crane Stance


  • Integrity-Protecting Prana


  • Ox-Body Technique


  • Durability of Oak Meditation


  • Flawless Handiwork Method
  • Object Strengthening Touch
  • Shattering Grasp
  • Craftsman Needs No Tools


  • Reed in the Wind
  • Shadow over Water
  • Reflexive Sidestep Technique
  • Seven Shadow Evasion
  • Flow Like Blood


  • Harmonious Presence Meditation
  • Listener-Swaying Argument
  • Majestic Radiant Presence
  • Terrifying Apparition of Glory
  • Hypnotic Tongue Technique



  • Demon of the First Circle
  • Stormwind Rider
  • Wood Dragon's Claw
  • Viridian Mantle of Underwater Journies
  • Virtuous Flame Guardian
  • Sing of the Ice Hornet


Artifact 3

  • August Revolution - level 3
    • The Revolution is a large rifle that seems more of a work in progress than a functional weapon. The barrel and stock all have a variety of levers, buttons, switches and valves bolted onto the frame. It has strange tubes near the ammuntion chamber. However it is, despite appearances, a deadly weapon in it's own right. The shells of the Revolution knock most targets down and do double damage when determining the destruction of objects. Using a process that still needs a few kinks worked out, the revolution has a "Stun" setting that makes the bullets do Bashing damage rather than Lethal damage.
  • Hearthstone Bracers - level 2
    • Insert Powers Here
  • Sheath of the New Age - level 1
    • The Sheath is a form-fitted breastplate of finest Feather Steel with a golden sheen to the metal from a mintue admixture of Orichalcum. Pure insets of Orichalcum form abstract designs that collect and focus Essence allowing the armor to protect its wearer's entire body. When wearing the Sheath, Myrrh can focus the power of the protective runes by will, allowing him to soak Lethal damage with his Bashing soak.
  • Hearthstone Amulet - level 1
    • Insert Powers Here

XP Spending Log:

  • # -Spent on

1 on Sail 2, 3 on Stealth 3, 16 on Essence 3, 8 on Object Strengthening Touch, 8 on Reflexive Sidestep Technique, 8 on Shattering Grasp, 8 on Craftsman Needs No Tools, 8 on Harmonious Presence Meditation, 8 on Listener-Swaying Argument, 1 on Presence 2, 3 on Presence 3, 8 on First Circle Sorcery, 8 on Summon Demon of the First Circle, 8 on Stormwind Rider, 8 on Wood Dragon's Claw, 8 on Viridian Mantle of Underwater Journies, 3 on Firearms specialty for Archery, 8 on Virtuous Flame Guardian, 6 on Dodge 4, 8 on Dodge 5, 1 on Snuffles!, 10 on Seven Shadow Evasion, 10 on Flow Like Blood, 0 on Sting of the Ice Hornet, 24 on Essence 4, 7 on Lore 5, 5 on Occult 4, 7 on Occult 5, 5 on Presence 4, 7 on Presence 5, 8 on Hypnotic Tongue Technique, 8 on Majestic Radiant Presence, 8 on Terrifying Apparition of Glory, 32 on Essence 5, 6 on a combo, 8 on All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight, 8 on Magic Suppressing Touch, 8 on Charm-Annulling Strike, 8 on Demon-Smiting Hammer, 8 on Firey Arrow, 8 on Solar Bolt, 10 Thaumaturgy XP.