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The night after the meeting with the Primate General, Iron Horse wakes to the growling of his stomach as he often does. Creeping downstairs to the common room of the inn, hoping to find some food, the young Yellow encounters a hooded beggar sitting at one of the tables, watching his descent down the stairs from under his cowl.

  • Iron Horse idly fixes his hair into it's usual messy ponytail, and blinks a bit at the hooded figure, not really expecting to find anybody else at this time. Still, he smiles a bit and gives a nod to the man, even as he moves towards where he -thinks- the food is.
  • Beggar rises slowly and shakily to his feet and drifts into the young man's path. One hand, covered by the tattered rags that make up the end of his over-large brown robe, extends, holding a cup.
  • Iron Horse pauses for a second, blinks, and smiles a bit. "... Oh, sorry. Are you hungry, friend?"
  • Beggar simply stands there, his cup extended. You can see a glimmer of eyes deep in the hood.
  • Iron Horse fishes into his clothes and fishes out a few silvers coins, pouring them on the bowl. "Here, get yourself something to eat,"
  • Beggar peers into the cup. "You do not know me."
  • Iron Horse shakes his head. "Nope, I don't believe I've met you before."
  • Beggar peers up at you, showing brown eyes but nothing else within the hood. From somewhere...you're not exactly sure where, the beggar produces an oar of pitch-black wood that offers no shine at all in the light of the green moon coming through the windows. "Have they told you nothing? Are you not prepared for your journey?"
  • Iron Horse blinks and stares at the oar. "... it... depends... what journey are you talking about?"

Beggar: "Your...friends agreed. You may choose. I was given to understand you enjoy journeys."

  • Iron Horse nods enthusiastically. "Yeah, I like to travel a lot! I pretty much run all over the place... plenty of stuff to see still. But... um... I'm not sure what you are talking about yet."

Beggar: "I have come to offer you a journey beyond this world. And to journey where you wish, among the living. Or the dead."

Iron Horse: "... come again?"

  • Beggar returns to his seat, holding the oar upright. "You have not been told of the bargain between your friends and my brothers?"
  • Iron Horse shakes his head. "... not that I recall, no. Sorry."

Beggar: "My brother Hades agreed with your allies. You will be our hands in this world and we will give you powers over our world. Bring down the Daughter and you will be rewarded."

Beggar: "I offer you my blessings. And the entire breadth of the Underworld to walk as you will. You will be the servant of the greatest Journey there is. The Journey of the Souls."

Iron Horse: "... The Underworld... who are you anyway?"

Beggar: "I am Charon, Lord of Souls."

  • Iron Horse pauses for a few moments, and then frowns a bit. "... you aren't sided with the Deathlords or anything... right?"

Beggar: "I do not deal with them. They are beneath me."

Beggar: "My domain is the passage to death. The peaceful ending, the return to life. I am the ruler of the Great Cycle."

  • Iron Horse considers this for a few moments, and then nods slowly. "... ok, I see... I think. And... you want me to become your servant too?"

Beggar: "Yes. Serve me and walk the paths no other has walked."

  • Iron Horse considers this for a few moments, and then puts his arms behind his head. "... It's tempting, I'll give you that... uh... milord... but... I dunno. The dead still creep me out sometimes."

Beggar: "My ferrymen have guided your own family to Lethe. And thousands of good souls. Do they not deserve your service through me?"

Iron Horse: "... my family?"

  • Beggar nods. "Mother..and a brother."
  • Iron Horse 's expression... is rather pained, for a few moments, and then he looks to the floor, sitting down heavily

Iron Horse: "... don't suppose you know how they died?"

  • Beggar moves forward, his shadowed face loomed closer to Iron Horse. "Demon.
  • Iron Horse 's face hardens.

Beggar: "It is not only the North that fears their touch.."

Iron Horse: "... you... said your people carried their souls at least, right?"

Beggar: "We carry all souls. All who return to the world."

  • Iron Horse is quiet for about a minute, and finally looks up to the Beggar. "If I accepted... what would I have to do?"

Beggar: "Follow me as you do my sister. Fight the demons and destroy the Daughter."

  • Beggar smiles, though you can see nothing within the shadows of his hood, you can somehow sense a smile. "That is all. For now."

Iron Horse: "... huh..."

Iron Horse: "... I suppose you want an answer now?"

  • Beggar nods his head.

Beggar: "When the rest pass..will you cling to their cold corpses..or will you welcome their spirits with open arms? The choice is yours. But make it now. I must return to my charges."

  • Iron Horse looks to the floor, and closes her eyes. "... well, it's not like I'm not going to do those things anyway."

Beggar: "We are agreed. Take these for your allies. They may pass unmolested by the dead." Extending his cup, Charon pours the coins that Iron Horse gave him back into the Sidereal's hand. The coins clink dully and glimmer black-splotched gold.

  • Iron Horse blinks as he takes the coins, and nods a bit. "Alright."
  • Beggar nods to Iron Horse and leaves the inn, disappearing once he steps through the doorway.
  • Iron Horse watches as Charon disappears, and finally covers his face in a hand. "... mom..."

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