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In Mendhari's dreams, the pleasant face of a prince that has come to give her father the bride price he has demanded, a prince that looks disturbingly similar to a black-eyed man currently sitting downstairs, is replaced by the starkly chiseled features of Hades. "Your bargain has come due, Mendhari."

  • Mendhari blinks. "Bargain?"

Mendhari: "Where is Hecate?"

Hades: "He has decided that you would not satisfy his needs. But I have more..refined tastes then my brother. You will serve me instead."

Mendhari: "..... Fine."

  • Hades chuckles. "You would rather serve Darkness? If you prove your worth, I'm sure Hecate will take you. But I think you would prefer me as your master."

Mendhari: ".... Venus is still my master. You are... an advisor."

  • Hades raises an eyebrow, his suave smile slowly fading into a stark line of disapproval. "Do not be foolish, Mendhari. Unlike Kinqueduran and Iron Horse, you do not have to be convinced to serve. You are bound irrevocably to this fate and your service need not be pleasant."
  • Mendhari frowns noticeably. "Fine. Well... master."

Hades: "You are mistaken if you believe that simply because we must bargain to grant our gifts that we are somehow less then our sisters. Be assured, we are not."

Mendhari: "My first loyalty will remain to Venus, master."

Hades: "As you wish. But while she spends her days with her legs spread and her mind empty, I remain vigilant. Your service to me will not be so lax as yours is to her. Think well before incurring the wrath of both your patrons."

Before Mendhari can react, the handsome Celestine brushes his fingers across her forehead and his mark burns into her flesh and soul like a white-hot brand. Her dream is shattered and she wakes, a scream tearing her throat raw.

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