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Isune Kisarer

Elemental of the Western salt breeze

Essence: 3


Comp 4 Conv 2
Temp 1 Val 2
Willpower 6
Essence pool: 66 motes
Health Levels: 8
Soak: 2B/1L


  • Breeze: Athletics, Socialise
    Sign: Isune Kisarer is unable to stand still. She constantly sways to and fro, like a wind-chime in softly moving air.
  • Salt: Craft, Socialise
    Sign: Isune's bones are made of salt crystal and her flesh is translucent; when the light is behind her, columns of light can be seen running down the centre of her limbs.
  • West: Sail, Melee
    Sign: Isune has three faces. One constantly gazes out into the West.


  • Still Air: Endurance, Stealth


Str 2 Dex 5 Sta 1
Cha 4 Man 2 App 4
Int 2 Wit 3 Per 2


Socialise •••••••
Melee ••••
Craft, Athletics, Sail •••
Bureaucracy, Linguistics ••
Thrown, Performance •


Artifact 2: Hearthstone Amulet
Command 2
Cult 3
Icon 4: Salty Reaper Daiklave (manifests in crystals and swords)
Salary 2 (total ambrosia output 5 per lunar month)


Natural Prognostication (requires a diff 3 Essence + Compassion roll in the absence of Salt) - 1 mote
Communicate (through breezes)
Travel (turns colour of sunset on water) - 2 motes
Aegis (roll is +2 difficulty in still air; applies to Socialise actions)
Surge (applies to Salt actions)
Emotion (only to disrupt stillness) - 4 motes
Regalia (+2 diff in still air)
Change (cannot perform in still air, always looks windblown) - 1 mote
Dematerialise (can only be used on exemplars of the west and breeze, cannot be used in still air, can only be used in the west) - 40 motes

Elemental Powers: Mobility, Rejuvenation