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Dragon None
CharExalted Pulp of Brume Un, Sp, Tot
Strength5 Charisma2 Perception2
Dexterity4 Manipulation3 Intelligence3
Stamina5 Appearance2 Wits3
(25, 10 from Breed/Favored, min 1 in each Favored)
Archery. Endurance2 Craft4
Brawl4 Performance. Investigation.
Martial Arts. Presence. Lore3
Melee. Resistance2 Medicine.
Thrown4 Survival2 Occult2
Athletics4 Bureaucracy. AbilityRating
Awareness1 Linguistics2 CraftArtifacts
Dodge3 Ride. ThrownWhile Flying
Larceny. Sail.   
Stealth. Socialize.   
Linguistics: High Realm, Old Realm, Whatever we speak
Willpower8 Pool:36 Compassion2
x x x x x | x x x - -  Conviction4
Limit Break  Committed:0/0 Pers Temperance1
- - - - - | - - - - -0/0 Peri Valor4
CalculationsAll Personal (Ess x 4) + (WP x 2) + Conv + Valor
Anima Banner: 
Virtue Flaw
Limit Break Condition: 
BACKGROUNDSvaluenotes (17)
Artifact410 dots of artifacts: See below.
Essence Storing Collar4No Attunement. Stores 8 extra motes.
Smash Fist Poon?3Combination Harpoon and Smashfist! Uses Thrown/brawl
Armor3Armor! And it's good, too.
Manse3Yep yep. First Age DK manse. Yep yep.
Initiative:x Soak (8L/11B):(0/0)Mobility:0
ARMOR: Dragon Plate (8L/6B)w/ Armor (16L/17B) H4Fatigue:0
ESSENCE REGAIN8/hour4/hour0/hour
w/HS (Windhands)14/hour10/hour6/hour
HEALTH LEVELS (7)0124Incapacitated
Wyld Mutation - Wings

Quick Charm List
Path of Blazing Fire
First LightScene1m
Lesser Conjuration of FlameScene3m
Bolt of FireInstant1m per 1L
Path of Solid Earth
Lithic UnderstandingScene5m
Empower CrystalVaries6m 1W

(10, min 5 from Caste or Favored)
CHARMSpage #typedurationcost


First LightPg.183SimpleScene1m
Conjure a small light sufficient to illuminate an area 10yd on a side. It can be cast on any object the character can touch, including on other characters. A character who is a recipient of this light cannot effectively hide until it ends.


Lesser Conjuration of FlamePg.183SimpleScene3m
The character can cause any flammable object she touches to burst into flame. This flame is as intense as a campfire. In addition, the character can apply the flame to a nonflammable object, which will be unharmed but will remain covered in fame for the duration of the spell. When used on the blade of a weapon or even on a cestus, this power adds a number of damage dice equal to the character's permanent Essence score. This flame will not harm its creator, although other fires created by it may do so.


Bolt of FirePg.183SimpleInstant1m per 1L
The DK hurls a bolt of blazing fire at a single opponent. Roll Dex+Thrown+Ess to hit. Range is Essx20 yards, and does 1L per mote spent. A character cannot spend more motes on this power than Ess+Path
Path of Solid Earth


Lithic UnderstandingPg.181SimpleScene5m
The DK can communicate with the Small God associated with each rock or crystal. He gaines Path to all Lore rolls to understand the properties of rock/crystal and to all Craft rolls to work with the stone or crystal. Per+Lore dif2 to discern basic properties, +1dif if from Wyld. This negates the +1 dif that Anklok suffer when crafting, and does not require any tools beyond claws.


Shape The EarthPg.181SimpleScene4m
The DK can shape stone or crystal with his bare hands as easily and swiftly as clay. Can create handholds, to climb rock/stone twice as rapidly as usual and reduce diff of Ath roll by Ess. Can shape doorways in rock walls, or repaire them with her bare hands. Using this power, she ignores all of the stone's soak and applies full claw damage to the wall every turn. However, she can only use her claws in this fashion. She can repair walls using strength and claws. Roll is the same as to destroy, but repair instead.


Empower CrystalPg.181SimpleVaries6m 1W
Allows the DK to craft Crystal Tech! Adds automatic successes equal to Path. This is also added to attempts to create/modify Manses and Hearthstones. This can only be used to craft Crystal or Orichalcum artifacts. Essence is committed until artifact is finished.

^ Windhands Gem: Free Reflexive full dice pool vs all ranged attacks

21 BP Spent on:

  • Essence 3 - 8BP
  • Conviction 4 (+1 dot) - 3BP
  • Valor 4 (+1 dot) - 3BP
  • Thrown 4 (+3 dots) - 3BP
  • Craft 4 (+3 dots) - 3BP
  • Specialties: Thrown, Craft - 1BP

XP Spending Log:

  • # -Spent on

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