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Xeth's Page

DragonSouthern DesertNone
CharExalted Pulp of Brume 184 Un, 138 Sp, 322 Tot


Strength12 Charisma3 Perception4
Dexterity7 Manipulation3 Intelligence3
Stamina15 Appearance3 Wits3
(25, 10 from Breed/Favored, min 1 in each Favored)
Archery. Endurance7 Craft6
Brawl9 Performance. Investigation.
Martial Arts. Presence2 Lore5
Melee5 Resistance7 Medicine.
Thrown7 Survival3 Occult5
Athletics9 Bureaucracy. OccultFire Gods
Awareness3 Linguistics3 CraftArtifacts
Dodge5 Ride. ThrownWhile Flying
Larceny. Sail. CraftMetal x 3
Stealth1 Socialize. SurvivalFire x 3
Linguistics: Flametongue, Old Realm, High Realm, Low Realm, Southern Barbarian Languages, Riverspeak, Guild Cant

Willpower8 Pool:60 Compassion2
x x x x x | x x x - -  Conviction4
 Committed:6/66 Pers Temperance3
CalculationsAll Personal (Ess x 4) + (WP x 2) + Conv + Valor

BACKGROUNDSvaluenotes (17)
Artifact410 dots of artifacts: See below.
Unforseen Advantage2Enhances non-artifact Weapons
Synergy of Souls4Ochilike artifact - add stats, see/affect immaterial
Dragon Plate3Armor enhances flight and protects against Air/Falling
Manse3Yep yep. First Age DK manse. - Windhands Gem
Xeth's Backgrounds
Cult2Xeth's worshippers
Manse4Xeth's Fire Manse - Wyld Fire Gem
Manse3Xeth's Earth Manse - Wall-Walking Crystal
Manse3Xeth's Second Fire Manse - Ferrophage Gem
Allies2Keuakepo Of Gem
Allies1Shine Bright?, Goddess of precious materials
Salary1Xeth's Godly Salary

Init:7 Soak (12L/18B):(0/0)Mobility:0
ARMOR: Dragon Plate (8L/6B) H4w/Ar       (20L/24B) H4Fat:0
Become Stone: Spell             (4L/4B) H4w/Ar+BS (24L/28B) H8Fat:0

ESSENCE REGAIN8/hour4/hour0/hour
w/HS (Wyld Fire Gem)16/hour12/hour8/hour

HEALTH LEVELS (7)0124Incapacitated

Bite+5L (17L)+1 (17)-1 (15)3-2 (8)
Claw+5L (17L)+2 (18)+1 (17)4+1 (11)
Tail+6LP (18LP)+0 (16)-1 (15)3-5 (5)
Firebolt Dex+Thrown+Ess(18) 20 yds, 1m/1L
Principle of Motion gives 5 extra actions. 5m 1w to refresh
Form of the Terrible Ancestors
Bite+8L 2 (22L)-1 1(16)-1 1(16)2(2)-3 1 (8)
Claw+5L 2 (19L)+1 1(18)+1 1 (18)4 (4)+3 1 (14)

Unforeseen Advantage can add 7 stats (no more than 3 per), Ferrophage adds +1 to all weapon stats but +2 to damage. Become Stone adds 1B damage. Ferro bonuses are already included. Synergy adds physicals together. Bonuses are already included. Str 12 Dex 7 Brawl 9(16) Melee 5(12) Thrown 7(14) Dodge 5(12) Ess 4 Wits 3

Wyld Mutation - Abomination - Wings
Xar can fly at 2x running speed, ascends at normal running speed, and can dive at 10x running speed. Does not need to make checks to pull out of dives.

Quick Charm List

Path of Blazing Fire
First LightScene1m
Lesser Conjuration of FlameScene3m
Bolt of FireInstant1m per 1L
Command FireScene4m 1W
Path of Solid Earth
Lithic UnderstandingScene5m
Empower CrystalVaries6m 1W
Become StoneDay4m 1W
Command the EarthInstant7m 1W
Path of Shaping Wood
Shaping The BarkIndef3m
Alter The TrunkScene3m
Form of Another BreedScene5m 1W
Form of the Terrible AncestorsScene5m 1W
Path of Yielding Earth
Balm of HealthInst3m
Spirit Charms
Principle of MotionUsed5m 1W
Affinity Element Control - Fire/MetalScene6m
Landscape Travel - Fire/MetalScene4m
Smith's Brawny SkillScene1m


^ Windhands Gem:

Manse •••Trigger: Attacked by Ranged
Free Reflexive full dice pool vs all ranged attacks (17 claw parry, or 12 dodge parry)

^ Wall-Walking Crystal - Stone of Earth

Manse •••Trigger: Concentration
Forming in the color of their element, these spheres allow the owner to walk through solid, inanimate matter up to 2 yards thick. The effect varies based on the element of the stone. A Fire stone might let the wearer turn into smoke and drift through, or melt the wall and reform it behind her. An Earth stone would simply let the user merge into the barrier and appear from the other side, as might a Water stone. None of these stones in any way deals permanent harm to the barrier passed through.

^ Ferrophage Gem - Stone of Earth

Manse •••Trigger: Contact with the Stone
As long as a character is in physical contact with this ugly little knot of mixed metals he can devour metal as if it were normal, if tough to chew, food. When a character has eaten a sufficient amount of metal, usually about 10 pounds worth, the metal begins to manifest in their body, transforming their teeth, fingernails (or claws) and such features into metal. The type of metal that results is based on the type consumed, as it is with Furnace Rhinos. These metalic body parts add +1 to all natural weapon stats and +2 to damage. If they are made of one of the Five Magical Materials, the appropriate bonus is confered as if the character were Harmonized with the material.
If the character at any time looses physical contact with the stone, the metal body parts revert to their normal state instantly and the character will excrete the metal in solid form normally. Such metal has been drained of much of its innate Earth Essence and can not be re-consumed.

^ Wyld Fire Gem - Stone of Fire

Manse ••••Trigger: Creation of flame
Whenever a character holding this opalescent teardrop uses a magical power to create fire he may decide to have that flame manifest as a variety of Wyld Fire found in the Deep South. These colored flames will burn only certain things, depending on their color. A full listing of effects can be found in Et FF?? on page 36. A shortened list is below.
• Red - Wood and Flesh• Green - Metal
• Yellow - Plants• Blue - Stone
• Black - Dead Things• White - Living Things• Gold - Everything

^ Dragon Plate (Artifact ***) (2m to commit)

Orichalcum Breastplate that reinforces his wings, allowing him to carry twice as much while flying as he normally could, fly 2 times as fast as normal, and also makes him immune to falling and Air-based damage.
Soak (8L/6B) Hardness 4. Mob 0, Fat 0, commit 2.

^ Synergy of Souls (Artifact ****) (4m to commit)

An Orichalcum set of jewelry (bracelets, anklets, and necklace) that are bonded with the Dragon King, extending fine golden filaments that embed themselves in his limbs and continue through his body, beneath his scales, to join over his heart. These filaments bind the Spirit and the Dragon King closer together, creating a purer synergy of the two beings. This item can only be used by Ochilike. Instead of averaging the stats of the two beings, the physical abilities and attributes are added together. This includes all combat stats, and other physical abilities such a Dodge and Athletics. In addition, the wearers can also interact with beings of a different material state than themselves. When material, they can see, speak to, and touch immaterial spirits, and vice versa when immaterial. In addition, the Orichalcum web beneath his skin allows him to embed any hearthstone into his skin directly.

^ Unforeseen Advantage (Artifact **) (4m to activate/commit)

These bracelets can be made in almost any form or style imaginable, though they are universally heavy and thick. Constructed from any of the Five Magical Materials, they are utterly innert and powerless the majority of the time, not even requiring the Essence-flow that maintains other Artifacts. Specially etched with grooves that make them extremely receptive to Essence, the Advantages can be attuned instantly and reflexivly.
Once 4 motes have been committed to them, they melt and flow up the wearer's arm, searching for an improvised weapon. When they have located such an armarment, the Magical Material encapsulates the weapon and fortifies it. Any improvised weapon enhanced by an Unforeseen Advantage gains 7 points to be distributed among its combat stats. No more then 3 points can be added to any single stat, but otherwise the wearer can choose as he wishes how to improve his weapon. These added stats remain fixed until the Bracelet is de-attuned (also an instant and reflexive process).
While able to adapt themselves to any improvised weapon, the Essence-patterns inherant in any enchanted or magical weapon will resist those native to an Unforeseen Advantage, preventing them from enchaning other Artifact weapons. An Unforeseen Advantage is perfectly able to add on to a mundane combat weapon as easily as improvised weapons. Some Exalted prefer such weapons, especially those of high craftsmanship.

(10, min 5 from Caste or Favored)

Path of Blazing Fire


First LightPg.183SimpleScene1m
Conjure a small light sufficient to illuminate an area 10yd on a side. It can be cast on any object the character can touch, including on other characters. A character who is a recipient of this light cannot effectively hide until it ends.


Lesser Conjuration of FlamePg.183SimpleScene3m
The character can cause any flammable object she touches to burst into flame. This flame is as intense as a campfire. In addition, the character can apply the flame to a nonflammable object, which will be unharmed but will remain covered in fame for the duration of the spell. When used on the blade of a weapon or even on a cestus, this power adds a number of damage dice equal to the character's permanent Essence score. This flame will not harm its creator, although other fires created by it may do so.


Bolt of FirePg.183SimpleInstant1m per 1L
The DK hurls a bolt of blazing fire at a single opponent. Roll Dex+Thrown+Ess (18) to hit. Range is Essx20 yards, and does 1L per mote spent. A character cannot spend more motes on this power than Ess+Path(7)

Path of Solid Earth


Lithic UnderstandingPg.181SimpleScene5m
The DK can communicate with the Small God associated with each rock or crystal. He gaines Path to all Lore rolls to understand the properties of rock/crystal and to all Craft rolls to work with the stone or crystal. Per+Lore dif2 to discern basic properties, +1dif if from Wyld. This negates the +1 dif that Anklok suffer when crafting, and does not require any tools beyond claws.


Shape The EarthPg.181SimpleScene4m
The DK can shape stone or crystal with his bare hands as easily and swiftly as clay. Can create handholds, to climb rock/stone twice as rapidly as usual and reduce diff of Ath roll by Ess. Can shape doorways in rock walls, or repaire them with her bare hands. Using this power, she ignores all of the stone's soak and applies full claw damage to the wall every turn. However, she can only use her claws in this fashion. She can repair walls using strength and claws. Roll is the same as to destroy, but repair instead.


Empower CrystalPg.181SimpleVaries6m 1W
Allows the DK to craft Crystal Tech! Adds automatic successes equal to Path. This is also added to attempts to create/modify Manses and Hearthstones. This can only be used to craft Crystal or Orichalcum artifacts. Essence is committed until artifact is finished.


Become StonePg.181SimpleOne Day4m 1W
The DK's body temporarily turns to living stone. The character gains +4 L/B soak + 4 Hardness. Does lethal damage with unarmed attacks, may block weapons as if armed, and inflicts an extra die of bashing damage in barehand combat. He also weighs an extra 100 lbs. Becoming a walking statue also protects the character from heat or cold and all other environmental hazards. In addition, the DK does not need to eat, drink, breathe. He cannot sprint, swim or fly, and halves his running movement rate. The DK looks like a living statue, and if he holds perfectly still, (Dex+Stealth dif2) he can easily be mistaken for an ordinary statue.


Command the EarthPg.182SimpleInstant7m 1W
The DK can cause large amounts of stone and earth to obey her command. She can cause the earth within 30 yards to shake and force dex+ath to stand, on his init. Running increases dif to 2. nNon-enchanted stone structures the size of a small stadium or large palace to fall. Open breakes in the thickest stone, earth or brick walls and can create stone structures the size of a small palace or temple (ess x 20) feet on a side, ess stories tall. Several can work together, but they ahve a rough appearance until finished.\\ The limit is that the DK must touch it, and it is slow. Roll Ess and add P Ath? autusux. Do that many HL of damage each turn. 2xHL of inanimate destroys them. weap/spell/arti/charm cannot add to the damage, nor combo. Lasts until you stop touching.

Path of Shaping Wood


Shaping The BarkPg.190SimpleIndefinite3m
The DK can alter the structure of her hide and claws adding 1 to L/B soaks, and 1L to all natural attacks. With three or more dots in this Path, the bonuses increase to 2. Changes last until the DK pays 1m to uncommit them. +1 diff to social and fine manipulation while active.


Alter the TrunkPg.190SimpleScene3m
The DK can stretch and shape her body to fit into narrow spaces, or to extend her reach. The DK can extend the reach of her arms, legs, tail or even her neck by up to an additional 2 yards. In addition to being able to reach out and grab objects, the character can also flatten her body so she can fit through spaces no more than 4" wide. She may attack and defend normally while her body is altered by this power.


The DK can adapt to any environment, such as cold, heat, smoke, fog, deserts, water. No penalties on survival rolls due to environmental conditions. Still requires air, water and food, but the quality doesn't matter.


Form of Another BreedPg.190SimpleScene5m1w
Transform into another breed of DK


Form of the Terrible AncestorsPg.191SimpleScene5m1w
The Dragon-King transforms himself into a shadow of the Behemoths from which Dragon-Kings were created. Doing so offers a vast increase in physical prowess and fortitude. Characters under the effect of this power gain the benefits of the Wyld Blights Armored Hide (+4/+4 soak, +4 Survival) and Giant (+3 Strength and Stamina, one -0 HL, two -1 HL and four -2 HL) along with the natural weaponry of the Lunar Charm Claws of the Silver Moon.

Path of Solid Earth


Alter the TrunkPg.190SimpleScene3m
The DK can stretch and shape her body to fit into narrow spaces or extend her reach. Extend reach of arms, legs, tail or neck by an additional 2 yards. Can also flatten her body to fit through spaces no more than 4 inches wide. She may attack and defend normally.

Path of Yielding Earth


Balm of HealthPg.190SimpleScene3m
Allows patient to make Endurance roll to recover from disease or infection as one of the Exalted. On an exalt, the player gains 2 dice.

--- ^

Repair any broken object instantly simply by fitting all of the pieces together and using this power. Will not work with significant pieces missing, wear and tear, or on Magical items.



Spirit Charms


Cost: 1 mote
Duration: Scene
Type: Simple

Using this charm, the spirit can use its Strength instead of its Dexterity for all Crafting rolls.


Cost: 5 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Until used
Type: Extra Action

When the spirit uses this charm, it gains a pool of extra actions equal to its Valor. Actions in this pool can be expended for extra attacks on the spirit's initiative, or reflexively, to parry or dodge an attack or to refresh the spirit's Dodge pool when using the full dodge maneuver. If the spirit does not use all the actions in its pool, they remain available for its following turn. Actions in the pool will persist for many months, and many spirits make sure they retain a full complement of actions in case they are ambushed. A spirit cannot use this Charm again until it has used up all the extra actions granted by the last use of the charm. While the spirit has extra actions in its pool, the motes of Essence used to power this Charm are considered committed.


Cost: 6 motes
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple

The spirit may use this Charm to affect whichever element(s) it shares an affinity with. For example, a forest spirit could affect wood, and possibly earth (Storyteller’s discretion). This allows spirits to cause or calm small floods and rainstorms, to whip a small torch into a raging inferno or a delicate dance of firelight, to create gusts of wind, to open a hole in the earth or to twist tree limbs into manacles. Roll the spirit’s Manipulation + Valor. The number of successes indicates how fine a level of control the spirit has and how powerful an effect it can create. One success allows a spirit to call forth a mild rain or to light a campfire, while three allow a spirit to cause a rainy day or to build a torch into a bonfire without any extra fuel. Five successes might allow a spirit to create a phantom lover out of air itself or to instantly consume a large wooden structure in flames. The spirit may manipulate a one-yard cube of an element per point of Essence it possess. In the case of area effects such as rain, it could cause the effect in a five-yard radius per permanent Essence point.


Cost: 4 motes
Duration: One scene
Type: Reflexive

This Charm allows a spirit to travel quickly, comfortably and easily in its natural element. A forest spirit might gain perfect balance and sticky feet to allow it to travel easily along tree limbs and to jump from tree to tree. A water spirit might walk on water or develop gills and fins if it didn’t have them already.

Xeth's Charms (I have only the 4 above): ^

  1. Smith's Brawny Skill (Use Str instead of Dex for Crafts rolls. 1 mote/scene)]]
  2. Principle of Motion
  3. Affinity Element Control (Fire and Metal)
  4. Landscape Travel (Fire and Metal)
  5. Landscape Camouflage (Fire and Metal)
  6. Landscape Hide (Fire and Metal)
  7. Hurry Home
  8. Stoic Endurance
  9. Stillness
  10. Creation of Perfection
  11. Donning Spiritual Armor
  12. Dematerialize
  13. Possession
  14. Ride
  15. Materialize


Cost: 2 motes
Duration: Special
Type: Simple
Minimum Valor: 2
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: None

This Charm allows spirits to create supernaturally exquisite items or to perform feats of inhuman skill with various crafts. When using this charm, roll Intelligence + Valor for the spirit. Every success gained on this roll can be added to a single Craft, Medicine, Occult or Larceny roll designed to create an item or to carry out a slow and careful process such as performing surgery, compounding a drug, putting on a disguise or creating a magical talisman. This Charm cannot be used to enhance any task that requires speed or haste such as picking a lock before the guard arrives, stopping someone from bleeding to death or any form of combat. It can also only be used on tasks that require both clear thought and nimble fingers. No activity can simultaneously benefit from both this Charm and the Uncanny Prowess Charm.


Cost: 20 motes, 1 willpower
Duration: Indefinite
Type: Simple
Minimum Conviction: 5
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Possession

This charm allows a spirit to possess someone indefinitely, riding him as if the host's body was its own, and laying the groundwork for a true fusion of spirit and mortal form. In order for this Charm to work, the potential vessel must consent to the spirit's possessing him. Otherwise, it does not function, and the spirit must rely on cruder charms, such as Soul Rapt.
The results of the charm depend on the difference in the Essence of the host and the possessing spirit. If the Spirit's Essence exceeds the host's by 3 or more, the host acquires the spirit's Traits (Attributes and Abilities).
If the host's Essence exceeds the spirit's by 3 or more, the spirit acquires the host's Traits.

If the Essence of host and spirit are within 2 points of each other, a true fusion is achieved in which the combined entity has the average of the Traits of both halves, rounded up. The fusion also acquires the average of the spirit and the subject's temporary Essence after subtracting the 20 motes needed to trigger the charm. If the being is an Exalt, add all temporary Essence together before determining the average. The result of a god synthesis with an Exalt has only Peripheral Essence. In addition, it has access to one of the God's Charms per point of total permanent Essence. These charms cannot include Dematerialize.

This charm is exceedingly rare outside of Rathess and the surrounding regions. Gods and spirits hailing from regions close to teh Realm generally avoid using it, out of fear that the Immaculates will notice and take offense. The Immaculate Philosophy's adherents consider the use of this Charm a grave blasphemy and take harsh measures to suppress its continued employment.

If the mortal host is slain, the spirit reforms in one-third the normal time, and the spirit never loses its individual identity as a result. If the host is killed using Charms that have the effect of slaying a Spirit forever, (As with Ghost Eating Technique) the spirit and the host's higher soul are both destroyed. Spirits using this Charm ar not constantly drained the way those who simply create bodies for themselves out of Essence through the use of the Materialize Charm are.


Cost: 5 Motes
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Temperance: 2
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: None

The small god summons up the forces of the elements or similar powers to protect it from harm. The spirit gains armor equal to Temperance + Essence. This armor can be used to soak any form of bashing or lethal damage, including damage caused by environmental conditions such as excessive heat or cold. Elementals and elementally associated spirits always surround themselves with elemental protections such as a hauberk of tough roots, a shirt of flexible rock or a breastplate of living flame. Other spirits don armor of light or darkness or, occasionally, transform their ordinary garb into supernally beautiful and durable garments of pure magic.


Cost: 3 motes
Duration: One scene
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Temperance: 1
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: None

This Charm allows the spirit to remain absolutely, perfectly still.


Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Temperance: 2
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: None

With a successful Wits + Temperance check, a spirit may escape whatever situation it is in and return to its own home — what exactly constitutes the spirit’s home is a matter for Storyteller discretion. The more tense and hurried the situation, the more successes the spirit requires. One success is all that’s needed in a relaxed, quiet setting. Five successes take the spirit home even in the middle of a combat.
A successful Intelligence + Temperance check allows the spirit to open up a portal large enough for it to step through. The portal lasts for one turn; during that time,anyone else may step through it as long as they can fit through the opening. With one success, the portal takes the travelers to a random (though not immediately harmful) location. With two successes, the spirit may loosely direct the exit point (“Southern deserts, please”) or go directly to its home. Five or more successes allow the spirit to direct the portal wherever it pleases. Extra successes beyond the successes required for pinpointing the portal’s exit point allow the spirit to triple the radius of the portal.


Cost: Varies
Duration: Indefinite
Type: Simple
Minimum Valor: 2
Minimum Essence: 2

Through the use of this Charm, the spirit can materialize in the physical world. The cost of this Charm is between 50% AND 100% of the spirit's temporary Essence. The cost varies from spirit to spirit and is listed in the spirit's description or assigned by the ST. Generally, as the power of the spirit grows, the spirit must expend proportionally greater amounts of Essence to materialize.
In most cases, a spirit that plans to meddle in mortal affairs will materialize in some safe area and then rest, regaining its Essence, before it goes about its business. Spirits that have not materialized cannot affect the physical world, not with charms, physical attacks, or any other fashion.


Cost: Varies
Duration: Indefinite
Type: Simple
Minimum Valor: 2
Minimum Essence: 2

See Materialize, but in reverse.


Cost: 2 motes
Duration: Special
Type: Simple
Minimum Valor: 2
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: None

This Charm allows spirits to create supernaturally exquisite items or to perform feats of inhuman skill with various crafts. When using this charm, roll Intelligence + Valor for the spirit. Every success gained on this roll can be added to a single Craft, Medicine, Occult or Larceny roll designed to create an item or to carry out a slow and careful process such as performing surgery, compounding a drug, putting on a disguise or creating a magical talisman. This Charm cannot be used to enhance any task that requires speed or haste such as picking a lock before the guard arrives, stopping someone from bleeding to death or any form of combat. It can also only be used on tasks that require both clear thought and nimble fingers. No activity can simultaneously benefit from both this Charm and the Uncanny Prowess Charm.

21 BP Spent on:

  • Essence 3 - 8BP
  • Conviction 4 (+1 dot) - 3BP
  • Valor 4 (+1 dot) - 3BP
  • Thrown 4 (+3 dots) - 3BP
  • Craft 4 (+3 dots) - 3BP
  • Specialties: Thrown, Craft - 1BP

XP Spending Log:

  • 7xp....Shaping the Bark
  • 10xp...Alter the Trunk
  • 3xp....Stealth One
  • 8xp....Become Stone
  • 5xp....Ath Four
  • 7xp....Ath Five
  • 7xp....Balm of Health
  • 10xp...Repair
  • 24xp...Lore from 3 to 5 and Occult from 3 to 5
  • 10xp...Adaptation
  • 15xp...Form of Another Breed
  • 20xp...Form of the Terrible Ancestors
  • Free...Command the Earth (xmas present)
  • 12xp...Command Fire
  • Free...Immolate (quote present)

146 total

back to Exalted Pulp

XP Costs

  • Ess.....................CR x 8
  • Path....................CR x 5 (new 7)
  • F/B Path................CR x 4 (new 6)
  • Sorcery/Spell...........12
  • Spirit Charm............15
  • Att.....................CR x 4
  • Favored/Caste Ability...(CR x 2) -1
  • Ability.................CR x 2
  • Essence.................CR x 8
  • Virtue..................CR x 3
  • Willpower...............CR x 2
  • New ability.............3
  • New specialty...........3
  • Note - Paths can only be raised to *** at Ess 2, ***** at Ess 3, and ****** at Ess 6.