Eyes That Burn

Eyes That Burn vampire XP costs
Useful at least twice a decade when spending your experience points.

Grumbling Dwarf
The Madison area's premiere gaming discussion forums.

The Blogosphere is a list of some of the gaming blogs that I check regularly.

The Forge
This site is dedicated to the promotion, creation, and review of independent role-playing games.

Flames Rising
Milwaukee's premier discussion forum for all things dark and geeky. Think Madison Dorks meets RPG.net.

Roleplaying Tips
"My goal is to make this site the Internet's premier resource for game masters all around the world." -Johnn Four

Story Games
An RPG discussion and design forum that falls somewhere between the Forge and RPG.net in scope.

"The inside scoop on gaming"

White Wolf
The company website. Sadly, Classic Word of Darkness is no longer promoted there.

Women in Gaming
"We are a group dedicated to promoting women in the pursuit of pen and paper role playing games,
be they players or professionals in the industry."

Treasure Tables
Game mastering advice, tips, ideas and resources

The triumvirate game theory essays from the Forge:
Simulationism: The Right to Dream
Gamism: Step On Up
Narrativism: Story Now

Shadow and Essence
The World of Darkness unfolded. Now the premiere independent World of Darkness site on the web.

GOBLIN The Gaming Broadcast Network
GOBLIN is dedicated to pen & paper and tabletop gaming broadcasts, whether podcasts, vidcasts or streaming media.

Black Hat Matt's gaming essays

Burning Void's articles for players

Dice and Diceless: One Designer's Radical Opinion, by Erick Wujcik You may be playing diceless right now and not even know it.

Gamer Girl Stuff ... mainly female oriented gaming stuff, but men who play women and men who play WITH women should read this too.

100 Things You Should Know About Your Character

Eyes That Burn