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Altair walks by the pool, whistling and carrying a little bag with a couple bottles and glasses, his dark hair all but shining on the water's reflected glow. "Hmmm, sorry about the delay."

Antares shrugs, lounged on a pool chair with her feet kicked out. "Did you mean that stuff earlier, about us being above everything?"

Altair "Every word."

Altair sets the basket by her, leans on a nearby table

Antares "What does that mean, though?" She rolls her head sideways a bit to look at him, still resting it on her folded arms.

Altair "Hmmm." He considers for a moment, stroking his chin. "How old are you?"

Antares "Seventeen."

Altair "Try twenty-four." He grins. "You've never slept. So you read, and played, and DID... so much, while everyone else was sleeping. 8 to 10 hours a day, every day, is what we're saving. They walk about in need of coffee to focus, we don't need anything. We're always clear. Always in control. Your life is WORTH more."

Antares "Always in control, huh? That why you brought the booze?" She sticks out a demanding hand, on that note.

Altair pours her a glass of beer and places it on her hand, leaving his fingers on an instant too long. "It's the only thing that can TAKE it, I guess."

Antares "Drinking from a glass," she murmurs with a smirk as she takes it. "Classy."

Antares "That's bullshit, though," she adds. "I fly off the handle all the time." She frowns a bit as she says it, though.

Altair "Really?"

Antares "Sure. Some guy says something dumb, I pop him one. Polaris was getting all shitty with Maia, guess I broke her hand." She shrugs. "I got poor impulse control, I used to hear it all the time."

Altair shrugs. "And do you WANT to change? Otherwise, you're in control."

Altair "Just not in the way they want." He grins.

Altair "Impulses are underrated, anyway."

Antares "Dunno. I'm not really sure what I want, anymore." She looks over at him, directly. "What about you--what do you want?"

Altair "To keep everyone safe, I guess. I dunno. Every time I try, people get hurt."

Altair returns her gaze, "I don't want you to get hurt."

Antares drinks, looking at him seriously. "Don't worry about it." She sits up from her slouch, folding her legs under her and frowning out over the pool. "Tell you the truth, I sorta like it when things get crazy. It's... easier, kind of."

Altair "It's easier, isn't it? To just... react."

Antares "That's part of it, yeah." She looks back over at him, raising her eyebrows. "You looking for a little sister or something? You and Furud, you both want to take care of people."

Altair walks over to her, sitting at her side. "It was just us, back then."

Altair "Hell, I'd be alone in this house alot of the time if not for him, in my summer vacations..."

Altair "It was just us. The few of us. We learned to take care of each other, to... not want to lose any more friends."

Antares "How much do you not want to lose anymore friends? I mean, if we're better than everyone and we don't need to give a shit, would you kill people like Maia?"

Altair "... maybe. If she tried to sell us out."

Antares "Uh," she looks over at him, "I didn't mean would you kill Maia. Guess that's good to know, though."

Antares "Forget it."

Antares "C'mon, let's get drunk, it'll give Furud something else to glare at you about."

Altair laughs, pouring down his glass. "Well, he DID see me kissing you..."

Antares smirks. "Guess he believes in sharing right up until he thinks it's happening." She toasts him, and drinks.

Altair toasts, then grins "Wanna put that to test?"

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