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Furud walks slowly out of the mansion after his encounter with Maia. He's not really paying attention to where he's going, as he's familiar with the place from long-ago days when he and Altair were best friends. He pauses to lean against a tasteful marble statue in the gardens, letting out a slow breath.

Antares "Hey," says Antares quietly from where she's sitting on the ground, leaned against the opposite side of the statue.

Furud jumps a little, then smiles. "Hey, Antares." He slides down to sit against the statue where he is, and rolls his head to look over at her. "How are you doing?"

Antares is quiet a lot longer than she usually is for that question, or really any question, then she shrugs. "Dunno. I've been feeling weird for a while."

Antares She rolls her head sideways, then, to look at him. "You?"

Furud "Been better..." He shrugs a little. "Been worse. At least I'm outside."

Antares "Yeah?" One corner of her mouth turns up a bit. "When you been worse?"

Furud "Saturday, for one." He smiles a little, tiredly, and stretches.

Antares "'Bout that." She doesn't smile. "What's to stop, I mean really stop, that from happening again?"

Furud shakes his head. "Nothing. I mean they'll have to get a new lab, but other than that.."

Antares "Yeah. And the army is out for this shit, too. Hiding here, playing house, what's the point?" She doesn't sound angry, which would be normal. Instead, she sounds... thoughtful.

Furud rubs his wrist absently. "I wish I had the answer for that." He turns his face towards the sky. "Why the hell are we even HERE?"

Antares "You and Altair think we're special, right? Better than people."

Furud "something like that."

Antares "If that's true, if we're angels or whatever, why isn't God making with the answers?"

Furud "Maybe he likes watching us squirm."

Antares "We're no different than anyone else, then. No one knows what the fuck's going on." She's quiet a bit, then says, "I've been thinking about looking for those lab people, to talk to one of them."

Furud "Talk to them? About what?"

Antares "About what they wanted to do to us, and why. Hear what they have to say."

Furud nods slowly, looking at her again. "But how would we get one of them alone? I don't want to... go back there."

Antares Her eyes are distant, but they gleam a bit when she looks over at him. "I don't mind."

Furud "You don't mind? You want to get locked up again?"

Antares "Nah, not really. But if they're coming for us anyway, why not?" She twists to face him, rolling up onto her knees. "I want to put my hands on one of them"--she frames his face in her hands--"look them in the eyes, and let them know what it feels like to be me."

Furud "Somehow I don't think they'd ever understand." He smiles slightly. "But I'd like to see that"

Antares "Yeah?" She smiles at him, brief but brilliant, though the shadow never leaves her eyes. "Maybe you'll get the chance."

Antares "We can't stay here forever, that's for sure."

Furud's smile is genuine in response to hers, then quirks. "I think we should all get some ice cream this week."

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H So S Timeline