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Furud A stone rattles against Pol's window in the night. Make that two...no three.

Polaris is laying on her bed and looks rather miffed, her room looks too much like a regular school girls room to be her own

Polaris rolls over upon hearing the window and wonders what the hell is going on

Polaris shambles over to the closet, pulls out a rather small bow and a couple arrows and then proceeds to open the window

Polaris imagines Furud with an arrow stuck in his butt and laughs

Furud is on a treebranch below her window, preparing to hurl another stone. When the window opens, he stops. "What's with the bow?"

Polaris "You never know what kind of weirdo is going to show up outside your window. This is case in point."

Polaris grins

Furud rolls his eyes. "You're so strange. What are you doing staying in all night?"

Polaris "I haven't been uh, able to go anywhere actually. Even school. I may have stumbled into the house drunk and swung a fake sword around a bit, though I understand that we will be getting a new aquarium."

Polaris tosses the bow and arrows onto the floor

Polaris sighs

Polaris "Anything new at school?"

Furud shakes his head and sighs. "Well are you going to stay there all night or are you going to come out?"

Polaris "My dad told me that Mr. Johnstone is watching me somehow and that he WILL KNOW if I leave. Then he said HE WILL KNOW and things would happen."

Polaris "I'm not sure what 'things' are in this case, but I'm not sure I want to find out."

Polaris looks like she is contemplating something

Furud "But Johnstone's still in the hospital." He leans against the trunk, and frowns. He looks rather haggard as the moonlight passes over his face, a few new bruises decorating his skin. "Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you're ok. Since you weren't around."

Polaris "Well there are strange people staying with us downstairs, the strong silent type. So I imagine he meant more of an unknown organization when he said 'Johnstone' or whatever."

Furud "Wait, people are staying here? What kind of people?"

Furud "Uniforms?"

Polaris "Just people, some kind of armed force. Its happened before. No uniforms, just black suits and too much cologne."

Polaris "My dad has interesting friends I wager."

Furud shifts uneasily, rubbing his wrists. "Don't talk to them."

Polaris "My mom doesn't like them though, but she hides it well. Also, its like living under a microscope."

Polaris "You know know me, half the things I say no one understands anyway big grin"

Polaris motions Furud to come in

Polaris "I think everyone except the sentry robots are asleep, so we just have to be quiet."

Furud smiles in return, but his is still off. "Well, that's good i guess." He eases across the tree branch, and makes the short jump up to the window as quietly as possible.

Polaris "I think I want to escape this place, I me I can't even express myself here anymore. You know that whole crazy party thing? I think its my personality bursting out or something. I mean, look at this room. Is this me?"

Furud rakes his gaze across the room. "No... this is about as far from you as a room can be."

Polaris shows the room, all neat and tidy and boring except for the curiously large wardrobe making noise in the corner

Polaris "So I uh, got really bored and I worked some more on the design stuff that I kept from NASA."

Furud raises a brow. "And... you hid it in the wardrobe?"

Polaris "Oh, well not really. I mean, that is the only non-girl thing that my parents let me keep."

Furud "Wait... what the hell IS in there?"

Polaris opens the wardrobe to reveal a totally hollowed out inside, stuffed with computer parts. There are four monitors, several rack components and wires all about.

Polaris brings out a air mouse and goes through some IM logs

Polaris "Did I ever tell you what I was working on? I can't remember if I did."

Furud "Nothing straight. You just started spouting off equations and shit." He perches on the edge of her bed, stretching.

Polaris "Oh, so its a five tier, three step DSP chip designed to filter out noise. Nothing like audio or whatever, I was kept in the dark about everything except for this one part of <crazy device> I was working on."

Polaris shows some schematics on the monitor for Furud that look like spiderwebs

Furud "Oh.. right. Of course...."

Polaris "Well I was bored and trying to create the missing parts of the device from the one part, like working in reverse trying to see the big picture."

Polaris grabs a printout from the wardrobe of computers and hands it to Furud, Here is my theory.

Furud takes the printout and squints at it. "What the fuck?

Polaris casually adds, 'So how did the whole thing with Antares go anyway?'

Polaris tries her best to make sure Furud can't tell if she is serious or not and says, 'Because, if you are done with Mero now, you should let me know.'

Furud "We uh.. good, I think. I mean." She shrugs.

Furud raises a brow. "Sure, Pol, but she's all hot for that Ras kid."

Polaris "I heard my Dad say that Ras was 'going away', whatever that means."

Polaris resets her monitors to show her major amount of torrents in progress and closes the wardrobe, this time locking it

Furud "Back to military school or whatever, I guess?"

Polaris "I dunno, he doesn't usually say things like 'going away'. I hope its nothing bad."

Polaris "I mean, he told me my goldfish was 'going away' once too. That was the last time I saw that goldfish."

Furud "Jesus, Pol. I think their plans might have changed after this... ugh. Nevermind."

Polaris "Back to the device, well whatever I was designing filtered massive amounts of noise from an EM signal. Like say, something naturally emiited from a star."

Polaris grabs a bag from the closet

Furud "Filtering star song?"

Polaris shrugs

Polaris tosses the bag to Furud

Furud catches it and looks in

Polaris "Help my Obiwan Kenobi, you are my only hope. Tell me you have some place I can stay, because I can't come back here if I leave."

Polaris the bag is full of clothes

Furud "Uhhhh. I dunno Pol. I'm not really staying at home myself these days."

Polaris "Well I'm sure we can work something out. I suppose there is a thriving industry for little girls on the street these day in the worst case laugh."

Furud "Just... stay safe. It's dangerous out there... but I don't like the idea of those suits downstairs either."

Polaris "I'll just stick with you then, you seem like a natural born protector."

Furud chokes back a laugh. "I can't protect anyone." He runs his hand back through his hair. "I'll find a safe place for you to hide, for a while at least."

Polaris "That will be enough."

Polaris climbs out the window rather readily

Furud folds up the diagram, hefts the bag, and hops out after her.

Polaris watches the sentry on the back porch, dangerously close to them now, he is smoking and looking at the garden

Polaris puts her hand up to let Furud know, all commando style

Furud stares at her oddly for a moment, before realizing what she means, then nods.

Polaris pulls her cell phone out of her pocket and wings it back at her window, the loud crash of it breaking resounds in the silence

Polaris smiles, 'I hope we are fast enough.'

Polaris watches the sentry outside run into the house

Furud "Pol, what the hell!" he hisses, and takes off running, looking back to make sure she's following.

Polaris follows, quicker that one would imagine for her size

Polaris "Hey, who knows how long that guy was going to stand out there!"

Polaris "Also, they can track our cell phones with the internal GPS features. Two birds with one stone and all that"

Furud grimaces. "Fine. Follow me."

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