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Finding the Spirit's Shape

  Cost: None
  Duration:  Instant
  Type: Reflexive
  Minimum Totem: 0
  Minimum Essence: 1
  Prerequisite Charms: None (free)

All Lunar's learn this charm first and foremost, often instinctively knowing it following their Exaltation or learning it straight away through raw instinct shortly afterwards. Until a Lunar learns this charm, in fact, he is not truely one of the Chosen of Lunar -- for this charm unlocks the Lunar's Totem shape, allowing him to freely shift into the form of his totem animal or return to his human form. The character can only use this charm once a turn, until he reaches Essence 3 at which point he can freely shapeshift between his human and totem form.

If your totem is larger than a grizzly bear or smaller than a cat, you will also need to start with the Surpassing Limits Meditation charm, described below. This usually (but not always) means that you learned this charm instictively "sometime after Exaltation", as opposed to having always known it.

Surpassing Limits Meditation

  Cost: None
  Duration: Permanent
  Type: Special
  Minimum Totem: 1
  Minimum Essence: 2
  Prerequisite Charms: Finding the Spirit's Shape

In order to learn this charm, the Lunar undergoes a lengthy period of meditation, remarkably similar to the process of raising his Essence except lasting for the much shorter period of time required to learnn a new charm. After the meditation period comes to an end, the Lunar expands and surpasses some of his limits, becoming more protean. Every time the Lunar purchases this charm, he may choose one of the following benefits:

  • The Lunar may shapeshift into extremely small forms. In addition, he may spend 5 motes to drop to half his height and a quarter of his weight, loosing a -1 and -2 health level in the process, and one dots of Strength. He gains +4 dice to all stealth rolls, gains two automatic successes on all dodge attempts, and gains a +1 bonus to his Dexterity score. He can also fit through much smaller openings.
  • The Lunar may shapeshift into very large forms of all kinds. In addition, she may spend 5 motes to grow in height and weight by 50%, adding a -1 and -2 health level in the process. She also gains a +2 bonus to Strength, and a +1 bonus to Stamina. This increase is significant enough to have effects on ones ability to get around in surroundings not made for someone of your size.
  • The Lunar may change gender while shapeshifting. In addition, he may spend 3 motes to change his biological gender, or back again. This change is total and real, allowing intercourse and even pregnancy if in a female form. The Lunar also understands the opposite sex to a greater degree, though this has no actual game effect.

Without the appropriate charm, a character cannot shapeshift into any form larger than a grizzly bear or smaller than a cat, nor into a form of the inappropriate gender. Lunars who have totems that fall outside of the above size limitations must start with the appropriate version of this charm.

The transformations described above are simple actions.

Consuming the Heart's Blood

  Cost: 3 motes, 1 willpower (3 motes to shapeshift)
  Duration: Instant
  Type: Simple
  Minimum Totem: 1
  Minimum Essence: 2
  Prerequisite Charms: Finding the Spirit's Shape

A Lunar who has mastered this charm can drink the spirit of an animal whom he has killed along with its blood, gaining a deep and inherently awareness of the creature so consumed. The Lunar must have struck the deathblow himself, and participated actively in the hunt if he was not alone in killing the animal. In addition, he must spend a full turn consuming the creatures heart or drinking the last of its "hearts blood". This consumption requires 3 motes, and 1 willpower, and gives the character a deep empathy with the species in question. You gain your Essence in bonus dice to comprehend or understand the actions of a given answer, and can shift into the form of an animal you have consumed by activating this charm for 3 motes.

You must have Surpassing Limits Meditation in order to shapeshift into overly large or small forms, or into a form of a different gender. This charm increases your Tell to 1.

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