Hey hey hey, it's your friendly neighborhood fangirl, Elizabeth, AKA Dissolvegirl. I enjoy [http->// art] and [http->// posting nonsense in my Livejournal], but most of all, I looooooove Exaltedy goodness. If you're lucky, I can sometimes be found on AIM as Shekinahhanikeh S?-> email at

August 22->''' I need the assistance of someone who posts on the new WW Exalted forums to post the following issue I'm having-> At first whenever I'd try to log in, it would tell me I needed to import my account (despite the fact I'd already done so). So I would placate the script by attempting to re-import my account, at which point it would tell me I'd already done that (astonishing!) and then allow me to log in normally. I tried that today, and while it worked this time, when I went to post I was told I was already logged in. Which, yes, I already knew. But for some reason passing my understanding, being logged in somehow automatically precludes me from posting now. Yay.

Assisted! - willows
You rock. --dissolvegirl

Technical Stuff

  • /Art - My collection of Exalted art. Not as good as my normal stuff, but I'm still working on this non-realism thing.
  • /Big Book Of Answers? - An ongoing project I've been neglecting where I'm trying to answer the big questions regarding Creation, just to flesh out my games. Input and ideas are more than welcome.
  • /Hearthstones - A rather paltry collection compared to some, but I enjoy them.
  • /Fiction - Random stories, character backgrounds, and cut scenes.
  • Dissolvegirl? - My first (and probably only, for quite some time) tree of homebrewed charms.
  • /Artifacts - Just one at the moment, but I like it.


This is where I'm going to be posting detailed descriptions of (and perhaps some fiction starring) my P Cs? and my favorite NP Cs?.

P Cs?->!

NP Cs?->!

  • Blood Ruby, a Varang courtesan-with-a-heart-of-gold turned Eclipse caste
  • Brilliance Sunspeaker, a good natured Zenith who has gotten in his share of bar fights
  • /Triumphant Jade Phoenix?, an outcaste Realmie with delusions of grandeur


The Smell of Blood and Betrayal-> This game ran for about 8 or 9 sessions, I think, before ending recently do to scheduling conflicts. It's a good ol' fashioned murder mystery gone somewhat epic. Want to know more? The summary is viewable at /Sidereal Game?. The spoilers are at /Sidereal Spoilers?, although they're not exactly "spoilers" any more.

/Day Of The Dead?-> I just got the most badass idea for a mixed-type game with a very limited number of players. This is where I'm going to be dumping the ideas for it. And remember kids-> if you might play it, don't read it.

/Task Force Creation?-> Superhero Solars kicking ass in the name of the Unconquered Sun.

Non-technical stuff

/Ranting Raving? -> People suck. Be nice, people.

Wiki Pages I like

Group Projects

  • {{WBM||Whirlwind Brush Method}}, an awesome group story project that keeps me amused to no end. I'm broke and I love to read, so it makes me happy.
  • {{Lexicon||The Lexicon of Elder Days}} is another group-writing project, both smaller and larger in scale. It's in a lull right now, but it's a lot of fun to participate in.
  • {{A Thousand And One Manses?||A thousand and one manses}} is the place to go for manses for all of those hearthstones people keep creating. And also, a place to make your own manse.
  • Exalted Beach Volleyball? is better than pie. I couldn't help but join the League?.

Personal Pages

  • Bog Mod? is the cool creator of Exalted Beach Volleyball?.
  • Four Willows Weeping? is a great guy who is allowing me to finally play a Sidereal PC!'''
  • haren is called "the Abyssal chick" for good reason. WOW, a lot of awesome crunchiness there.
  • Ikselam is a veritable font of creative energy. His page is full of more useful stuff than you can shake a stick at.
  • Mnemosynis? also doesn't have a lot of content, but the content he has is awesome stuff. Plus he started the manse project, plus he's my husband. Can't get much cooler than him. ->)

Off-Wiki Pages I like

  • [http->// Diesel Sweeties] is, 9 days out of 10, the best webcomic I read. Plus, R. Stevens is the maker of the [http->// "I am ten ninjas" T-shirt] that is probably my single favorite piece of clothing.
  • [http->// My "official" photography site] is full of examples of my favorite hobby aside from Exalted-- portrait photography.
  • [http->// Popcap] is the maker of [http->//!psychobabble Psychobabble,] the most ridiculously addictive word game since Scrabble.


/Comment Archive?

How'd your first game session of Task Force Creation go, anyway?? -- Crowned Sun

It sounds like people really enjoyed it, which makes me happy. I know I had a total blast. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game as a whole develops-- I really lucked out with awesome players, and awesome advice and inspiration from Kraken, Ikselam, and Mnemosynis?. --dissolvegirl