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Twilight Abilities

Success Results Guidelines


1You can provide relief from serious conditions, and stabilize even serious injuries if you are able to get to the treatment in time. You are also able to provide some relief even for patients who you cannot actually help.
3Effectively treating a small outbreak of the plague, and preventing it from spreading into the general population. Similarly, you can pull a badly injured mortal back from death, as long as there aren't any strange complications and he isn't too far gone.
5You can ensure that someone survives and recovers, in time, from nearly any mundane injury such as a sword thrust or a arrow, provided they're still alive when you get them. Ensure the survival of even victims of potent magic, provided you get to them in time.
7With equipment and a willing subjects, you can perform advanced brain surgery, and most kinds of transplants. You can even deal with strange conditions like advanced Heart-Wasp Infections, and other unnatural parasitic infections.
10You can safely heal some physical Wyld Mutations through amputation, and treat various hideous magical damage such as that caused by Internal Flame or similar effects that are normally instantly fatal for mortals.
14After discovering a mortal who has been skinned alive, and recovering his skin, you are able to successfully reattach it without difficulty and preventing excessive scarring.