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Level 1 - Mighty Heave

Many of the tales of supernatural vampiric strength come from this simple technique. Any vampire can use the vitae in their bodies to temporarily enhance their strength, but those who seek to master Potence can learn to simply channel their blood more efficiently. The constant surge of vitae in their undead muscles allows them to lift and break objects of great mass, without quickly exhausting their reserves.

System: Once this power is learned, the character permanently adds his Potence to his Strength when determining maximum carrying capacity. He can also choose to spend a Blood Point whenever making a check to lift or break an object. Should he do so, he multiplies his normal Strength rating by his Potence score plus one.

Level 2 - Arms of Steel

A refinement of the basic Cainite ability to improve their strength through vitae, this power makes even the willowiest vampire a force of destruction when the need arises.

System: When making a Strength or Damage roll, the character can spend a Blood Point to convert his Strength dice to automatic successes for the rest of the turn.

Level 3 - Hammer Blows

A constant surge of vitae empowers not only the muscles of a vampire adept at Potence, but the bones and skin as well. The Kindred's hands become lethal weapons, easily capable of smashing skulls or cleaving an opponent's chest open. Some vampires are rumored to be able to endow their blows with truly devastating power, shattering even the bodies of other Cainites!

System: After purchasing this power, the character gains a new, unarmed attack: Hammer Blow. The attack uses Dexterity + Brawl (difficulty 6) to strike, and deals Strength + 1 Lethal damage. If a Blood Point is spent prior to making a Hammer Blow attack, it deals Aggravated damage instead.

Level 4 - Stunning Blow

True control of one's strength allows for precise application of force. Many Elders favor the judicious use of this ability to deal with unruly childer, ghouls or mortals that get in their way. It may be unwise to slay, or even wound, but entirely necessary to incapacitate. This technique is never fatal, which alone gives it many advantages over the options available to less disciplined Kindred. It should be noted that while the daze caused by a Stunning Blow is not fatal in and of itself, it can certainly be taken advantage of in a battle to get in a finishing strike.

System: Spend a Blood Point and roll Strength + Brawl in a resisted contest with the target's Stamina + Alertness. Even if the target resists, all their actions for the next turn are at -2 dice. If they fail to resist, they cannot take an action on their next turn. Should the attacker overcome his target's resistance by 3 or more successes, the target is instantly rendered unconscious. The target takes no damage, but simply falls into a dazed slumber. Loud noises, or pain, can certainly awake them. The stress of combat makes it virtually impossibly (requiring 5 net successes!) for a target to be rendered unconscious, but they can still be stunned.

Level 5 - Disintegrating Strike

Focusing all his destructive force into a single blow, a master of Potence simply shatters his target. Whole trees can be exploded into splinters, or support columns rendered into rubble. Swords can be twisted into worthless wrecks and even a car might find itself nothing but a crumpled metal cube under the focus of a truly powerful Elder.

System: Spent 3 Blood Points while making an unarmed attack against an inanimate object. If successful, your attack instantly destroys the object in a suitable manner (crumpling, shattering, splintering, etc). The upper limit on the amount of material destroyed is equal to 1000 times your Potence score in pounds. It is possible to destroy part of an object, such as the base of a wall, but all the material destroyed must be contiguous with your point of contact.