The gifts of Caine or the magics of Lilith, these are the innate powers of the blood that all Cainites tap.

Major Disciplines

These nine Disciplines are innate to the Vampiric condition. They can be learned by any vampire, even if they are not in-Clan.

Minor Disciplines

Lesser Disciplines, unique to certain organizations or bloodlines. These Disciplines require a teacher unless they are in-Clan.


Even the younger Generations are able to twist their Disciplines to their own ends. Meta-Disciplines combine the powers of two or more Disciplines in a unique way, creating a wholly new ability.

Blood Sorcery

The dark arts of magic fueled by cursed blood. These powers are more narrowly focused than Disciplines, and far less common. A teacher is always required to learn either Paths or Rituals.

Teaching Disciplines

  • An instructor must have a rating 1 higher than the level of any power he is attempting to teach.
  • In-Clan Disciplines can be developed on one's own, given sufficient time and practice.
  • Physical Disciplines do not require an instructor, even if they are out-of-Clan.

Discipline Curses.

A rating of 4 or more in a Disciplines may impose some penalty on the vampire.

  • Any vampire who meets 3 or more of the criteria for Discipline Derangements gains a Temporary Derangement.
  • Any vampire who meets 5 or more of the criteria for Discipline Derangements gains a Permanent Derangement.
  • Criteria
    • One Clan Discipline has more dots than the other two combined
    • An out-of-Clan Discipline has more dots than any Clan Discipline
    • Knowing multiple powers of the same level
    • Reaching your maximum potential in a Discipline without at least 5 in another
    • Multiple recent botches of a Discipline
    • Multiple recent excessive success with a Discipline
    • Relying heavily on a Discipline, even when not required