Escape from the Forsaken Isle

an Exalted^2 Game
for the Infernal and Abyssal Exalted

It was the dawn of the Third Age, the Age of Men. The vicious tyrants who had ruled before were thrown down along with their dark religion. Their falsehoods about the need for the Wyld Hunt and their own perfection were seen for what they were, lies to stoke the embers of their power and their egos. No one had seen an "Anathema" for many years, and the Hunt had killed more than a few innocents in its searches. So the end began; and it came swifter than anyone could have imagined. With mighty power they were imprisoned within their own dark heart.

Yet it was realized for naught, for while a great wall had been built with the aid of the Beast Gods from the edges of the world, they continued to live content within, doing as they wished... becoming heroes or animals in turn. Those who watched did not care as long as the dynasties of evil stayed within. The trials and wall that had been built with the Beast Gods' help to "destroy the world of the weak man" became the dynasty's own prison; and so for the last fifty years we have lived in peace.

But now the Anathema have returned. Having stolen the power of the sun and brought back things one hundred times more foul than themselves or even the dynasty. No one knows from whence they've come, but it seems that some have emerged from within the prison created to be unbreakable, with guardians who should be infallible. Twice we were wrong, and they have come seeking payment we fear to even hear demanded.

Campaign Overview?

House Rules and Charm Index

  • AdvancedCombos - a House Rule for Exalted: Escape from the Forsaken Isle
  • TicklessSocialCombat - House Rules related to Social Combat!
  • Abyssal Dissonance - a replacement House Rule for Abyssal Resonance
  • Abyss Mastery - a replacement House Rule for Whispers
  • Abyssal Flaws - a discussion of replacement Flaws of Invulnerability for use with Dissonance.
  • Artifact Index - the Artifact Index for Escape from the Forsaken Isle
  • Familiar - Rules for Familiars!
  • Alternative Animas - New anima powers for Infernals, Solars, and Abyssals.
  • Mass Combat System - An attempt to make a system for mass combat that makes sense.
  • MeditationPool - a House Rule for Exalted: Escape from the Forsaken Isle
  • Experience Awards - Handy Charts, showing everyone's XP
  • Underworld Astrology - The Constellations and power of the Calender of Setesh.
  • Negative Intimacies - These are defined as intimacies which can hold such strength to become sour, twisted, or dangerous to the holder or others.

Experience Awards
Iron Blossom3672482060
Silent Song1274882060

Previous Storyline: See Recent Events? for more information.

  Campaign Calendar?: 28th of Ascending Air, Year of Our Freedom 50.
  Current Downtime?: None

Current Storyline: Our heroes? have reached Traiter and discovered that the cult they had come to save was a foul and corrupt one led by the Chosen of the Ebon Dragon, The Albino Wolf. Similarly, the lord of the city is a terrible and wicked one, Valnius.

Current Quote: Iron Blossom: "Hey, I can't hear them as well now. Neat. Do people really have sex so much that people invented ways of not hearing it?" ".... Wait a minute.... Why the hells wasn't I using Cadaverous Torpor Technique? Bye. I need to go die till they finish up."