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Juanita "JJ" Jimenez Hispanic; Former Gang Member VIRTUE VICE Justice Envy AUSPICE TRIBE Ithaeur (Crescent Moon) Blood Talons

MENTAL PHYSICAL SOCIAL Intelligence 3 Strength 2 Presence 3 Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2 Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 2

MENTAL (-3) PHYSICAL (-1) SOCIAL (-1) Academics Athletics ** Animal Ken * Computer Brawl *** Empathy Crafts * Drive * Expression Investigation * Firearms ** Intimidation *** Medicine * Larceny * Persuasion * Occult ** Stealth ** Socialize Politics Survival * Streetwise ** Science * Weaponry * Subterfuge *

RENOWN SPECIALTIES Purity * Medicine: Bite/Claw Attacks /Glory/ * Occult: Wolf Spirits Honor Firearms: Small Caliber /Wisdom/ * Intimidation: Stare Downs Cunning * Survival: Shapeshifting

				Streetwise: Atlanta Gangs

EXPERIENCE: 4 (77 Spent, History of 81) COMBAT STATS OTHER ADVANTAGES Health 7 Harmony 7 | | | | / | | | Primal Urge *

SIZE: 5 Willpower 4


DEFENSE: 3 INITIATIVE: 7 ESSENCE 10 (1 per turn) SPEED: 10 xxxxx xx

LANGUAGES: Bilingual (Spanish native, English as a second-language) MERITS value notes Fast Reflexes ** You are good at getting the drop on people, gaining +2 to your initiative rating.

Allies * (Hispanic Community); you're a beloved and well-regarded member of your community

				back in Atlanta and can manage to get numerous small favors and unofficial aid from 
				old friends and relatives.

Mentor *** An older Blood Talon of the Crescent Moon, and a member of the Lodge of Garm, Allia

				"of the Twilight" has proven invaluable in teaching you spirit lore and helping
				train you in physical combat.

Status * You are a member, in good standing, of (prominent Atlanta gang). You used to have

				higher standing, being the girlfriend of the gang leader and everything, but since 
				your First Change you've been drifting further and further.  You can still count on 
				them, however, in general...

Striking Looks ** You are quite attractive, though hardly a glamour model. You have +1 die to any

				Presence or Manipulation rolls to use your looks to entertain, persuade, distract 
				or decieve others.

GIFT LISTS Warning Growl (Dominance *, pg. 109)

	This gift costs 1 willpower, and is a contested action.  You roll your Presence + Intimidation + Glory, 

resisted by your opponents Composure + Primal Urge. If you roll as many or more successes than your opponent, you've successfully cowed them and gain a +2 defense bonus against their close-combat attacks. On an exceptional success, that bonus increases to +3.

Mask of Rage (Rage *, pg. 134)

	This gift costs 1 essence, an instant action, and does not require a roll to activate.  It enhances the

effects of your Lunacy, making you more maddening and fear-inspiring in all your forms. Thus, when looking at the Lunacy chart (page 176), apply the following modifiers to the subjects Willpower depending on your form: Hishu (+4), Dalu, Gauru, or Urshul (+0), or Urhan (+2).

Straighten (Shaping *, pg. 137)

	This gift costs 1 essence, an instant action, and does not require a roll to activate.  It can straighten

out kinks, warps, folds and natural imperfections in various physical objects that Juanita can touch. This can be used to smooth out crumpled sheet metal, or turn a old knobby stick into a straight and true shaft. This gift can also be used to repair some forms of damage, provided it was not caused by rust, decay, or actual removal of parts of the item. This can usually heal half of the structural damage an item has suffered. This gift affects one square yard of material per turn.

Crushing Blow (Strength *, pg. 141)

	This gift costs 1 willpower, and is a reflexive action that requires no roll.  For the rest of the scene,

the Uratha inflicts lethal damage when fighting barehanded or with a blunt instrument.

RITUALS ** Rite page notes LEVEL ONE Banish Human p.149 Instant or contested rite that returns a human who has found himself

					trapped within Hisil to the physical world.

Rite of Dedication p.150 Extended (10 successes, one roll per turn) rite that allows you to dedicate

					up to your Resolve + Primal Urge items to the subject.

Shared Scent p.151 Extended (5 successes per packmate, one roll per turn) rite that allows

					you to share the tracking bonus with other members of your pack.

Rite of the Spirit Brand p.151 Extended (15 successes, one roll per minute) rite that allows someone to

					spend Experience points to raise their Renown.

LEVEL TWO Blessing of the Spirit Brand p.152 Instant rite that costs 1 Essence, and allows the subject to physically

					touch or strike ephemeral spirits as if they were solid.  The essence may
					be paid by the subject or the ritemaster.  Lasts one scene.

Call Gaffling p.153 Extended (40 successes, one roll per minute) rite that allows you to summon

					a Gaffling.  The Gaffling may resist with it's Resistance trait if it has 
					pressing need.  Spirits so called are not cooperative, and often have to be 
					bribed with Chiminage.

EQUIPMENT AND NOTES Light Pistol (attack roll 8, range of 20/40/80, clip of 17+1.)

Normal stats.

Strength +1(3)
Stamina +1(3)
Manipulation -1(1)
Size +1(6)
Health +2(8)
Speed +1(11)
+2 to Perception rolls.

Strength +3(5)
Dexterity +1(4)
Stamina +2(4)
Size +2(7)
Health +4(10)
Initiative +1(8)
Speed +4(13)
Armor 1/1
lethal damage (+1 claws, +2 bite)
+3 to Perception rolls,
wound penalities are ignored,
-2 to resist Death Urge,
fail Social/Mental.

Strength +2(4)
Dexterity +2(4)
Stamina +2(4)
Manipulation -3(-2)
Size +1(6)
Health +3(9)
Initiative +2(9)
Speed +7(17)
+3 to Perception rolls
lethal damage.

Dexterity +2(4)
Stamina +1(4)
Size -1(4)
Initiative +2(9)
Speed +5(15)
+4 to Perception rolls \\ inflict lethal damage w bite.