Liam's game


  • Torvar - AKA Mr. Responsibility
  • Rosemarie - AKA Little Miss Why Can't We All Get Along
  • Catriana - AKA Why Don't We Have Tiger Stripes
  • Hermes - AKA Adamantium Moneybags due to the indestructibility of his cash flow and things of that nature.
  • Dragomir - AKA I Don't Have a Cool Nickname Yet


There is a castle, missing a front gate.

There is also a village, which may or may not be where Toby lives(/d). Not that Toby would ever have anything ever to do with Catriana. He's only interested in the hot twin.

Villages around here are pretty sad affairs.


  • Session1 - Mooooooom!
  • Session2 - In which we clear the goblins from a nameless filthhole village, then go whip their asses in their lair.
  • Session3