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After several days of research, Cerin and Markuran have managed to track down a group of Dynasts who have been sent to scout out the current standing of events in the area surrounding the Sunlands. The two Solars watch from a distance as the six Dragon-Bloods move across the plains, heading towards the Jakobi region.

Cerin extends his arm towards them, pointing them out to the man beside him "There they are."

Cerin points out "Thats where they seem to be heading." another point "Do you want to meet them there?" he points to a small ravine that would provide an excellent ambush spot.

Markuran squints, his poor eyesight not quite seeing the ravine. "That will do as well as any place."

Cerin leads the big barbarian there, keeping to valleys and suchlike to avoid being seen by the group of dynasts "Remember, we want to subdue them not kill them, we will discover more that way and they can be of more use to us."

Markuran "I'll do my best to keep them alive, Cerin. I said I would, didn't I?"

Cerin nods "That you did. There is sometimes something of a difference between what you say and what you do in combat, however."

Cerin settles down to wait for the blooded to arrive.

Markuran "I'll be gentle with them." The big man smiles slightly, flexing the powerful muscles of his arms as he pulls Armsbreaker free from its sheath. "Of course, if they start trying to kill me, I may have to hurt them."

Cerin nods "If they threaten us enough, we may have no choice."

Markuran nods and starts considering how best to deal with these dragonlings.

Cerin About an hour passes before Cerin gestures to say he has seen the party of 6 approaching. They are moving with stealth, keeping fairly close together. There is a short woman leading them, wearing a simple breastplate, a brace of javelins on her back.

Cerin Behind her, though several yards back there is a large chiselled man, with a whitejade spear on his back. Despite his massive size, he moves with grace. finally there is a woman of flame, a long and broad daikliave on her back. She almost seems to dance as she moves.

Markuran In the center of the group a short white-haired man walks, a hugely oversized axe in his slim hand as he shelters behind the other five Dynasts. Cerin can see plainly that he is a sorcerer, his Essence is trained and the tiny fire floating at his side, invisible to Markuran, weaves around him a defensive spell. The spearman looks often to the older Dynast, a glint in his eyes that hints at a deeper relationship between the two

Markuran Completing the circle of interlopers are a pair of twins, brown haired and dark skinned. The air around one woman is hazy and heat-fogged, as is the red bow she carries tightly in one hand. Her sister moves her head constantly, eyes glowing faintly pink to Cerin's sight as she examines her surroundings carefully.

Cerin whispers "they are warded against ambush. do not expect them to be too suprised on your charge though wait until they have closed."

Cerin watches as the 6 get closer, tracking especially the girl with the glowing eyes. When they get closer he calls the bow of essence to his hands. "Now." he wispers to marku at his side, watching as the magic around the group flares in alarm as he draws back a mote on his bow.

Markuran nods. "What else do you see in them?"

Cerin "They are not as powerful spiritually as us. the woman in front has ties to...elsewhere..the essence leads to nowhere. The girl towards the rear, She watches for ambush. The man with the Axe, a sorcerer. I'll take him."

Markuran "You think I can not handle a meer caster of spells?" flashing a smile, the big man ducks away, slidding down a rock incline to hunker beside a shoulder of stone that shields him from view. He waits for the spearman to get closer..just a few more steps.

Cerin watches as the 6 get closer, tracking especially the girl with the glowing eyes. When they get closer he calls the bow of essence to his hands. "Now." he wispers to marku at his side, watching as the magic around the group flares in alarm as he draws back a mote on his bow.

Markuran howls a battle cry as he hurls himself up the rock shoulder and leaps atop the husky Earth Aspect, catching the man's direlance with one hand and driving it away from his chest. The weight of Markuran's armored bulk knocks the breath from the Dragonling, and the full on flurry of hammers to the man's face leave him woozy if not sleeping

Ledaal Shodin brings his spear up to deflect the massive solars blows as he leaps toward him, whirling it as he does.

Markuran sneers at the smaller man as even the most glancing of blows drive him to the ground. His ivory skin is stained black and red from the massive contusions, almost an exact print of Marku's fist remains on his face, something he will likely carry for life.

Cerin As the solar pounds on her circle mate the fireaspected woman next to him is wreathed in flames, bands of whitehot fire twisting around her weapon and her whole body. She dances up to Marku, then in a flickering series of twists slices him.

Cerin oops

Cerin Two of her blows land home, slicing him even through his massive armour, and then she dances away, to ward her from his future blows.

Markuran ignores the flame-wreathed woman for a moment, simply waving her attacks away with his off hand. Armsbreaker moves of its own accord, knocking the attacks away. One skims through and leaves a red line across Marku's forearm, even under his armor and thick skin.

Mnemon Sandra rushes forward even as Cerin draws the mote to his ear. With a grunt and a heave she slugs him straight in the head with her massive Goremaul, the shining flat face of Yellow Jade sending sparks cascading through his body as the magical arrow is hammered into :his own head

Cerin blurs as the jade hammer comes in, his body ghosting and then he backflips, sailing through the air and away from the fight, red robes billowing about him.

Mnemon Sandra gapes as the anathema disappears out from under her attack. Rattled, she retreats a few steps to defend herself and her allies

V'neef Tiali doesnt move, or rather she does, but the movement is far too fast for the eye to catch, half a dozen javelins leaving her hands in a cloud before she moves towards the javelins on her back, hurling a further two.

Cerin carries on his leap, sailing backwards easily. as he does he draws back and fires. The 4 brilliant motes cut through air, one pair embedding themselves in the sorcerer, and the other in his archer guard. As the last arrow flies from his bow he lands lightly on the bare tree, a perch with an easy view of the battlefield.

Mnemon Lidia laughs, a bright burst of sound, a flurry of arrows flies from her crimson bow, knocking Cerin's motes from the sky. As one dizzy arrow flies at the sorcerer, his spell-fire burns it to a crisp. He turns, hands moving to hurl a spell at Cerin in return

Tepet Kerke glows brilliantly, surrounded by winds singing the Old Realm words he chants under his breath. Like a conductor, he waves his hands and the winds dance to his motions, whirling into a tight cyclone before him..

Markuran "You think that would hurt me? You foolish woman. You have seen nothing of the Sun's power from us!" Mouth curving into a predatory smile the barbarian rises from the prone body of the Earth Dragon and takes a quick step toward the blazing woman. By the first step, she is on her back, smoke from the blazing grass around her obscuring her vision. She doesn't even see the other blows that hammer her again and again

Cerin flickers in a candlelight blur, flames speading the movement of her feet, her body not really moving so much as not being there when the blows land. not being anywhere near.

Mnemon Sandra steadies herself against a boulder, hunkering down to avoid the archer's fire as she summons the Earth to her. Cerin can see ivory plates of Essence gathering around her, invisible armor against his magic

Ledaal Shodin smiles as the dancing flames lure the anathama away. gritting his teeth against the pain, he concentrates, bring his essence into defensive patturns and moving back from the great man. In front of Marku his sister does suit, moving beyond the range of the mans charge.

Tepet Kerke "Vosh madur ishft nem sadue ke" the wind obscures the final syllables of the spell as the sorcerer unleashes his magic, the cyclone of wind condensing into a whirling blade of death that heads straight for Cerin, seeking his throat and the sweet blood within

Cerin is as a shadow atop the tree, the vicious guilottene flashing through insubstantial mist.

Mnemon Lidia rushes forward, following the path of the guillotine. As the anathema vanishes from its path and re-appears, Lidia unleashes a hail of arrows at him, all burning with crimson flame!

Cerin twists atop his perch, the flaming arrows all passing through thin air. around him a white gold blaze lights up as he draws 6 motes from the air. these he unleashes in stream towards the battlefield, 3 spear the archer, 3 her sorcerous companion.

Mnemon Lidia shrieks in rage and dances away, three arrows flying from her bow to knock Cerin's away in a desperate attempt to save herself.

Tepet Kerke ignores the arrows, confident the firey shield will save him from harm. He starts moving towards the big Earth Aspect, concern on his face..

Markuran Lidia stumbles backwards as the arrows hammer into her. Her mouth, open in shock, emits no sound as she stares dumbly. She HAD blocked the attacks!

Markuran Kerke has no chance for any such surprise, he is thrown to the ground at the feet of the big Ivory Dragon, out cold. Blood drips steadily from the back of his head where one arrow hit particularly hard.

Cerin After the motes land, space twists, creating a kalidoscopic blur around the tree top, the sunlight twisted about Cerin

V'neef Tiali takes the cue from her bondmates, backpedalling from the solar, another pair of javelins flying toward him as she does so.

Markuran ignores the little brat, his attention still firmly on the Fire Dragon that continues to irk him..

Markuran rubs his jaw idly, nodding to the woman with a small smile. He'd been meaning to shave and she did half the job.

Ledaal Shodin takes a moment to centre himself, as he assumes a much more haughty fighting pose. He whirls his spear with new grace.

Mnemon Sandra "Take heart! We can defeat them yet!" Her words catch fire and swirl around the other Dynasts, their blade shining red with the fire of her magic.

Ahina "Thank you my sister!" she increases the tempo of her dance swirling in a storm of flame as she runs past the big man in front of her her sword once more scoring his back as she does, ending up standing next to her earthen brother.

Cerin From his perch atop the tree Cerin decides that the twins really have to go. His anima flares pure white in its fury, though it is shifted into a polychromatic spray just around him by the strange effect. the 6 arrows are swift, golden and if his intent had been to kill, would have been deadly.

Mnemon Lidia is still wide-eyed in amazement when she hits the ground, sending up a spray of dust. The heat of her raging anima quickly turns the dust to smoke as she smolders, quite unconcious

Markuran reaches out as the Fire Dragon flashes past him and snags her by the throat. Another massive arm wraps around her waist and the big Solar hugs the lithe woman against him, crushing the breath from her small body. The blaze of her anima stings and makes him grunt in pain, but he ignores it, waiting for her to go limp before casting her away

Cerin As Marku engulfs the lithe woman, he feels the bite of the javelins in his back. a short time later, another 2 bite into him.

Markuran gives a muffled shout of pain as the weapons sink into his flesh and then fly off, preparing for another strike. Bleeding badly, the big man tightens his grip on the Fire aspect. The muscles of his arm around her throat flex, choking her.

Markuran allows the woman to stagger free of his grip before slamming his foot into her back, throwing her to the ground violently. Stepping off her back and into a headlong rush at the battered martial artist, Marku sends the man flying back, his neck cocked at an odd angle from the sledgehammer impact

Mnemon Sandra "Bastard! I'll burn your blood and your soul if you killed her!" screaming her rage, the dark-skinned woman runs for Markuran, her blade flashing in three quick slashes at his chest. Armsbreaker dances and twice sparks fly and the hammer is beaten back, a third attempt slides off :with a grunt on Marku's part. He glares darkly at the woman as he turns aside her blows

V'neef Tiali cries out as the dancer falls bleeding, then charges forward, casting forth her javelins as she does, the two hitting moments after Sandra's blows were deflected and the orbiting javelins make one last stab.

Markuran spins in time as the javelins hurtle toward his wounded back, deft cuts of Armsbreaker sending them to the ground, cut in two.

Cerin leaps this time, flowing along the line of the branches, purple shadows and white gold fire swirls around him, gods and demons and animals appearing from the shadows as the 6 arrows fly. the tightly packed group splits as they do, one seeking the earth as he raises his spear, 2 Sandra as she pulls back from marku, 3 the wood who has hurled so many javelins.

Cerin leaps down from the trees and joins Marku as he knocks the fireaspected woman out. He winces as he looks closer at the managed mess his arrows made of the wood aspected woman.

Markuran growls as Cerin winces. "Six dragon-bloods and you're unhappy that one's dead. She nearly killed me, Cerin."

Markuran tries to feel at the wounds in his back, but can't reach them. They feel quite bad enough, however.

Cerin "It's not that she is dead, it is that I didnt intend her to die." he turns to look at the mans wounds "Would you like some help with those wounds?"

Markuran cringes as he leans over to pick the big spearman up and toss him over a shoulder. The spear falls on the ground from the man's limp hand. "I'll be fine. Let's get them back."

Cerin carefully fastens the collars around their necks. While Zahara had taken all the Solar collars, the DB ones he had found. "Yes, lets go home. I'm sure they will be interesting to listen too."

Markuran hauls the sorcerer as well as the (now) unconcious fire along. The weight of the three Dynasts is little strain, but Markuran's wounds protest even their light burden of a meer few hundred pounds.

Cerin easily picks up the two twins with one over each shoulder. he sets out after the zenith.

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