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It is a hike of no small size to reach the Vesathar valley from the nearest gate -- so the Solars have prepared accordingly. They stand in front of the gate nearest Solaria, coordinates directing the portal to the far north already entered.

<Markuran> "Are they coming here or must we go fetch them, Cerin?

  • Zahara brushes a speck of dust off of her impeccable, flowing green gown, designed to look fantastic while hiking ridiculously long distances. "I could bring some Wasps through, if we know how many we will have on the way back."

<Cerin> "They planned to travel on their own, but it is many miles from the nearest gate, and I did promise to go and visit. It only seems friendly to escort them back."

<Cerin> "Could you not just summon more when we reach there? Though I do think they are capable of flight anyway, the wings looked large enough."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Then we shall do so." Birds does not look even slightly daunted.

<Zahara> "It would take hours and days to actually SUMMON new ones, Cerin." she looks amused at the idea. "And they can only Portal to places they have already been."

<Cerin> "They have a library there Zahara, I dont want to be leaving too soon."

<Markuran> "We can return with more wasps if they want to ride."

  • Zahara rests her hand on Tanty's shoulder, scratching it absently as she surveys the land around them. "Well I'm flying. I don't know about the rest of you."

<Cerin> "I have no intention of walking there..."

  • Zahara ducks through the portal, and whistles, summoning the mounts her Circlemates are most used to, which follow her back through the portal.
  • Cerin steps through after Zahara.
  • Markuran follows one of the wasps through the Gateway, idly adjusting the heavy yeddim fur drapped across his white armor.

The scene on the opposite side is much like that which the Solars perceived on their first trip through the portals -- cold, largely featureless plains of snow, extending out in every direction. At this location, however, mountains can be seen sloping upwards gently to the north -- the Valley, by Staaklon's directions, should lie directly between two of them.

<Zahara> "Take care to watch your Wasps' wings. If they get frosted over, we need to stop and rest until they are warm again. I have provided warm blankets.

  • Markuran unrolls one of the blankets over the back of his wasp before climbing on. "I know, Zahara. Keep the wasp toasty."
  • Cerin mounts the wasp, gently rubbing its wings to warm the edges before telling it to flap them to warm them up. He has it take flight then.
  • Birds-of-Trinity sings a little song
  • Zahara throws her leg over Tanty's back, and the dress obligingly splits in the middle to form two legs. Once seated, they leap into the air to the tune of Tanty's inane riddles.
  • Cerin waits for everyone to mount up, then sets off north flying for the mountains.

The Solars take flight, and begin to cross the featureless expanse leading to the valley. It is not long before they can see it from the air -- nestled between two mountains, neatly shielded from the elements by a conveniently placed shelf of rock, it looks to keep a temperature higher than the surrounding area -- at least, based on the greenery visible from the air.

  • Markuran idly watches the ground below, searching for traces of interesting animals, such as mammoths.

Nothing seems to walk upon these icy fields, even mammoths.

  • Cerin looks down at the town as he circles the wasp in, bringing it slowly down on the edge of the green valley.
  • Birds-of-Trinity flies upside-down for a while, to get a better look at the valley. Blood rushes to her head.
  • Zahara looks over the valley with interest, noting the greenery, "I will welcome the chance to be warm again." she calls to the others, as the winds whip her words away.
  • Cerin nods "The warmth will be most welcome. Shall we land?" he shouts out.

Vesathar is a rather surprising sight, given the icy tundra the Solars just left. Perhaps ten miles long and three wide, the valley has been abundantly developed in an intriguing way, elaborate adobe buildings joining almost seamlessly with unusual trees to form a natural-seeming environs. The town within is clearly built for beings which can fly -- small perches and aeries dot the buildings, and many locations have no obvious entrance from the ground.

  • Markuran forces his wasp a bit lower, weaving around as he looks around the canyon happily.

<Zahara> "Marku.. I see that look in your eyes. Don't go killing things until we know if they're sentient or not! Or, more importantly, whether or not the.. Petroks.. will be offended if you slaughter them for trophies."

As the Solars descend, the Dragon-Kings become visible, moving about their town in their daily activities.

  • Birds-of-Trinity sighs. "If only I could fly."

<Markuran> "I promise not to kill anything without asking."

<Zahara> "Thank you."

  • Cerin nods. He brings the wasp down at the edge of the valley.

The Dragon-Kings below seem to have noticed the Solar's approach -- several of them have alighted to watch their descent, while others seem to be hurrying to deliver messages of the Circle's arrival.

  • Birds-of-Trinity instructs her wasp to hover over the valley, and lets go, trusting to fate!

Birds-of-Trinity feels the air rushing past her body grow warm as she dives towards the valley.

  • Zahara shakes her head a bit, "You know, if she ever actually FALLS OFF by ACCIDENT, we'll never know." Tanty flexes his wings, and fluffs up his fur to make himself look bigger, scarier, and altogether cooler as he descends, Zahara's blonde hair floating like a banner in the wind.
  • Birds-of-Trinity revels in the feeling of the air rushing by.

<Markuran> "I wonder, most of the time, if she knows herself."

  • Cerin laughs. As his wasp decends to warmer levels, the wings speed up "So do I, sometimes."
  • Birds-of-Trinity comes to a stop before she hits the ground, and makes an undainty tumble across some roofs before landing in a soft bush.

Three Pterok descend from one of the higher buildings to meet the Solars as they arrive. Cerin immediately recognizes Staaklon in the lead.

  • Cerin leaps off his wasp when he is a safe distance off the ground, the beautiful creature landing behind him shortly after "Hello once more Staaklon."

<Staaklon?> "Aaah, welcome Cerin! I had wondered when you would journey to meet us in our home."

  • Zahara 's mild irritation with Birds' display of... whatever the hell that was.. clears up as the Petroks approach. She dismounts near Cerin, and smiles warmly when they approach, waiting to be introduced.
  • Cerin holds up his hand for Zahara to take as Tanty lands nearby "This is my love, Zahara Zhan. The big man is Markuran the Bear. The ...acrobatic woman is Birds of Trinity. Zahara, this is Staaklon, the being I told you of."
  • Staaklon bows to the other Solars, gesturing grandly with one wing. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Sun-Touched."
  • Birds-of-Trinity tries not to look impolitely excited. Falling is FUN.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Staaklon! That is a beautiful name."

  • Markuran lands his wasp as well and joins Cerin and Zahara.

<Markuran> "We are honored to be here, Staaklon."

  • Staaklon seems a little taken aback at Birds' comment. "....thank you," he replies. One imagines he would blush, were he not a lizard.
  • Zahara squeezes Cerin's hand, then curtsies politely to Staaklon, "A pleasure to meet you indeed, Staaklon. I hardly dared hope to find more of your kind, nor such a gorgeous valley in this cold clime."

<Staaklon?> "The pleasure is ours to have you here. Please, please, follow me." He begins to walk along the ground, into a nearby copse of trees.

  • Cerin follows after him, still holding Zahara's hand looking about him curiously as he does.
  • Birds-of-Trinity wonders what exactly is going on. Onward!
  • Zahara follows, making sure not to stare too impolitely at the wonders around her, while still noting the architecture, and pondering how to combine it with some of those buildings she saw in Yu Shan.
  • Staaklon leads the Solars through a series of trees, to an elevated gazebo in the middle of the trees. It stands eighty feet above the ground, with only a thin, narrow staircase leading up to it. He gestures for the Solars to climb.
  • Markuran follows closely, dark eyes still roving around, searching the area for interesting objects or animals.
  • Cerin gestures for Zahara to proceed him, then follows her up quickly, still trying to drink in every detail he can.

The architecture of Vesathar is interesting -- the buildings are constructed entirely of adobe and other basic materials. They still follow many First Age design principles, it would seem, based on the Solars' knowledge of Rathess, but simplified and smoothed out -- a lower resolution of detail in many of the designs.

  • Zahara climbs the stairs just ahead of Cerin. Tanty has refused to be left behind today, and trails along behind the last of the Solars.

<Markuran> "A beautiful city you have here, Staaklon."

<Staaklon?> "Thank you, Markuran. We have labored diligently to construct it, in memory of the glorious aeries we once knew."

At the top of the staircase lies an utterly normal gazebo -- a small table, set with drinking implements for both human and Pterok hands, sits in the middle. It looks out upon the tops of the nearest trees; one can watch the branches sway in the breeze, and listen to the calls of the strange, exotic birds of the valley, as one sits there.

<Zahara> "You had aeries more glorious than this in the past?"

  • Markuran brightens obviously, "Lunch?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "That is the nature of glory, ever-declining."

  • Birds-of-Trinity cruches a flower under her foot as if to illustrate.
  • Cerin relaxes in the tranquillity of the scene for just a moment "We will not be letting it decline further, Birds of Trinity. Not now."

<Zahara> "Ever declining, but also ever-renewing, Birds."

  • Staaklon turns to answer the Solars in reverse order. "Yes, if you wish; I shall have food brought out immediately. And, yes, once we built cities that exceeded this in all ways, as a flower exceeds its faint reflection in a windswept lake. But, alas, those days are gone."
  • Markuran nods. "Much has declined, but now we rebuild. Maybe we can help you rebuild as well. After lunch."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Lunch and restoration of wonders! What an excellent day."

  • Zahara thinks to herself that it's a good thing Solars live a long time... so much to do...
  • Staaklon leans over one shoulder and calls out in a strange, squawking voice. Within a few minutes, Pteroks bearing great trays of food begin to fly to the gazebo and attach them to the outside railing, so that one may gaze upon the trees and the city as they select their food.
  • Cerin smiles and picks at some of the food, sampling it. "Thank you for the food." he looks out over the trees "And the view."

<Staaklon?> "Food," in Pterok terms, appears to consist entirely of various and sundry meats, cooked and flavored in an incredible variety of different ways.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "This is delicious."

  • Birds-of-Trinity munches happily.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Tell me, have you ever heard of..." she pauses dramatically..."pastry?"

<Staaklon?> "Thank you. The greater Musk Lizard is considered a delicacy here."

  • Staaklon appears puzzled. "Pastry? No. Is it a bird? Reptile? Mammal?"
  • Markuran prods at a large lizard-looking meat. "This?"
  • Staaklon nods at Markuran.
  • Markuran begins masticating a hunk of the lizardish meat, a considering look on his face.

It is every bit as delicious as Markuran could have hoped.

  • Cerin samples some of it too. He nods after a while.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "...Lizard...no, uhm...pastry is made from a mixture of animal fat and...PLANT matter of a specific kind."

  • Staaklon raises an... eyebrow? -- it is in the place of an eyebrow -- at this. "That seems like an unusual choice, Birds-of-Trinity. Plant matter? I am dubious."

<Markuran> "Birds's pastries are wonderful. Can I have some of that purple-feathered thing over there, in the green sauce?"

  • Staaklon passes the plate to Markuran, while seeming to consider this "pastry" concept.

<Cerin> "Do you not have any pastries on you, Birds? I seem to recall you carrying them to the most unlikely places before now.."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "It provides a certain amount of structure to the grease. I have become very fond of it. But, looking at your cuisine, I can see how you would have doubts."

  • Birds-of-Trinity brightens.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Yes! Of course. This, here, is what we call a 'yeddim's claw' because of its shape."

  • Birds-of-Trinity puts it down for Staaklon to examine.
  • Staaklon picks it up gingerly, and eyes the pastry suspiciously. "And it is.... good?"
  • Zahara samples the various meats, and takes more of those she finds most to her liking. She watches Birds with amusement, wondering how long that particular piece has been on her.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "That one probably isn't anymore. Like fish, pastry does not stay fresh."

<Staaklon?> "Hmmm." He considers it further. "Can you put... meat in these pastries?"

<Markuran> "You can."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I have heard stories of a pastry the size of a great palace, filled with a flock of roasted birds which are made to fly with elemental magic; at a feast the pastry is broken open and there is a great hunt."

  • Markuran chews on a bit of the purple-feathered meat thing. Putting the remains of the portion back quickly, Marku chokes the mouthful down hurridly, thumping himself on the chest several times.
  • Cerin turns to regard Birds mildly. Thankfully his magic protects him from suprise.
  • Staaklon seems visibly intrigued at the possibility.

<Staaklon?> "We shall have to discuss these pastries further at a later date."

  • Birds-of-Trinity nods. "How long have your people lived here, in this valley closed off from the rest of the world?"

<Staaklon?> "For quite some time. Many, many of our people perished in the Ancient War, and others in the chaos after the slaughter of the Solar Exalted. Those who survived from the cities in this region fled to this valley, which had once been a small outpost... we rebuilt our civilization here, such as we could."

  • Zahara briefly considers making a structure out of her meat before deciding that playing with her food is beneath her. This irks her as well.
  • Markuran coughs.

<Markuran> "What was that purple stuff?"

<Staaklon?> "The roasted Air Trout?"

<Markuran> "I suppose." The big man makes a slight grimace. His tongue rolls around in his mouth, trying to remove any fragments of the meat that linger. Noticing a goblet of drink, he quickly downs it.

<Staaklon?> "I hope you have each enjoyed this meal," he says, hopefully.

<Markuran> "The Musk Lizard was very good."

  • Cerin nods "Most assuredly."
  • Birds-of-Trinity smiles.

<Staaklon?> "Good, good."

<Staaklon?> "I should ask you what has inspired you to journey to our valley today."

<Zahara> "It was wonderful, fit for a king."

<Zahara> "We come to make good on Cerin's promise, both to visit you and your wonderful Aerie, and to escort those of you that wish to come, to Rathess to meet Ssithumi.

<Staaklon?> "Aaaah, yes. I do very much wish to visit Rathess, though I expect its current state shall break my heart...."

<Cerin> "It is a sorry state from the descriptions of it in its heyday that Ssithumi has told me of."

  • Zahara nods sadly, "It is true. I have not had enough time to devote to helping Ssithumi rebuild Rathess, and for that I apologize. There are many buildings that yet stand, but many, also, are destroyed, or harmed."
  • Staaklon nods sadly.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "On a positive note, while it is not whole, it is still there."

<Staaklon?> "Nonetheless, I greatly desire to journey there. You will escort me?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "which is more than we can say for many."

  • Cerin nods "When we return to the sunlands, we will take you on to Rathess first."

<Staaklon?> "I thank you. You may stay here as long as you wish, of course."

<Markuran> "I would be happy to take you today, but I think Cerin wants to see your library."

  • Zahara nods, "I particularly would like to see any information you might have on raising your young to consciousness." Zee adds.
  • Cerin nods "I would very much like to see your library."

<Staaklon?> "Ah, yes. It may perhaps be smaller than you would like, but nonetheless, we would be glad to have you make use of it. Let me show you." He stands to leave.

  • Markuran rubs at his stomach, feeling slightly queasy from the roast air trout. The sensation quickly dissipates, leaving behind only the typical hunger of one with an appetite like Marku's.
  • Cerin follows after him "Thank you very much. It is not the size I am interested in, but the age...so much has been lost over the years outside."

<Markuran> "Staaklon, do mammoths or such great beasts live near your home?"

  • Staaklon nods as the Solars follow him. He leads them into a more densely settled portion of the city, to an extremely tall and narrow building.

<Staaklon?> "Hmm? The mammoths stop several hundred miles south of here, I am afraid."

  • Staaklon looks up at the building, then to the Solars. "I am afraid there are no... stairs or other such conveniences within."

<Cerin> "That is not too much of an inconvinience."

  • Birds-of-Trinity gestures vaguely at Tanty.
  • Markuran looks disappointed. "Well..what sort of game beasts live around here? Any large or dangerous ones?"

<Zahara> "We will have little trouble ascending with you, Staaklon, though we lack wings."

  • Staaklon walks in through the open doorway, into the building -- which appears to consist entirely of four walls of shelves and perches, surrounding a long empty shaft. "The icewhale is a common sight in this region, as are the hrstal, the fanghunter, and the northern snow yeddim."

<Markuran> "Are there hunters among your folk that might take me with them? I have never hunted ice-creatures."

<Staaklon?> "Indeed, Markuran. We surely must replenish our stores once one such as you has dined with us."

  • Cerin looks up at all the books above him.

The shelves are lined with an odd assortment of items -- books of paper sit beside crystals, small potted plants, elaborate ceramics, and other, even stranger objects.

  • Zahara starts walking in an ascending circle, examining the titles of the books and objects for something promising. "Staaklon, do you have information useful to help bring your young to sentience?"
  • Staaklon grins. "Absolutely, Zahara. We have lost much in our decline, but that skill at least we retain. What do you wish to know? Our rituals? Our education procedures? Our physiology?"

<Zahara> "Yes." she says, smiling lightly. "I wish to help Ssithumi's people to rise again. Anything you can help me learn to that end would be greatly appreciated. I will, of course, help you and your kin as well if I can."

<Staaklon?> "That would be most appreciated, Zahara." He flies up, far into the library, and returns momentarily with three objects. "These should provide you with all the information you need."

<Cerin> "I was wondering. Do you have any more books detailing more members of the hundredfold?"

  • Zahara takes the objects with evident pleasure and seats herself on one of the perches to study.

<Markuran> "Birds and I would also be most interested in history of the world before Men and before the Exalted."

<Staaklon?> "There is not much, I am afraid; we wrote much on both subjects before the decline of our race, but much of our less... immediately useful lore has been lost. There is this, however" -- he pulls a loosely held-together tome from one shelf -- "something one of our kind has been working on, in an attempt to reconstruct some of our history. You may take it to peruse, if you wish; we have other copies."

  • Zahara devours the knowledge contained within the objects at least as eagerly as Markuran had devoured the food earlier, and with no stomach aching.

<Cerin> "Thank you, Staaklon." he takes the book carefully "Do you have any books on the period when the Solars had dominion over Creation?"

<Staaklon?> Staaklon pulls another book from another, higher shelf and hands it to Cerin.

<Staaklon?> "I hope this information can be of use to you."

  • Cerin nods his head "I thank you even if it isnt. It is sure to be of interest."

Three days later, the Solars have enjoyed a wonderful time in Vesathar -- Markuran has gone hunting for tundra game while Birds has taught the Pterok the art of the pastry and Cerin and Zahara have studied the library extensively. Now, they prepare to depart, bearing Staaklon and three companions on a trip to Rathess.

  • Birds-of-Trinity listens to Cerin and Zahara chatter excitedly, in some highly technical jargon she only barely understands.
  • Zahara takes a second to break off her chatter to take a bite of the pastry that Birds made with the meat Markuran procured, then goes back to describing the effects she's entirely sure will happen when she tries her new spell.
  • Staaklon arrives, with three other pterok in tow, dressed in elaborate ceremonial finery. His purple and white feathers shine brilliantly in the sun.
  • Birds-of-Trinity looks impressed. "I feel underdressed.
  • Cerin nods in agreement with her, then looks up as Staaklon arrives. His eyes show his appreciation of the dress "Most impressive"
  • Staaklon nods appreciatively.

<Staaklon?> "Are we ready to journey? We have prepared quite elaborately for this occasion."

  • Zahara smiles, "You look amazing, Staaklon," she says.
  • Staaklon does that lizard-blushing thing again.
  • Birds-of-Trinity does that concentrating until her outfit is more impressive thing again.
  • Zahara looks quite impressive as well, if quite distracted.
  • Markuran is followed by an over-laden snow yeddim bearing the various furs, bones and preserved meats that Markuran gathered on his hunting trip with the Petrok warriors. The barbarian himself is back in the shining white armor and well-trimmed furs that warm his bulk. Since the battle he has added a band of leather, studded with ivory and dangling a pair of turquoise feathers, to his wardrobe. The new ornament is wrapped tightly
  • Zahara eyes marku, wondering how the hell he thinks he's going to get all that on a wasp.
  • Birds-of-Trinity pokes Zee, "He's still gaining weight, too."

<Zahara> "Marku?" she looks him up and down, "I believe you're right. No more pastries for the barbarian!" she announces, grinning. "It'll be weeks before he gets to the portal if he takes all of that."

  • Markuran prods at his belly. "I am not gaining weight."
  • Cerin laughs softly "Perhaps we should return to the gate in a month then?"
  • Zahara reaches over and pinches his belly a little. "See, right there."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

  • Markuran flexes the muscles of his stomach to prevent Zahara from pinching any fat. "No, I don't."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Spend another month cavorting around with old books...get all dusty...sneeze..."

  • Markuran harumphs. "Any way, I am only bringing the fur and ivory. The wasp can carry it."

<Zahara> "You're so cruel to the poor demon."

<Cerin> "Perhaps he could put his ...things on my wasp." he says as he glances at tanty

  • Zahara smiles, catching his glance, "Yes, I think that would work well."

<Staaklon?> After the pack-animal situation is resolved, Staaklon and his companions take to the air, heading towards the nearest gate.

  • Cerin climbs onto tanty behind Zahara, wrapping his arms around her.
  • Markuran smiles happily after transfering his prizes to Cerin's wasp.
  • Zahara smiles happily, her prize wrapped around her.

Some time later, the Solars emerge from the familiar gate in Rathess, their Pterok companions in tow.

  • Staaklon looks with wonder and sadness at the city -- "I... had no idea...."

<Zahara> "There is much to rebuild, but we shall do it." she says softly. "In time."

  • Cerin nods "We will."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "It was too devastating to describe. I am sorry we could not prepare you better."

<Staaklon?> The Pterok seem transfixed, simply taking in the splendor and ruin.

  • Zahara gestures, "Over there is one of the buildings we have begun to fix."
  • Staaklon looks at the building, and a little hope seems to grow in his visage. "That is indeed comforting."

<Markuran> "We will even fix the giant hole the floating weapon left in Rathess."

<Zahara> "We really need to find that."

<Cerin> "I think I know where we might find Ssithumi at this time of day, if you will follow me?"

  • Staaklon nods.
  • Zahara links her arm with Cerin's and they lead the way
  • Cerin leads them through the ruins iwth Zahara to the building Ssithumi was working on last time he saw her.

<Staaklon?> Arriving at the building, Cerin sees Ssithumi standing upon a small outcropping, gazing at the building she has worked to rebuild. Her back is turned; she does not notice the Solars or their companions.

  • Markuran waves a massive arm and bellows a greeting in Old Realm. "Ssithumi! We brought friends from the North!"

<Cerin> "Ssithumi, I hope the day fin-..."

  • Ssithumi spins around to look at Markuran -- and nearly falls from her perch, when she sees the Pterok, decorated in traditional ceremonial vestments.

<Ssithumi> "...ho...how? Am I dreaming?"

  • Ssithumi is now known as Staaklon

<BirdsOfTrinity> "If you are then so are we!"

  • Zahara watches Ssith's reaction with a smile.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I realize this fails to answer your question!"

<Zahara> "We bring visitors, as well as knowledge."

<Staaklon?> "Ssithumi-an-Tohatep, I presume? I am Staaklon; I hail from the Vesathar Valley."

  • Ssithumi steps down to the ground, seeming shocked beyond words.

<Ssithumi> "...do... do you... do others of our kind still live?"

<Markuran> "They do! They make really good musk lizard too."

<Zahara> "and now they have learned the fine art of pastries." she adds gravely.

  • Cerin grins "I apologise for not giving you warning."

<Ssithumi> "...how di... how did you come to meet them?"

<Cerin> "We travelled to Heaven during the carnival of meeting. It was rather obvious to my sight that you were the same species, and so I approached."

<Staaklon?> "When I heard that you labored to rebuild Rathess, I felt compelled to come assist you."

<Ssithumi> "...I cannot tell you how much this means to me," she says, to both Staaklon and the Solars.

<Cerin> "It gladdens me to hear that." he says with a smile

  • Zahara looks smug.

<Staaklon?> "Come, we must discuss our plans for the reconstruction."

  • Ssithumi smiles. "Yes, I would like that."
  • Zahara looks the area over for a promising looking Stalker and takes the moment to herd him off back through the gate while Ssith and Staak are enthralled with eachother.

The stalkers fill the streets of Rathess; it is a simple matter for Zahara to locate one.

  • Markuran peers at Zahara "What are you doing with that lizardman?"
  • Zahara waves Markuran away, "We'll be back soon, don't worry. Don't tell them" she nods towards the others. She looks smugly gleeful.
  • Zahara shortly disappears through the portal back into the Sunlands, and locks the stalker in the handy cage, so he doesn't run away in the middle of the spell or something annoying like that.
  • Cerin nods "Its nothing bad Marku. We'll be back soon." he joins Zee in the sunlands, watching the caged stalker
  • Zahara performs the ritual, taking much longer than she would normally take, making sure that the motions she practiced so often in her mind coordinate with the proper words, feeding the essence through the spell with exaggerated care. It just wouldn't do to accidentally cook the poor thing.
  • Cerin watches the ritual fascinated, following the essence as it swirls around him

<Ssithumi> As the spell completes, Cerin sees the faint Essence within the being sputter and flare into being -- it shakes and roars, as the Essence within it springs into life. Long minutes later, it finally relaxes again -- then begins to stare at Zahara and Cerin with frightened eyes....

  • Zahara stares at the creature as she finishes her spell, tilting her head to one side. "Did it work?" she wonders aloud.

<Cerin> "It worked my love."

  • Zahara claps her hands, "Excellent!" she approaches the bars and speaks in High Realm, "Do you understand me?" she asks gently.

The Dragon-King looks at the two Solars for a minute, then extends one shaking claw, pointed towards Zahara.

  • Cerin experimentally warbles at it in the high holy speech
  • Zahara extends her hand, one finger out, to meet his. Like ET.

The Dragon-King speaks a few hesitant words in response to Cerin, and touches Zee's finger, gently.

<Zahara> "ooh he's so cute." then moves around and unlocks the cage.

  • Cerin said 'Hello. I'm cerin. that is zahara. you're safe'

The stalker -- once, perhaps -- steps out of the cage, gently, but makes no move to flee.

  • Cerin speaks once more in the HHS "We will take you home soon." he looks to Zahara "Shall we take him back?"
  • Zahara steps back, and watches it. "Does he have a name?" she asks Cerin, who seems to be able to communicate with it. "Tell him we're going to take him to see Ssithumi."

<Cerin> "Do you have a name? And do you know who Ssithumi is?"

<Dragon King?> "No... name."

<Cerin> "He has no name." Cerin translates

<Zahara> "Well I'm sure Ssithumi will be able to name him properly."

  • Markuran takes advantage of the absence of Cerin and Zahara to speak with Staaklon and Ssithumi, asking of the gateways and how best to activate them.
  • Cerin nods "Please, follow us. We will take you back to one of your own kind."
  • Dragon King? follows Cerin and Zahara back through the gate.
  • Birds-of-Trinity sort of ambles aimlessly around the three, contriving to make her footprints in the dust draw out a map of the 12 worlds.
  • Dragon King? is now known as Staaklon

<Staaklon?> "Ah, yes, it's fairly strai... say, where have Cerin and Zahara gone?"

  • Zahara walks up behind Ssithumi and taps her on the shoulder. "I have brought you another present." she announces.
  • Markuran shrugs. "They're back."
  • Cerin takes care to guide the three away from the footprint map. he does kick a stone to finish the 'ME' though
  • Staaklon is now known as Ssithumi
  • Ssithumi turns around, and looks at the stalker with curiosity.

<Ssithumi> "Where is this present, Zahara?"

  • Zahara nudges the stalker closer to Ssith, "I think he can tell you himself."
  • Ssithumi is now known as Dragon King?

<Cerin> "This is Ssithumi, young dragonking. She is eldest of your race still alive today." he murmurs in the D Ks? ear

<Dragon King?> "....ssithumi."

  • Ssithumi is, though she could not have guessed it, even more amazed than she was earlier in the day. "What have you done?"

<Zahara> "I studied in the library at Vesathar Valley until I could contrive a spell to enlighten this young stalker. You should give him a name, now." she says, beaming.

  • Ssithumi stares at the young dragon-king for several moments, in awe. Then, she states: "I name you Ahoram, the new dawn." She smiles. "Welcome."
  • Cerin smiles happily at her and then at Zahara. He squeezes Zahara's hand.

<Markuran> "Well done, Zahara."

  • Markuran looks curiously at the new Ahoram, clearly not entirly sure why this is so wonderful, but pleased none the less.
  • Zahara smiles broadly. "It was only possible with the help of Staaklon and his people."

<Ssithumi> "Thank you so much for this gift. When Rathess stands renewed, you shall be eternally remembered as those who made it come to pass."

  • Birds-of-Trinity nods. That's exactly right.
  • Cerin smiles and nods his head to acknowledge this. He then glances at the map.

<Markuran> "Since you were explaining the Gateways to me, could you explain this map for us?"

<Staaklon?> "Ah, ah... ah. I believe this is a map of the worlds."

  • Cerin nods "That I worked out, though I do not yet know all the places it points too."

<Staaklon?> "I could not tell you much of them, for I have been to few myself. Here" -- he indicates -- "is Creation, the land known to us as 'Meru'. And here are the major spiritual realms of Yu-Shan and Malfeas. This represents the Wyld energy which enfolds the worlds. The soul realms should be contained within this map as well. I will admit," he adds, a little sheepishly, "the other worlds I have less knowledge of."

<Zahara> "soul realms?"

<Staaklon?> "Er, yes. The realms in which the energies of life are embedded when they do not animate a vessel within Meru. Surely you know of these worlds?"

<Zahara> "The Underworld?"

<Staaklon?> "Yes, and its counterpart."

<Markuran> "Counterpart?"

  • Staaklon looks surprised. "Er, yes, of course. The Underworld encapsulates the degenerative aspect of life patterns. Its counterpart does the opposite."

<Zahara> "Hmmmm must go there."

  • Cerin nods "That would be interesting."
  • Staaklon looks over each of the Solars. "Ssithumi wishes to take us on a tour of the city, so that we may plan its reconstruction in detail. May I take my leave of you here? I thank you for the escort."

<Zahara> "Of course. We have much to think about."

<Cerin> "Of course." he nods to Zahara

<Markuran> "Will you want an escort back home? I could do with another hunt with Vasimi."

<Staaklon?> "We would be happy for the company, and I am certain Vasimi would be glad for the opportunity as well."

<Staaklon?> "Thank you for bringing me here. This will be a wondrous opportunity."

<Ssithumi> "Yes... thank you. For everything."

  • Markuran bows to the great lizards. "We will return in a few days then."
  • Ssithumi nods. Then, the Dragon-Kings run off into the city's depths.

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