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  • Cerin has finished his packing, and is now dressed in the clothing of a realm scribe. Gone is his crimson armour and his bracers. He still wears the small grey ring on his finger, and around his neck he has the pendant that Marku made for him, the gem gleaming with a strange light. He sets out to find Zahara, eventually finding her in the dancing room. The manse plans and the exaltation list are strewn on the floor around her.
  • Cerin walks over and knees on the cushion next to her "I'm leaving soon, I've come to say good bye."
  • Zahara looks up and frowns a little, embracing him, "So soon? I had hoped to have more time alone with you before you left."
  • Cerin wraps his arms around her "I don't want to leave so soon, but the sooner I leave the sooner I return..."
  • Zahara leans her head against his shoulder and sighs, "I know. I'm glad you're going - I think it will help. But I'll miss you."

<Cerin> "I'll miss you too. I'll be with you almost every night though." he runs his hands through her hair, worried also about leaving her alone.

  • Zahara nods and hugs him tightly, then pulls back a little, "I almost forgot, I made you a going-away present. But you can only have it if you promise to come back." she smiles

<Cerin> "I will come back to you, of course." Heavens help anyone who tries to stop him. He smiles

  • Zahara rises, and takes his hand, leading him to her room. Rich perfumes fill the air, and the artful incorporation of interlocked protection and privacy spells highlights the depth of the wood and stone. She leads him over to a table with a black laquer box on it. "I made this for you, after you told me you were going." she holds the box out towards him in her palms
  • Cerin takes it and looks into her eyes for some clue, before he very carefully opens the box, looking inside.

The box contains a simple gold band, with no ornamentation on first glance, however once he lifts it from the box, he can see that the inside of the band is engraved in three tiny interweaving bands of runes.

  • Cerin picks it up, carefully turning it in his hands, admiring the detail put into the runes and the complexity of the patterns they form "It's exquiste. Thank you. Thank you so much." He leans forward to kiss her.

Following the line of the first band, Cerin can read the words, "Cerin the Wolf, hunter of beasts, men, and gods." The second, "Zahara Zhan, the Dreambreaker, sorceress and artificer" the third, "Protection, Luck, and Love Enduring the Ages"

  • Zahara kisses back and whispers, "It will help keep you safe.. not that you need help."
  • Cerin smiles at her "Anything that will help me come home to you, I welcome, especially such a perfect gift from you." He slips it onto his wrist.

<Zahara> "You do have a *little* more time before you go, don't you?" she asks with a seductive smile, and a long kiss.

  • Cerin nods after the long kiss "I could certainly be persuaded to stay for a little longer.."
  • Zahara pulls him back to the four-poster bed, and they disappear beneath the velvet curtains.

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