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Markuran has been spending more and more of his time in the Cascade in the darker recesses of the mazework that forms the lower levels. Around his constant trips, the Labyrinth has formed itself, leaving a solid path to the solitary room that Marku prefers to rest in. He's been scavenging from the upper forges and barracks, hauling tools and furniture down here. The barbarian's new lair is..homey. In a way.

  • Cerin has been working hard, partly to distract himself from Zahara's absence, but also to try and crack this problem he has been considering...he sets off to find Marku, following th trail as it winds through the manse
  • Markuran has closed himself in the room, hammering away at something within judging by the sounds emerging from the heavy door.
  • Cerin knocks on the door, then when there is no answer, he pushes it open to step within
  • Markuran looks up, hammer still raised in one massive fist. "Hello Cerin. What brings you to my door?" the barbarian is covered in sweat, his tunic soaked through and his hair pasted into matted locks. A large trunk sits by his feet, locked with heavy iron and jade bands and a chain as thick as Marku's wrist. Thin plates of dark metal, freshly hammered, sit on the anvil before him.
  • Cerin studies the metal on the anvil briefly "What do you make of Soulsteel, Marku?"
  • Markuran eyes the dark metal for a moment. "A reminder, that's all."
  • Cerin nods "If you have the time, I have a more ..hopeful project I need your help on."

<Markuran> "What sort of project? Sit, if this will take time." the man waves at a variety of seatful objects in the large room

  • Cerin hops onto a small chest. "You are aware of the dragon lines that crisscross the world?, yes"

<Markuran> "Of course"

<Cerin> "And of course, being in a manse, we are on the confluence of such lines..."

<Markuran> "I helped build this Manse, Cerin. What is it you wish to build?"

<Cerin> "I have a rather bizzare theory. The lines themselves are something like rivers, and I believe small parts of any essence 'spent' in the lines, will ultimately flow along them. The idea I have, is for webs to catch this essence. "

<Markuran> "And do what with it?"

<Cerin> "Just to study it. It will be useful for my study o how essence behaves, and would also give us an idea of just who...and what is using essence for many many miles along the stream."

  • Markuran bows his head, considering. Drops of sweat fall from his forehead and hair. When they touch the dark metal, they shimmer for a moment and then vanish, sucked into the metal itself. "I see. It will take time..and much material. Jade..green jade would be best. Or black..but we have little Green. If you take me into the Eastern Forests, I can likely find some."
  • Markuran looks up at Cerin, waiting for a reply.
  • Cerin considers "Green jade would probably be best, though I also considered blue for a time. We will need some blue to avoid catching too much of the essence that feeds the manse."

<Markuran> "Black will suit for that. And it we can gather from the islands in the lake."

  • Cerin nods

<Cerin> "It will. I suppose we have just to get the green jade then."

<Markuran> "The wild lands in the forests to the east will harbor enough, I think. Past Chayan lands, if a gateway lays there."

  • Cerin considers the co-ordinate system, and the location of Chaya "There is one to the east of there, yes. On the Maruto River, I think."

<Markuran> "That will do. You should probably remain here to deal with anything that arises. But I can see to gathering the Jade for a few days."

<Cerin> "IF you wish to work more on your ...reminder, I am sure I can gather the jade you will need."

  • Markuran shrugs. "I can finish it later. It still needs much work and I am in no hurry."
  • Cerin nods "As you like."

<Markuran> "How many of these nets do you wish?"

<Cerin> "Just one for now, to test that my theory works, though if it does, I believe 3 will cover the 3 principle flows to the manse."

  • Markuran nods. "It will be burried..it would be best to have a bleed-off for the gathered power. Else it might become dangerous."
  • Cerin nods "I made provision for such in the preliminary sketches I made. I am not sure that they can be buried though, they need to hang in the dragon lines, I am not sure that they will work with the interference of earth."

<Markuran> "That makes them vulnerable to attack or accident."

<Cerin> "This is true, but if they cannot function, any invulnerabilty to attack is rather moot."

<Markuran> "Show me the sketches?"

  • Cerin draws a series of sketches from a pocket in his robes. he spreads them on a convinient flat and not burning surface. The sketches depict quite airy looking structures, woven with a complex web of jade, tethered to the ground with stings cables woven of metal. They apparently float on the lines themselves. Several golden lines conduct any essence trapped down to earth, where small geomantically arranged clusters of gemstones will hold it.
  • Markuran shuffles through them, nodding.."I see. I think these would be possible. But they'd fall apart if any stray thief or wyld one or even a stray yeddim stumbled through them.

<Cerin> "The nature of the thing I wish to study precludes more sturdy creation, unless you wish to build large towers in the jungle."

<Markuran> "We'll see what can be done. Would you like to go now, to the East?"

  • Cerin is now known as Kraken|Not Here?
  • Kraken|Not Here? is now known as Kraken
  • Kraken is now known as Cerin
  • Cerin nods "I'm ready to leave now."
  • Markuran nods. "I'll meet you at the gateway in an hour, then."
  • Cerin nods and retreats from Marku's domain

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