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  • Vasimi , your hunting companion, is a lot lither than Staaklon, and beneath the skin, obvious muscle flexes. His wings span some 22ft when fully extended covered in a thick blue leather. The fine feathers covering his body are irridescant blue and shimmering white. He has a harness dotted :with strange crystalline devices.

<Kraken> "Ah! You must be Markuran! None of the others here remotely match the description Staaklon gave to me. I am Vasimi."

<Markuran> "I am honored to hunt with you, Vasimi. I'm Markuran the Bear. What sort of beasts do we slay this day? I have never hunted in the North." Smiling broadly, Marku flexes his shoulders, loosening the muscles tight from hunching in the library.

  • Vasimi bobs his head "I thought we might hunt the Hrstal. A pack migrates past at this time of year."

<Markuran> "What are hrstal?" the big barbarian examines the Dragon-King's body, noting the wirey muscles and wondering at the effectiveness of this creature in battle...true it can fly, but how strong can it really be?

  • Vasimi makes a clicking noise "They are somewhat similar to spiders, though one can feed many a petrok." more clicking "Their fur is typically white but spiney and they have eyes of emerald. They are tough prey, hmmm? Though probably no match for your power."
  • Markuran shrugs. "They will be interesting to hunt and good exercise at least. How far to the herd?"
  • Vasimi bobs his head again "Probably some 4 hours on the wing...though..you cannot fly." he makes the clicking noise again.

<Markuran> "I will use one of the wasps we came on. They can fly as quickly as you, being demons."

  • Vasimi bobs his head enthusiastically "Shall we set off then?"

<Markuran> "I will join you in the air." Marku gathers the wasp he rode on and prods it up into the sky

  • Vasimi takes wing in a few powerful sweeps, circling as he waits for you to gain altitude.
  • Markuran quickly ascends on the wasp's back, joining the Dragon-King. "To the hunt, then!"
  • Vasimi clicks encouragingly and starts to wing off toward the south "So, what have you hunted before, Markuran the bear?"

<Markuran> "Many things in my home. The great bear, razorboars, the mighty giraffe lizard. Lesser beasts. But twice I have hunted the Tyrant Lizard and brought it low. Even beasts of the Wyld with claws of metal and horns as broad as your wings."

  • Vasimi clicks in appreciation "An impressive list of kills you have."

<Markuran> "You have hunted impressive beasts of your own, I'm sure. What other animals beside these Hrstal do you have in the North?"

  • Vasimi twists his neck then unwinds it "Icewhales, fanghunters, snowsquid, ice dragon on ocasion."

<Markuran> "Ice dragons?"

  • Vasimi clicks once more "They are similar to your tyrant lizards I think."

<Markuran> "Is there a chance we will meet one?"

  • Markuran grins eagerly, anticipating a true battle
  • Vasimi "A small chance...they dont normally range this far north so early."
  • Markuran mutters unhappily. "Then these hrstal will do."
  • Vasimi chuckles in his strange clicking manner.
  • Vasimi starts to scan the ground ahead of the pair

<Vasimi "Ah! there is the pack! It looks healthy this year."

  • Markuran looks toward the indicated animals, curious to see their prey

The Hstral are much as Vasimi described them earlier, giant spiders covered in short white fur, emerald eyes gleaming in the afternoon sun. At the head of the pack there is a truely magnificant beast, its eyes possesed of a glow of their own, as it almost struts at :the head of the pack. Below the fur a gleaming carapace is visible.

<Markuran> "Will the rest flee if the leader is killed? Or if any are killed?"

  • Vasimi "They will be unsettled. hmmm. They may well flee. But since we only need to hunt one or two, this is not a problem, hmmm?"

<Markuran> "Indeed. I will claim the leader myself, he looks the most likely for a good fight."

  • Vasimi* clicks and nods "As you wish."

Below you, the herd starts to panic alittle, the strnage roaring hiss of the leader calming them.

  • Markuran glows brilliantly, flashing progressivly brighter in a cascade of radiance that nearly matches the blinding northern Sun. Then, for a few moments, a great bronze bear appears around Markuran. As the bear's mouth opens to roar a challenge, a deep bellow emerges from Markuran as he dives his Wasp. Twenty feet above the leader, the Wasp is left behind and Marku falls toward it alone, slamming into it with the force of a comet
  • Hrstal`Leader screechs in rage and rearing up on its legs then batting down on marku with great force, sending the solar flying back
  • Markuran whips the Armsbreaker free and slices at the great spider's legs, knocking them away from him. One hits and whuffs a great misty plume of air from the barbarian's chest.
  • Hrstal hisses, steam escaping from its mouth, kicking Marku with strong legs, knocking him up, then kicks once more just before he lands, sending him flying into a snowdrift
  • Markuran spits a wad of snow from his mouth, blinking as it freezes once it leaves his lips. Jumping down from the top of the snow drift, Marku lands on his back and slides his way toward the beast, face bright with enjoyment. He howls a warcry as he plows into the beast in a spray of white
  • Markuran lets out a deep laugh, getting blood in his mouth, as his fist hammers into the hrstal's flank. The great spidery beast is thrown back by the force of the Solar's repeated attacks, each one further devestating the poor beast, hurling it backwards through its herd. The leader's broken body finally smashes to the ground, crushing several other hrstal in its path. Wet to the shoulder with blood, Marku stands on the red snow
  • Vasimi is looking at you with something of a mixture between awe and suprise. He makes a loud clicking noise
  • Markuran waves cheerily at the Dragon-King. "Did you get one of your own?"
  • Vasimi clicks and shakes his head "There was no need." he gestures to the corpses Marku left with his fury "These will feed us for some time. That was quite the most impressive Hrstal I have seen for a long time."

<Markuran> "He was indeed a powerful beast. Are there perhaps better foes in the snows?"

  • Vasimi considers "There are some, yes. Though they are few and far between."

<Markuran> "What manner of creatures?"

  • Vasimi twists his neck "Those I told you of earlier are all that we hunt. Stranger things we see, twisted by the wyld, though they are not something that is seen regularly"
  • Markuran nods sagely. "Ah. Do they bother your people?"
  • Vasimi clicks and shakes his head "Not often. The area around the valley is quite stable, and the valley itself is well defended."
  • Markuran nods. "Well, I won't trouble the beasts then. I think that my days of hunting the animals of Creation may be over. I hunted to prove my skill and to challenge myself..now, they offer little of either. I hunted to feed my people, but now I have too many people to care for to hunt for their tables. I thank you for bringing me on this hunt, Vasimi."
  • Markuran has a thoughful expression on his face as he wipes the blood away with snow
  • Vasimi clicks and bows "I thank you for your demonstration of power. It was most enlightening."

<Markuran> "I'm not sure we can return these easily to your valley. The wasp certainly can not carry so much." waves idly at his kills.

  • Vasimi clicks "I can carry one of the smaller kills myself. If we return swiftly enough, the scavengers will not have reached them." he preens a little.
  • Markuran nods. "I will take the leader for myself, but of course your people need the rest. I think the Wasp can carry one as well. It won't take long to get them all."
  • Vasimi clicks and twists his neck, hopping over to the corpses with a beat of his wings, sinking his claws in.
  • Markuran hauls the second largest corpse onto his back and mounts the wasp, which sags slightly. Smiling broadly, the bloody barbarian waves for Vasimi to lead the way

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