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  • Zahara begins her nightly rituals before sleep, watching Cerin out of the corner of her eye as she brushes her hair out of its intricate braid, smoothing it into a wavy waterfall of gold.
  • Cerin is obviously still worried about something as he strips out of his armour, setting it carefully down. On his finger Zahara notices a new ring, one made of a dull grey metal. As he undresses out of the clothing he wears below the armour, he sits down on the bed.
  • Zahara walks over, settling herself behind him. She begins to massage his tense shoulders, feeling him relax slightly beneath her ministrations before she asks, "What are you thinking about?"
  • Cerin relaxes slightly as she massages him "...what I found in heaven."

<Zahara> "Other than me?" she teases lightly.

<Cerin> "On my most recent trip there." He tries to smile at the teasing, but he seems a little too distracted by his own thoughs.

  • Zahara kneads the knots from his shoulders slowly, "Tell me." she suggests

<Cerin> "...I don't know what to say." he confesses "That is why I merely left the flower and the drawing and the kiss."

<Zahara> "I saw.. they were lovely. But perhaps you should simply start with you following Herons' trail."

<Cerin> "The flower was part of a bunch, and there are more drawings in the series but..." he stops distracting himself and starts to tell Zahara about what happened, explaining up to the meeting withing herons, completely missing out the mention of the incident (rather guiltily) and going on to talk about the trip to Bi`Alleh and the resting place of ymir.

He doesnt mention the note from Ymir either.

  • Zahara nods and makes affirmative noises in the appropriate places, noting the point where his words seem to shift to disguise the truth. "But that is not what is bothering you, is it?"
  • Cerin lets out a soft sigh and shakes his head. "Herons said something to me...it was why I left the things with him. And it concerns Ymir ...and Talmuda."
  • Zahara frowns slightly, but her hands still move soothingly, rhythmically across his muscles, easing the tension even as it enters them. "What did he say that would concern our prior selves?"

<Cerin> "It simply confirmed a suspicion I had since we visited my tomb and one of the visions hit me."

  • Zahara pauses for a moment, then continues. "Is it something you can share with me?"

<Cerin> "...I don't know." he takes another breath. then swallows before deciding on something to say to provide a little more time "We were lovers in the life before, too."

  • Zahara nods, "It seems we are destined to be together." she waits patiently, her very silence encouraging him to speak

<Cerin> "Ymir was a beautiful blonde haired woman, her locks almost white. She had pale purple eyes, and a very slight frame..." As he says this, Zahara's thoughts must surely flash back to the final vision she saw as she donned the necklace in her tomb. The events mirrored in the mosaic labelled 'Talmuda Betrayed'.

<Zahara> "We shall have to make sure we do not.. quarrel."

  • Cerin nods "I do... not know why I killed you ...him, only that after you died, I went to farthest reaches that the gates would take me before sealing myself behind a barrier of impentrable essence and then letting myself die. There was no weapon in that cave. I dont think it was a ...simple quarrel."

<Zahara> "I do not blame you, Cerin, for what Ymir did. I only wish I knew the reason it happened."

<Cerin> "That is what I wish to know, too." he sighs "I am afraid it will happen again..."

<Zahara> "If you feel inclined to kill me again, please give me warning."

<Zahara> "I know I am not.. the easiest person to live with, nor to love."

<Cerin> "I knew that when I swore to love you Zahara."

  • Zahara frowns, "I know." she says quietly.

<Zahara> "I can only imagine what I must have done to deserve death by your hands. But surely, I did deserve it." she seems a bit melancholy, the talk with Marku earlier having stirred uneasy thoughts.

<Cerin> "...If the death was deserved, I would not have fled fearing execution I do not think."

<Cerin> "That is what I was afraid of."

  • Zahara sighs, "Well, this is a new life. Let's make the best of it."
  • Cerin nods and turns on her bed, kneeling between her legs looking her in the face "Yes. We should do that."
  • Zahara smiles and kisses him, "As I told Marku before, we are not the people we were, and we can make new destinies."
  • Cerin nods and smiles "We can, and we will." he kisses her back.

(:tags Chrysanthemum, Herons, Ymir, Talmuda:)

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