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  • Markuran emerges from his new quarters deep in the Labyrinthine Cascade, Markuran makes his way toward Cerin's quarters, searching for the hunter. He'd seen Cerin return, but then he and Zahara had run off to entertain themselves and Marku hadn't wanted to intrude.
  • Cerin is sitting at his desk within the heavily warded study that is part of his rooms, studying the small leatherbound book he found in his tomb, comparing it to a considerably more tattered looking book, and occasionally making notes.
  • Markuran knocks loudly on the warded door of Cerin's suite, giving a single wall-ratting bellow of "CERIN! YOU IN THERE?"
  • Cerin sighs softly and calls out "Yes." He carefully returns the books and notes to thier hidey hole in his cache egg, then lets Marku in.

<Markuran> "Do you have time to speak with me?"

  • Cerin considers just briefly then nods "please, have a seat..." he gestures to one of the larger chairs in the room
  • Markuran nods his thanks and settles into the chair, which creaks slightly under his weight. "Since we returned from the valley of the Petrok, I have been thinking. I fought their great beasts and won without effort. The Tyrant lizard that terrifies mortals to stampedes barely flexes my muscles, even the mighty griaffe lizard is weaker then I and raises no sweat on my brow. You hunt other things. And I think I have to start as well."

<Cerin> "there are few things I do not hunt, but as you have realised, the hunt should provide some challenge..should entail some risk. That is why I took to hunting Gods, Demons and Exalts."

<Markuran> "I hunted to protect my village from threats, to give them food and to test myself. If I simply hunt to kill and gain nothing but the burn of my muscles and scars to brag of, I will find no joy. How do you know which creatures to hunt? You can't always wait for them to attack."

<Cerin> "Of course you can. If it cannot threaten you when you simply let it attack, how can it threaten you when you retaliate?"

<Markuran> "Do you always wait to be attacked before hunting?"

<Markuran> "You have gone after other beasts. The wyld yeddim and those ghosts in the South you were just doing something with.

<Cerin> "There is a difference between hunting for pleasure and hunting the things that need to be hunted. There are few beings in the world I could hunt for pleasure now."

<Markuran> "I would not hunt Gods or Demons or Exalted for the simple joy of the hunt. But there are no animals that stand against us. What remains? Are those with skill or strength as ours forbidden the joy of the hunt?"

  • Cerin ignores the comment about gods "If you wish to hunt with all your magic and charms, of course you will find little joy. Have you considered limiting yourself? Leave the arms breaker and the bear armour at home, hunt with simple spears, and refrain from unleashing your most powerful combat essences."

<Markuran> "I had not considered hunting as I did before. I faired well enough with simple muscle and sinew. Maybe hunting once more with those alone will suit. And when I feel the need to test my true limits, there are always the dark creatures that plague us. You have yet to tell me what you found in the south, I am reminded."

  • Cerin sighs "It was not good. I travelled to the desert to capture one of the ghouls that Relovia mentioned in her letter. That was not too challenging. However, today we were investiagting it. They are remarkably resistant to unmaking."

<Cerin> "Soulsteel nor ghost-eating would not cut the essence that binds them. The essence-cycling arrows reacted violently though the essence repaired. Sunbolts simply burnt the flesh. Emerald, nor Sapphire nor Adamant countermagic unwove the essence threads either."

  • Zahara knocks on the door
  • Cerin looks to Marku then stands and walks over, opening it kissing Zahara before holding the door for her to come in."
  • Zahara smiles and kisses back, "I had the strangest dream," she comments, moving past him and heading toward the bed before seeing Marku and correcting her course to veer towards the table. "Oh, hello Marku. Are you boys up to something?"

<Cerin> "Iwas talking to Marku about the ghoul. And its ...resistance to unmaking. What was your dream on?"

<Markuran> "And have you asked the Abyssal about this indestrucable abomination?"

  • Zahara frowns "The ghoul has been troubling me since we discovered that.. maybe that's why I dreamed so strangely. I was on a beach, but the trees beyond were purple.. there was this rock in the middle, and it had a beautiful sandcastle on it."
  • Cerin looks at her curiously but gestures for her to go on

<Zahara> "It seemed to be set in the wyld, or the edges of it. There were crystal squirrels who ran out of the forest, and this strange woman was suddenly by the castle, then she.." she pauses to think for a bit, "Yes, she walked on the water, and crushed it with her foot." she frowns, "But then when she did, the sun broke into pieces.. five, I think. And fell into the ocean. And I heard laughter. and.. insects? I think, yes."

  • Zahara looks thoughtful for a moment. "It was strange. Clearer than most dreams."

<Markuran> "Were you eating Birds's Bright Morning Pastries again?"

  • Cerin frowns. "That is a most disturbing dream."
  • Zahara chuckles, "No, no pastries. I had chicken, actually."

<Zahara> "Or maybe it was lizard... it TASTED like chicken, regardless."

<Markuran> "That was spider. Or hstral.."

<Markuran> "A big hairy insect spider."

  • Zahara taps her fingers distractedly, then focuses again, "The Abyssal, yes. We should speak to him."

<Zahara> "I did not realize you could eat spider... hmm. Who knew spider tastes like chicken?"

<Markuran> "It was a really big spider. Twice my height."

  • Markuran gestures largely.

<Zahara> "Am I to understand that you defeated it in glorious battle?"

<Markuran> "I smashed it flat and half its herd at the same time. I felt vaguely disappointed."

<Markuran> "I was talking with Cerin about that before you came in. That and the ghoul."

<Zahara> "Well, I believe it's your turn to attempt smashing the ghoul."

  • Cerin laughs softly "Yes, I suppose it is his turn."

<Zahara> "Perhaps if you shatter it into fine powder it will die properly."

<Cerin> "Though I think we should speak to the abyssal first.."

<Markuran> "Most things tend to die when that happens."

<Zahara> "Most things also tend to die when various other methods are tried, yet it did not."

<Markuran> "Maybe they didn't anticipate simple smashing. But the Abyssal first, as I suggested."

  • Zahara rises and leads the way down to the dungeons.
  • Markuran follows, ducking slightly under Cerin's doorway
  • Cerin follows them down to the dungeon
  • Zahara picks up the leg from the cell where its crawled itself into a corner, having made a decent attempt at clawing through the wall, and then closes the cell again, palming open the one across the way, revealing the Abyssal and the Fire Aspect.

<Markuran> "Cerin, where are the Terrestrials we captured? The spies?"

<Zahara> "Good morning, Ivory...oh, what was your name again?"

A putrid stench wafts powerfully across the palates of the Solars as the door opens. The Dragon-Blood sits in one corner, his head buried in his arms. Upon the wall hangs the Abyssal, his form rotted and putrefied by time as he has hung there. His nearly skeletal head moves slowly and creakily to gaze at the Solars.

  • Markuran restrains his instinct to vomit across the floor, reminding himself it would make the place smell worse.

<Markuran> "The inside of the wyld-monster smelled better..."

<Zahara> "I suppose I should let him out once in a while." she muses.

<Cerin> "They are in the other group of cells, awaiting your talking to them."

  • Zahara prods the Fire Aspect to make sure it's alive still

<Markuran> "Remind me to go see them soon."

<Markuran> "You do remember to feed them, don't you Zahara? And remove their waste?"

<Zahara> "The waste should be channeled away automatically," she notes.

  • Zahara inspects the corner curiously. "Ah. Yes, well I'll have to get a servant in here to clear that."

<Markuran> "A servant without a nose.."

<Zahara> "That can be arranged."

<Markuran> "Have a demon do it.."

<Zahara> "An excellent idea. Now... something tells me I won't have to take many precautions with my friend, here," she says, releasing him from the wall with a jangling whump.

  • Cerin nods. "A demon would be favourite."
  • Zahara watches with a glimmer of hope in her eyes to see if he tries to kill her

The creature stands weakly but makes no other movement.

  • Markuran thinks that he could piss on a rotting yeddim and it would smell better then the Abyssal..
  • Zahara frowns slightly, then points toward the door. "Out there, please."

<alsoquin> With eyesockets empty but for the slightest remains of rotted flesh, the Abyssal gives Zahara an evil look. With the slowest, raspiest voice she has ever heard, he intones... "whyyyyy?"

<Zahara> "I'll give you a glass of water?"

<Markuran> "If you help us, I'll kill you."

  • Zahara gives Marku a dirty look.
  • Markuran ignores Zahara.

<Zahara> "To reincarnate as an avenging angel, no doubt."

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "Deattttttth isss nothhhhing to me."

  • Ivory Orchid Ghost? slowly begins to trudge out of the room.
  • Zahara waits til the creature is out of the room, before tapping Marku on the shoulder, "He is MY prisoner, and I've had quite enough of you killing those I do not wish to die."

<Markuran> "You would rather rot alive then help us? Eternal imprisonment then a chance at redemption? Has the darkness corrupted your soul so fully? Does not even the faintest husk of the man you once must have been stir in your empty chest? If it does not, I will not kill you, for nothing remains to feel for. Instead, every day until *I* day, I will come here and watch you rot. I will break your bones and rend your flesh until you scream

<Markuran> for death with all your black soul, since you have nothing to offer the world."

<Cerin> "Zahara, he isnt of much use to us as he is, and I would get to watch him die."

<Zahara> "But he's MINE" she says, petulantly.

<Cerin> "There will be others, I am sure."

<Zahara> "Then find me a new one first."

  • Cerin sighs softly and he looks slight annoyed "Have you even looked at him in the last month?"

<Zahara> "Of course I have, when I fed the Dynast."

  • Ivory Orchid Ghost? stands in the hallway, not particularly moving. "I hhhhhave looked deatttttth in the fffffface, basssstard."

<Zahara> "They die if you don't feed them," she comments idly, "But Deathknights don't."

<Cerin> "As I can see."

  • Markuran nods slightly. With a quick, deft movement, the big Solar's hands wrap around the Deathknight's arm. One hand grips the shoulder, the other grips the elbow. Markuran's biceps flex and his shoulders shift and with a horrific SNAPCRUNCH, the Abyssal has a shattered mess of flesh where his arm once was. The shoulder dislocated, then broken. The eblow snapped and the two jammed together, shattering the bone between.
  • Zahara hurries out as the sound of shattering flesh fills the air, "Marku, damnit!"
  • Ivory Orchid Ghost? hisses in pain.
  • Zahara sends the sesseljae out into the deathknight, where they knit the flesh of his shoulder closed, and then work on removing some of the terribly smelling rot
  • Markuran snarls into the Abyssal's ear "Every. Day."

<Cerin> "What you done Marku?" as he follows Zee out.

  • Ivory Orchid Ghost? drops to the ground, his rotten hand reaching up to gingerly feel the broken remnants of his other arm.

<Markuran> "You may want to leave one of those bugs nearby, Zahara."

  • Zahara picks up the arm and tosses it down the sewer-area in disgust. "You broke him."

<Markuran> "His arm was attached when I was done. You took it off."

<Markuran> "He still has three good limbs and a torso."

<Zahara> "Only barely."

  • Zahara looks him up and down, frowning. Even armless he looks significantly better than he did before the sesseljae got to him.

<Zahara> "I suppose I could reattach it."

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<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "....whhhat do you want?"

  • Markuran pushes Zahara from his mind, curling his fingers around the emaciated neck of the Abyssal. Easily lifting the wight into the air, Markuran glares at the creature with dark fury in his brown eyes, the muscles of his arm twitching as his fingers tense and relax, trying to avoid strangling the monster. "You will tell us of the ghoul-magic that breaks cities and the undead that can not die. And of the plans of your masters."
  • Cerin draws a sigil on paper with a crimson brush.
  • Zahara retrieves the arm from where it'd fallen with two fingers and drops it into the center of the room instead. She'd managed to find a piece that wasn't too terribly dirty to pick up.

<Zahara> "And you say I'm cruel? I was just going to give him a glass of water and ask nicely." she says, coming up behind Markuran.

<Markuran> "You are cruel. He, however, deserves it."

  • Zahara restrains herself from fighting with him, and instead turns to look at the abyssal, "We await your answer with bated breath."
  • Zahara pours a glass of water and offers it to his good hand.
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  • Ivory Orchid Ghost? laughs raspily. "My missssstresssss plansss nothhhhhing more than chhhhildishhhh amusssementssss. Shhhhhhe hhhhas no suchhhh undead."

As he reaches for the glass of water, his empty sockets wander over to the symbol that Cerin is drawing -- the glass slips from his fingers just as he takes it, and shatters on the ground.

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "DO NOT DRAW THOSSSE SSSSSIGILSSSSS!" he rasps very forcefully.

  • Zahara frowns at the mess.
  • Cerin stops "Explain, then."
  • Zahara pours another helpful glass of water and offers it to him again.
  • Ivory Orchid Ghost? shakily takes the glass and drinks the water, quickly.

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "Thhhose are the ssssigilsss of the Shhhadowed Unlife Equation."

<Zahara> "A powerful spell. Who could control such a thing?" she offers another glass.

  • Cerin 's eyes sparkle alittle "Ah. What is this equation?"
  • Birds-of-Trinity ambles out of one of the cells. She is about to make some wacky comment when she takes note of the commotion, and decides to investigate.

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "You know of the Malfeans, whom my kind serve...."

  • Cerin nods "I know certain details, yes."
  • Zahara nods encouragingly, waving absently to Birds
  • Markuran nods slightly to Birds, while he shakes the Abyssal harshly. "To the point."

<Zahara> "Stop, Markuran, let him talk."

<Cerin> "Marku. Do not rush him."

  • Zahara gestures to the table upon which many lives have turned to dust, "Put him down, please."

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "The Equation was once Phemolis, The Words of the Errant Man."

  • Birds-of-Trinity pokes the Abyssal's dangling arm.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Does this hurt very much?"

  • Cerin nods, his face thoughtful. "Birds, leave him alone, please. And these sigils are the equation?"
  • Birds-of-Trinity nods and watches attentively.

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "YES! Do not summon her up in this place!"

  • Ivory Orchid Ghost? controls himself after a second and turns to Birds. "That hurts a great deal."

<Zahara> "Hmmm I wonder if I could summon her in more controlled circumstances," she muses, rubbing her chin.

<Cerin> "...Zahara."

<Zahara> "Does she walk on water?"

  • Markuran tightens his grip on the Deathknight's throat. "I will hurt you more.."

<Zahara> "And does she have an association with insects?"

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "She does not walk. She is a pattern, an idea, a concept.... she has only what form we bring into the world."

<Cerin> "Do you know of a way to unbind the sigils when they are wrapped around a body?"

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "No, I do not. We lost a great army to the Equation -- the Lion turned it against us, a year ago..."

<Markuran> "Who knows more of this?"

<Zahara> "The Lion... tell us more about the Lion."

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "The First and Forsaken Lion is he of the Deathlords who most closely communes with our dark lords. When the others turn to their own petty schemes, he sweeps down to enforce the will of the Malfeans. He, of all of them, has been unswerving in his devotion to eliminating the living world...."

<Zahara> "He seems to be doing well, in the South."

<Zahara> "What stopped him before?"

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "He did not bring her power to bear on the living world before this time."

<Zahara> "What about the ghouls?" she holds up a leg.

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "They are a manifestation of her form in this world. As long as her Essence holds them together, they cannot be unmade."

<Zahara> "So I would need to banish her, then."

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "Yes. But I do not know how to accomplish it. We were helpless when the Equation was trained on our forces."

<Markuran> "Who knows more then you about it?"

  • Zahara ponders, looking at the leg. "She is of the Third Circle?"
  • Ivory Orchid Ghost? would probably have blinked, if he had eyelids.

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "You do NOT understand....."

<Cerin> "He said she was a Malfaen. Not a demon of any stripe."

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "A Malfean's Essence, turned loose upon Creation."

<Zahara> "How was that allowed?"

<Markuran> "Allowed? Who has to 'allow' it?"

<Zahara> "The Gods"

<Cerin> "The malfeans are dead, as I understand it, they are not bound in the prison in the sky." he looks to the abyssal for confirmation.

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "The Gods have signed no treaties with the dead. They have emissaries who work to prevent such things, but thus far they do not appear to have stopped it."

  • Cerin nods "That I knew."
  • Zahara cracks her knuckles, one by one. "We shall have to kill her again, then."

<Zahara> "Or the part that escaped, at least."

<Markuran> "I don't think what is dead can die again."

<Zahara> "Ghosts can be sent to Oblivion"

<Zahara> "Besides, what is the alternative?"

<Cerin> "What else can you tell us of the Equation?" turning back to the Abyssal

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "It is powerful and destructive. Writing out its full name binds a thing to it, as you have seen. And...."

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "It was bound away somehow, once."

<Markuran> "Would the servants of this Lion know more?"

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> "Perhaps. I do not know what he tells his servants."

<Zahara> "We must interrupt it from being fully written if it is ever brought near to us. If we cripple or drive away enough so that they are unable to form the full circle, we can delay them, at least.

  • Cerin nods.

<Zahara> "Do you know where his servants roam?"

<Markuran> "Is that all we need from him?"

<Zahara> "I believe I have a way to protect our Realm, at least for a while." she says, although the doubt hangs in her head that these creatures may be able to see through it. "For the moment, I believe."

  • Zahara said the last in reference to Marku's question.
  • Markuran nods and sets the Abyssal back down in his cell. "You can roam around as you wish. You and the Blooded both." With off-handed precision, Marku's fist lashes out, moving the Deathknight's belly back to his spine. The water he so recently drank spews from him in a great burst, tainted by bile and acid. As the man falls to the floor, Marku nods in true satisfaction.
  • Zahara rolls her eyes, "You're not very good at encouraging people to help you, are you?"

<Markuran> "I can force his help if I wish it."

<Zahara> "As can I, however" she palms the door closed, "He is more likely to divulge extra information if asked nicely, at least the first time. There is a progression, you see. If you start out with the worst, he has nothing to look forward to."

<Markuran> "I have not done anything truly mean to him. Your beetles heal him."

<Zahara> "If you wish a durable prisoner to abuse for the fun of it, that can be arranged. But do not do so to mine."

<Markuran> "The treatment of one abomination is not important. We should go to the south."

<Cerin> "And just let the Realm hit us here whie we are away?"

<Markuran> "The realm will not attack for months."

  • Zahara makes a note to herself to change the locks on the prison.

<Cerin> "It is less time than months. Why would they have advance scouts if not for imminenent invasion"

  • Zahara glares at Marku for a good long time, in silence.

<Markuran> "Then we should let the South perish?"

<Zahara> "Why don't YOU go, Markuran."

<Zahara> "I'm sure you will do fine."

<Cerin> "At the expense of your people?"

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<Markuran> "We should attack the Realm before they can come against us. We can not let the South die. It will spread."

<Cerin> "I wonder if ..Illau, would know more of the Equation."

<Zahara> "Who is this Illau?"

<Markuran> "A goddess of odd knowledge."

<Cerin> "And how do you propose to invade the Realm, anyway?"

  • Markuran sighs. "I don't know. But if we simply wait, then the faux-Exalted will have time for their plans to spawn. And we will be trapped."

<Zahara> "I have devised a plan." she eyes Marku, "But I do not think I wish to share it with you."

<Cerin> "I do not intend to wait Marku. Perhaps we should seek allies though. Relovia mentioned another group of Solars to the southwest."

  • Markuran draws himself up to his full height, a low growl emerging from deep in his chest as he glowers down at the petite form of Zahara. His mouth snaps shut on a bellowed tirade as Cerin interrupts. The storm in his eyes flickers and receeds slightly. "Allies would be helpful. If they agree."
  • Zahara backs down not a whit.
  • Cerin kisses Zahara. "Both of you. Calm down. Or do you still want to be bickering when all 3 armies arrive at our doors?"

<Zahara> "They will not arrive."

  • Zahara turns on her heel and walks off.
  • Cerin walks after her.

<Zahara> "One of these days..." she mutters as she ascends to the highest part of the manse..

<Zahara> "I need to devise a way for this spell to affect that bastard. That would be fun."

<Cerin> "Zahara..he means well, even if he is a fool most of the time."

<Zahara> "He assumes too much."

<Cerin> "What is the spell you intend to cast, anyways?"

  • Zahara ascends beyond the pinnacle of the manse, climbing until she can see the whole of the Sunlands before her, antlike though they are. Once in the air, she begins to chant, syllables of unknown power rolling from her lips like candy. Instead of becoming more and more focused, as her spells usually do, this one seems to blur more with every passing breath.
  • Markuran hammers his fist into the door-opening stone, storming into the chamber where the captured spies wait. The glory of the sun blazes in bronze-red fury around the Zenith's massive form. The animal growl from deep in his chest echoes in the chamber as blazing eyes pin each of the lesser Exalted to the walls with fire and wrath.

<Markuran> "And YOU? She may claim the others as her own, but she had no part in capturing you. Will YOU serve, as they will not or join them in the dark, rotting away in your own lowly filth and muck until you begin to die and must feast on the flesh of your fellows to cling to pathetic life?"

<Markuran> "Or can your puny minds at least see the way to life and justice? Of all those here, maybe you five can save yourselves if you do as you are told. Well? WILL YOU?" The last bellow sends spider-web cracks through the stone

The Dragon-Blooded shake in fear at Marku's words.

  • Zahara speaks the last of what has become a blur of thunderous sound, echoing with power beyond what Cerin has ever seen her use before. From the center of her being, the energy seems to pulse, and if one were to concentrate hard enough, one would be able to make out the words, in Old Realm...

<Zahara> "And into these lands, none shall pass," more streams of unintelligibility, and she strikes her hands together soundlessly like a hammer on a marshmallow anvil, and a shimmering veil of power sears the sky blindingly, and for an instant, the Sunlands are veiled in shadow.

  • Cerin watches the essence flows with wonder, marveling in their complexity.
  • Zahara stands in midair for several moments while her eyes clear, blinking them rapidly. The shadow carried with it a moment of disorientation and blindness, felt by all who dwelt within, but it was gone again, and the Sun shone down benevolently as always.
  • Zahara descends slowly, as the swan's wings glimmer and fold about her, merging back down into a simple bonfire of power.

<Zahara> "Did you say something?" she asks breathlessly, feeling a bit high from the powers she channeled.

  • Cerin wraps his arms around her as she does. "No, it was beautiful to watch though..the details so fine."

<Zahara> "Thank you." she smiles. "I feel much better."

<Zahara> "I have this wonderful plan, but I really don't wish to share it with Markuran. Birds might be interested, though."

  • Cerin kisses her "Tell me of it?"
  • Zahara chuckles, "Then I'd have to explain it twice."
  • Markuran feels slightly disoriented as he waits for the Terrestrials to recover enough to respond to him.

<Zahara> "Will you fetch Birds for me? She was down in the dungeon when I saw her last."

  • Cerin nods and wanders off to find birds, if she can be found.
  • Zahara seats herself on the uppermost balcony and basks in the afterglow of power while she waits.

<Zahara> "Yes," she whispers to herself, "any sacrifice is worth this."

The Dragon-Bloods, reeling from the strange magics and terrified by Markuran's words, seem completely flummoxed.

  • Markuran snarls at them "Speak!"

One of the Dragon-Bloods shakes off the effects a little. "And what would you have us do? Serve your Anathema empire, to bring the Realm crashing down to ruins?"

<Markuran> "I would have you do what is right and save not only your worthless lives, but countless others. Would you serve an empire that will ally itself with traitors to Heaven and all the world, or would you serve an empire that will *save* the world? Will you believe the priests that have sent you to die at my hands or the monster who offers you life and power in return for loyalty to the true ways of the world?"

  • Markuran flexes a fist in front of the Terrestrial's face. "If I wished, I could crush you into dust. You would have done this to me, if I had let you. But I let you live and would let you go free, if you serve me and, in doing, save the world."

The Dynast looks confused. "An Anathema, speaking of saving the world?"

  • Zahara repaints her nails
  • Cerin returns to sit by Zahara "She was in the kitchen, deep in some of her pastries. She wont be out for hours."

<Markuran> "I am Markuran the Bear, son of Sol Invictus, Pillar of the Golden Sun at Zenith. I have slain gods that would destroy the innocent, defeated Deathknights and gone against the armies of the dead to save the living. I have wrestled a Celestial Lion and battled the Unformed. I will save the world and I offer you a chance to do your part."

  • Zahara sighs a bit and inspects the color, blowing on them. "Ahh well. It can be our plan. We don't need them."

<Cerin> "So, tell me of this plan?"

  • Zahara turns to cerin, a look of devious delight on her face. "This is what I have devised. Firstly, to cast the spell which I have just done. It will stop any armies with intent to destroy or conquer our lands from ever finding it. Did you feel that disorientation?"
  • Cerin shakes his head "I can see the twists and turns of the essence though."

The Dynasts begin talking amongst one another, seemingly affected by Marku's words.

  • Markuran folds his arms across his chest, glowering at them
  • Markuran exudes an air of paternal wrath and benevolent foreboding.

<Zahara> "Any who approach the Sunlands with such intent will become more and more disoriented, until they are completely lost. Nor will they wander in by accident. This means both the Realm and the Lily will be unable to attack us in our home."

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> After a moment, one looks directly at him. "We will work towards the salvation of the world?"

<Cerin> "That is wonderful, though what about us?"

<Zahara> "Now, if we can get both armies to attack at the same time, we can send out a force of men to pretend to be crushed outside of the borders, and flee in the direction of the other army.. what do you mean what about us?"

<Cerin> "Can we get back inside?"

<Zahara> "As long as we don't plan to conquer it, yes."

  • Cerin nods "So, we're fleeing toward the other army..."

<Markuran> "Yes. You will return the world to its proper state and drive back the forces of chaos and darkness."

  • Zahara nods, "Yes, fleeing toward the other army, and I will have planted rumors on both sides, indicating that we have already battled and won against the other side, and are now wearing their armor and bearing their artifacts. When they meet, our forces can head inward, towards the Sunlands, and be lost to the others. Meanwhile, our two enemies will fight eachother to the death, both thinking they are destroying us."

<IvoryOrchidGhost?> The Dragon-Bloods turn to each other and speak for a moment more, then the seeming leader turns back to Marku. "We will do this thing."

  • Cerin grins "That is a wonderful plan."

<Zahara> "Then after one side has declared itself the victor, we will unleash our fresh forces upon them. It will be glorious."

  • Zahara grins wickedly

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