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  • Zahara arrives at the door of The White Room, sheaf of paper and quill pen in hand. She twists a piece of the door, and the center of the panel becomes translucent, so she can add to her notes on the effect of the Room on Rovash's Essence flows and general well-being, before unsealing the chamber.

Rovash sits in the center of the room, his numerous hands folded in repose. As the door opens, he opens his eyes. "Ah..... Zahara, are you... here to.... let me out?"

<Zahara> "As promised. I do honor my vows." she sniffs. "You seem to have survived relatively unscathed."

<Rovash> "I am... hungry... but alive."

<Zahara> "Then it is good we provided you a meal before you entered."

  • Rovash nods. "It is indeed..."
  • Rovash walks out of the chamber, slowly. He seems visibly relieved to leave the White Room.

<Zahara> "You should know this, Rovash: Your time spent here was educational for both of us. For myself, I learned very interesting things about how you and your kind work. For you, you had the slightest taste of the punishment an oathbreaker can expect. Of course, I trust your word that you will not do such a thing, but now you see that my side of the bargain was not hollow."

  • Rovash nods. "I have gained great respect for you, Zahara. It is a marvelous thing to see an oath kept by one with the power to break it!"

<Zahara> "In the interest of mutual enlightenment, I thank you for your time here. Once the rest of us have gathered, we will escort you to the chamber in which you may summon your true love."

<Rovash?> "Ah! Yes. That is truly a glorious thing." He begins to gesture to no one in particular with four hands.

  • Zahara nods in a slightly deeper fashion than normal, indicating the hint of a bow.
  • Zahara captures a servant and sends him to fetch Birds and Cerin.
  • Cerin turns up after not too long, still clad in the flowing red armour of his journey. He smiles broadly at Zahara and kisses her when he gets close to her, though he is obviously thinking about something that is bothering him.
  • Zahara smiles and kisses him back. She notices the wayward thoughts -it's just so easy- but decides to wait until afterward to bring them up. No sense in feeding Rovash so soon after letting him out.
  • Birds-of-Trinity wanders in after him, dressed in formal battle gear - which is to say that her robes are made of leather rather than silk.
  • Rovash nods politely to the arrivals.

<Zahara> "Ah, good, we are all gathered." she gives them each a brittle smile. "Now we shall begin."

<Cerin> "And Markuran?" he asks, banishing the other thoughts and concentrating on the matter in hand.

<Zahara> "What about him?"

<Cerin> "He is not here..."

  • Rovash raises an eyebrow, but otherwise remains silent.

<Zahara> "He knew very well the day and time of Rovash's release. He must not have chosen to come," she says mildly, and places her palm on the lock, opening the now-cleared-out storage room.

  • Cerin looks at Zahara then nods.
  • Zahara enters the room and takes her place across from the door, her eyes a darker blue than normal, and watchful.
  • Cerin walks over to stand by her side.
  • Rovash walks in and takes a position just to one side of the room's center. He drops to his knees and begins moving every one of his arms around in some sort of elaborate gesture of offering. His eyes close and he begins to chant, almost inaudibly, in an unusual language.
  • Birds-of-Trinity watches, one eyebrow raised.
  • Cerin watches and listens with curiousity
  • Zahara memorizes the words, watching the performance with her new Second Sight
  • Rovash continues, his chanting growing louder and louder and his arms flailing more and more as time passes. He begins to sway back and forth.

Zahara notes with interest that Essence does in fact appear to be gathering in a spot just in front of Rovash.

  • Cerin smiles as he percieves the fine traceries of essence around her eyes.
  • Zahara watches with a small, satisfied smile.

After several minutes of this, Rovash suddenly opens his eyes and slams all of his hands to the floor, all at once, shouting another unintelligible word as he does so. At that very moment, a great cloud of black Essence floods upwards from the floor and begins to form into the shape of a petite young woman.

  • Cerin watches as the essence dances and twists to form the woman, drawing in all the strands that lead to her form.
  • Zahara quirks a brow, watching them as well, trying to discern what kind of creature this Injara really is, as far as she has seen from other Fae she has killed, although this perspective is new.

As the Essence coalesces further, Cerin becomes certain of Injara's true nature -- a mere mortal ghost. She stands, spectrally, a thin, incredibly beautiful woman, garbed in a long robe and with a crown set upon her brow. Her robe bears a large, impossible-to-miss sunburst design upon its back.

  • Zahara quirks a brow further as she notices the ghostly form, and the sunburst, wondering who this was, in ages past.

Injara looks at Rovash with wide eyes. "You... called for me."

  • Rovash leaps to embrace Injara with every one of his arms.

<Cerin> "mmm?" Cerin makes a vaguely curious noise as he studies the womans form, and her nature.

<Rovash?> "I have searched for years, Injara, but I have at last found you."

  • Zahara folds her arms across her chest, then raises one to her cheek thoughtfully, watching this exchange with something akin to amusement
  • Birds-of-Trinity counts Injara's toes.
  • Cerin smiles at Zahara

<Injara?> "It will do you no good. I am a phantom of my former self, now." She turns away, quickly.

  • Rovash whispers, "I can bring you to a land of phantoms, Injara. Your state will prove no impediment there."
  • Injara is crying bitter ghostly tears. But at Rovash's words, she chokes up a little. "Do you still love me, Rovash? Have you remained true to what I asked of you?"
  • Zahara watches, intrigued. musing on what sorts of creatures would spring from such an unholy union.

<Rovash?> "I have, Injara. And I shall until I cease to exist."

  • Cerin watches also. Zahara can see he wants to ask questions, though is keeping quiet for the moment.

<Injara?> "...then take me there, Rovash. Let us forget what has happened in the past. Rescue me from my tormented existence."

  • Rovash nods. "I shall." He turns to the Solars. "Thank you for allowing me this opportunity."
  • Cerin nods "Before you go, if I might ask you to remember briefly, who were you Injara?"

<Zahara> "You are.. quite welcome," Zahara replies faintly. "Perhaps I shall visit you in the future to see how things have gone for you."

  • Zahara looks to Injara, having wanted to ask that same question herself
  • Birds-of-Trinity bows to the fairy and the ghost. "Some other day, we will trade stories again."

<Injara?> "I was the queen of this land where you stand, appointed by the Solar Deliberative. I ruled here for two thousand years. I vanquished horrors, warred against enemies vast... and then I was slain by my own servants, without warning."

  • Rovash nods to Birds. "It has been quite fascinating to meet you! I hope to encounter you by chance again someday."
  • Zahara nods thoughtfully at Injara's story, "What brought you to love a Fae?"
  • Cerin nods to Injara "Farewell then, Injara, Rovash."
  • Injara smiles. "I could not tell you. Some strange destiny moved us each, I think."
  • Zahara chuckles slightly, "Such destinies move us all."
  • Rovash turns to Zahara. "We must depart, but first, I wish to tell you something."
  • Zahara lowers her brow in order to raise it again, "Yes?"
  • Rovash "Remember these words: Tevezst the Black Dagger strikes from the East in two months' time, where the lion meets the rock." With that, he turns to Injara. "We must depart, my beloved." She nods, and the two begin to fade away on the spot.

<Zahara> "I need a bigger library."

In Zahara's memory, something recently unearthed twinges to life: a memory of horror, and a necklace with a black crystalline knife hanging at one end.

  • Zahara focuses in on it like one of Cerin's arrows, prying at the memory, trying to unearth the circumstances around it.

She sees the necklace swing like a great pendulum in her memory -- and, behind it, the still-warm corpse of her sister.

  • Zahara 's eyes turn to ice, and her breathing quickens. First anger, and then a terrible sort of pleasure - finally, she will meet him again. This time, though, her 'stick' is a bit sharper.

<Cerin> "Zahara, what is it?"

<Zahara> "Tevezst is an old.. acquaintance." she says softly, "One which I have greatly wished to meet again."

  • Cerin nods slowly, and sets back to thinking about things from his own past.

<Zahara> "And now I know the best methods to greet him with," she smiles slightly, a cruel twist to her lips.

  • Birds-of-Trinity wonders about lions and rocks.
  • Markuran suddenly fills the hallway and storeroom with his stentorian bellow. The rocks chip from the force of his yell, making Zahara wince. "ZAHARA! CERIN!" A few moments later, the big man's body appears in the doorway, blocking the light. He ducks his head and enters, tossing a limp male body to the ground at Zahara's feet.
  • Zahara sighs and inspects the limp thing with all her attention, refusing to look up at Markuran.

Cerin immediately notices something surprising: the body seems to be that of a new Exalt, though one of a spirit he has not encountered before.

  • Cerin studies the body too. "Ah. Where was he Marku?"

<Cerin> "He's another god exalt, though of a god I have not seen."

  • Markuran idly pokes at a hole in his Bear Armor, then another. Blood is trickling from cuts in his chest and stomach, another mars his left cheek. Other then that, and bloody knuckles, Marku seems fine. "He found me on my way back from the Sea of Gears. After our..talk, I needed to think."

<Cerin> "He fought hard too it seems..."

  • Zahara crouches down and checks to see if it's still alive

A weak pulse is still present.

<Markuran> "He caught me unaware, attacking from behind. I was thinking too deeply to smell or hear him approach."

  • Zahara brushes past Markuran to fetch one of her blanks, and a carving tool.

<Markuran> "The Xi-Ma-Taxi have given ten million of these, whatever these are, to the Lily. They met the Lily before we met them." Marku produces a tiny box, the size of his smallest finger, and tosses it to Cerin

  • Cerin nods and catches the box absently as he studies the man, then turns his focus onto the box.

<Cerin> "Ten million you say? Hmmm." He frowns at the box.

  • Zahara returns presently, and folds her legs beneath her on the floor next to the creature, quite pleased with her ability to map out the essence flows, and fit them in herself. She begins carving delicately, deliberately.

The object is a tiny metallic cylinder, a thin layer of metal surrounding a hollow interior. Its exterior is carved with an intricate curving pattern.

Cerin thinks to himself, "Why does this pattern look so familiar...?"

The man on the floor groans faintly.

<Zahara> "Ten million of what?"

  • Markuran glances at Zahara, shifting his broad shoulders in distaste. "Zahara, what ever you wish to do with this man, I will leave to your judgement alone."
  • Cerin thoughtfully eyes the box with more detail. Why would it seem familar? "These." he shows her the box. His ring? the red dagger? hmmmm.

<Zahara> "Very kind of you." she says, pausing in her work to inspect the box.

The tiny container has very fine working. The design inlayed upon it almost resembles a chart of Essence flows.

<Markuran> "I would also seek your forgiveness, Zahara. I did you a diservice and have done so several times."

...the collars?

  • Markuran seems to be taking great care with his words, enunciating slowly and carefully, as if picking his way across brambles.
  • Zahara looks up at Markuran, startled, inspecting his visage for any clues that he is trying to trick her. "It takes more than words."
  • Markuran looks embarassed and sullen, as always when he is forced to admit he is wrong. For the first time in several weeks, he has trimmed his hair and beard, leaving both neat and precise, except for the blood matting his beard on the left side. "I hope you would accept this Exalt as a gift of peace."
  • Cerin tries to feed the box some motes of his essence, hoping to follow the essence as it flows through the device

The lines in the pattern extend off both edges of the cylinder; releasing a mote into either side will cause it to flow through the intricate pattern inscribed upon its surface, spinning and whirling about, before departing on the opposite side.

  • Zahara blinks several times, then looks down at the collar in her hands, finishing up the last few carvings with deliberate care. "For me to torture and destroy, I suppose?" she says tartly, as she snaps the collar around his neck

<Cerin> "Hmmm. This box is most curious."

  • Markuran shrugs, looking unhappily and even with a slight shade of pity in his eyes, at the broken man he dropped at Zahara's feet. "To do with what you wish."
  • Zahara reaches a hand up, "May I see it, Cerin?"
  • Cerin places it into her hand. He smiles encouragingly at Marku. Nto only is he trying, but he also distracted Zahara.

<Zahara> "So if I decided that what I wanted to do with this prisoner here, was to turn him inside out while still alive, you would not cry protest?" she smirks, and turns her attention to the box, "I find that hard to believe." With that, she turns the box over and over in her hand, tracing the lines of it, comparing it to the artifacts she's created, and those she's unearthed, especially comparing its patterns to the soul-stealing weapon.

<Markuran> "I would be disappointed in you, myself, Birds of Trinity and Cerin. But I have told you I will not protest what you do, and I will hold myself to it."

<Markuran> "Nor will I protest your treatment of those you already hold.

<Zahara> "Have you been getting into the Chaya flowers again?"

As Cerin looks down at the wounded Exalt lying on the ground, after handing the cylinder to Zahara, something begins to click for him....

It takes a second for his mind to consciously process it -- but there it is...

<Cerin> "Zahara, please listen to what M Arku? has to ....say..." as he focuses on the cylinder.

  • Markuran smiles slightly. "I haven't fathered any new bastards. The Chayan flowers wouldn't make me apologize."

<Zahara> "Then what did?" she hands the cylinder back to Cerin

There, deep in the Exalt's Essence field, is an exact duplicate of the pattern on the cylinder.

<Markuran> "Cerin and I talked. And I thought a great deal."

  • Cerin swallows. "Ten million..."
  • Zahara looks at him challengingly, standing up and dusting the tiny curls of jade and orichalcum off her dress. "You'll forgive me if I find this newfound... whatever it is you have in me suspect." she eyes him suspiciously. "I have not changed, you know. I'm still everything you despise in this world."
  • Zahara tries to keep her voice level, but cannot - or maybe chooses not to - disguise the note of hurt the last phrase carries.
  • Markuran shakes his head slightly and takes a step forward. The semi-concious body of the Exalt seperates the two Solars. Lifting one massive hand, Marku reaches to take Zahara's hand in his and bows his head slightly to her. "I was..not right about you. And you are not all I despise in Creation. You are..different then I. And sometimes distasteful. But you are not evil."

The note in her voice hurts cerin too, snapping him out of his considerations of Ten million of the new exalted types...

  • Birds-of-Trinity interrupts. "Zahara, Markuran, you are both better men...women...Exalted than you give yourselves credit for. Please realize this, and give each other that same credit too."
  • Zahara flinches, almost withdrawing her hand but not quite. "You can never understand me, Markuran. You don't know what it's like to be incapable of all these feelings you profess to be the greatest and most worthy things in life. I have learned to use my ...failing ...to its advantage, and it has made me stronger. But you don't know. You don't know what it is to have the Fae rip yourself from you."

<Markuran> "I thought long on that, Zahara. If you will revisit those memories, I would find the Fae that took your heart from you and draw it from his belly with my bare hands to give it back to you."

  • Cerin winces as Zahara speaks, wanting to comfort her, knowing he cannot truely do so..
  • Zahara shakes her head, and looks at him, "The Fae is mine to deal with. Now I know the ways that I can hurt him as he hurt me. What has been taken is gone, but he still lives, and I will meet him again, soon."

<Zahara> "You think what I did to Rovash was for no reason? For my own silly games and amusement? No, its purpose was twofold. To learn how to better destroy the monsters, and to demonstrate to him what will happen to him if he ever breaks his Oath."

  • Markuran shakes his head. "I did not say I would not argue with you. If this Fae can return what he stole, I will force him to do so. You would be a better person, a better Solar, with it returned."

<Zahara> "They ARE monsters, Marku. Make no mistake. They take the forms of men, but they are not, nor will they ever be, human."

  • Markuran nods, slowly. "I know well they are not human, Zahara. But neither are the Dragon-kings."
  • Birds-of-Trinity touches Cerin's arm. "I know that this must be painful to watch, Cerin, but I must ask...there was a look of fear across your face when you examined that charm in your hand. Why?"

<Zahara> "No, but the Dragon Kings do not prey on our kind. If you think what I've done to prisoners - who deserved what they got - is terrible, you had best not find a Fae at its games."

  • Cerin blinks as she touches him. After a brief pause "Each one of these is a potential new Exalt. It is device they use to insert the bridge between souls that turns mortal into Exalt."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "..." She chokes. "Ten million?"

  • Cerin nods.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "That will be a great deal of killing." She summons a servant. "I need eight hundred swords."

  • Markuran makes a small movement of his head. "I have seen them feed. But still, you are not kind nor good to those you capture, who can not harm you. Cerin has pointed out that I myself am little better in many cases. I was decieving myself in thinking that simply because my opponents were unbound meant they had a chance...I hope you will let me help you become what you once were. You should not lightly release hope for your heart

The servant nods uneasily and turns to leave, trying to determine how to resolve that request.

  • Zahara "I wish to share something with you." she concentrates on Markuran's place in the Unity, and sends him the memory of the last day she saw her family, in pure emotion. The earlier part of it seems hollow, like something memorized, but there was love there for her family, then stark terror, wavering bravery and self sacrifice, and then, anger mixed with that fear, followed by intense anguish, and then.. nothing. a void.

<Cerin> You should not lightly release hope for your heart, Zahara. Not when you claim to love."

<Cerin> "That seems like a rather inefficient use of swords, Birds, would it not be better to use a single sword that will not wear down?"

  • Birds-of-Trinity considers this.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Even the mighty Auspicious Plume was once broken and reborn. I plan against this eventuality. But perhaps I will work with a smaller number. Orichalque is stronger than steel."

  • Markuran steps over the bleeding man on the floor and picks Zahara up in a great bear hug. Something wet lands on her forehead as Marku smooshes her in his friendly grip. It takes a moment for Zahara to realize Marku had shed tears for her. He gave her a small smile when he put her back on her own feet. "I mourn for your loss, Zahara Zahn. Let us try to restore it for your sake. And your family's memory. They surely wouldn't wish

<Markuran> "They surely wouldn't wish for you to be without. And for your future with Cerin, so you may love him as he loves you."

  • Cerin nods "If even Orichalcum will not suit, perhaps you should use blades of sunlight, then were it to break, you could reform it at will..." he trails off as Marku speaks
  • Birds-of-Trinity ponders.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I am not familiar with that technique. Perhaps I shall seclude myself for some time to examine its possibilities."

  • Zahara shakes a little in his grasp, the memory of her loss sharply brought into focus by her sharing, and she leans her head against him, hiding her face and the tears which treacherously sneak from her eyes.
  • Markuran gives the sorceress comforting pats as he holds her gently.

The man on the ground moans a little louder.

  • Zahara uses Marku's clean tunic to hide the evidence of her tears before she looks up at him slowly, "I'm sorry, Marku."
  • Markuran kicks him surrupticiously in the stomach.

The moaning stops for the moment.

  • Markuran nods. "We can forgive eachother, then. And be at peace."

<Zahara> "I have been unkind to you as well... but for peace to truly happen, if you would question myself or my methods... realize that I cannot listen to you if you are accusing or yelling without first approaching me logically. I will try to take your feelings more into account if you will remember what I have of mine."

  • Markuran nods slowly. "I will try to do so, Zahara."
  • Zahara clasps his wrist in the manner she has seen the barbarians do when sealing a bargain, "Then we will be at peace."
  • Markuran nods, returning the gesture with a smile.
  • Cerin smiles at the pair of them, but especially at Zahara, letting the worry over just what to say to her and the ten million exalts fade for a brief moment.
  • Zahara thinks solemnly for a moment, then speaks, "Since we're on speaking terms again, you should know that I've protected the Sunlands from invasion."

<Markuran> "You know, in some tribes it would be appropriate to seal our bond in another fashion. Since Cerin is unlikely to agree to such a sealing of the bond, we can just clasp wrists and exchance oaths." The small smile on Marku's face is tugging, trying to become a grin or belly laugh, and confused as to which it should be.

  • Markuran considers. "How?"
  • Zahara chuckles lightly, "Yes, I think this way is more appropriate." her smile broadens slightly and she gets that self-satisfied look on her face that she always gets when she thinks she's done well. "A spell." she informs him.

<Markuran> "How well are we protected?"

<Zahara> "No hostile army can enter the borders of the Sunlands. They will be disoriented and lost, in total disarray, and will simply wander, but never in the right direction." She grins.

  • Markuran smiles broadly. "Excellent. You have done well protecting your people, Zahara."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "That's neat."

<Cerin> "And we will need it. The lily can make ten million of the new exalts."

<Markuran> "Can't we find these...little things and just break them?"

<Zahara> "Ten million?"

<Zahara> "Hmmm we'll have to make our own."

<Cerin> "Each one of these" he holds the thing up "Is what they use to bridge the souls and thus make an exalt. The Lily has ten million of them."

<Zahara> "Hmmm ten million of them could probably overwhelm the Realm's force, and have plenty left over. I wonder how long it takes to implant each one."

  • Markuran reaches down and hauls the bleeding Exalt up into the air, holding him by the shoulder, broken, and the arm, dislocated. "Are you awake?"

The Exalt groans again. His eyes are open; he looks like he's awake, though fairly out of it.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Wait...that one in your hand...it didn't come out of ''him.., did it?"

<Markuran> "No. The Xi-Ma-Taxi gave it to me."

<Markuran> "As a sample, they said."

  • Cerin shakes his head "No, the bridge becomes part of the Exalt when it is made."
  • Markuran shakes the moaning man roughly. "Can you speak?"
  • Zahara places her open hand near her arm, and a strange bulge travels down it, rippling beneath her skin, until the black beetle-like creature emerges onto her palm. "Marku, please don't break him." she says quietly.

<Cerin> "Maybe one would fall out of him if he died."

  • Markuran stops shaking the man. "The bug better work fast."
  • Zahara pries the man's jaws open and pops the little demon in
  • Birds-of-Trinity recoils a little.
  • Markuran blinks slightly at the insertion and the ripple of flesh in the man's throat as the beetle moves out of his esophagus and into the wounded flesh around it, where Marku nearly strangled him in the short battle. Still holding the man in the air, marku watches the beetle work
  • Zahara waits patiently while the beetle does its work to the now even more terrified, but much less wounded, exalt.

After a few moments, the man's body is healed up enough for him to regain proper ability to speak. Noticing that the target who beat him senseless moments earlier has three equally intimidating friends keeps the Exalt from getting up or particularly moving at all.

<Zahara> "If you would, please, I would appreciate it if you tried using your magic." She seems entirely sincere.

  • Zahara motions for Marku to let him go
  • Markuran drops the man to his own feet unceremoniously.

<Zahara> "Thank you."

  • Arben looks somewhat... disturbed by Zahara's statement, but nonetheless accedes. His appearance becomes clouded and difficult to see.
  • Cerin watches the display with interest. He smiles.
  • Zahara frowns slightly, and reaches out, releasing the collar from his neck. She turns it over and over in her hands, and spies the incomplete rune, which she carefully puts the final stroke in. Then she replaces it around his neck. "Again, please."

<Arben?> He attempts again, to no avail. A symbol like a cloud of smoke glitters faintly on his brow, however.

<Markuran> "Who is your master?"

<Zahara> "Ah, perfect. Thank you." she smiles

  • Arben begins to answer, then clams up.

<Markuran> "When you ambushed me, caught me unaware, I beat you until you begged me for mercy or a snap of your neck. I am perfectly aware of you and perfectly read to beat you once again. Now, answer my question." when the man does not instantly begin speaking, Markuran balls on hand into a fist, idly flexing the muscle and rotating his arm to loosen it for a moment then arcs a punch that stops just short of the man...if he says something.

  • Zahara raises a brow, "Life will be much easier for you if you speak to us again." She idly notes how her new prisoner is already being abused by Marku, even though he said it was hers.
  • Markuran isn't *abusing* him..is threatening to!@
  • Markuran also, never said he wouldn't beat the man up. Just that Zahara could and he wouldn't say anything.
  • Arben rapidly decides that it isn't worth it to put up with this. "I serve the Red Lily."

<Markuran> "Which God?"

<Markuran> "Who Exalted you?"

<Arben?> "Sokesh of the Embers."

<Zahara> "What other Gods have been Exalting people like you?"

<Arben?> "I do not know the full extent. Hundreds, at very least."

<Markuran> "And where are the little artifacts given the Lily by the Xi-Ma-Taxi?

<Arben?> "I do not know. I expect my superiors have hidden them somewhere, if they have not all already been used."

<Zahara> "Where do they gather?"

<Arben?> "I don't know that either. In all of our conversations, they have come to me."

<Cerin> "Where were you based then, and how many with you?"

<Arben?> "About fifteen of us are based in a small manse, north of here."

<Cerin> "All Exalted by Sokesh?"

<Arben?> "No."

<Cerin> "Do you know who then?"

  • Zahara taps her carving tool against her palm thoughtfully "How long did the process of your.. exaltation of sorts.. take?"

<Arben?> "A different god, each."

<Arben?> "Around a day. The exact timing was hazy, but...."

<Markuran> "Are all as weak as you?"

<Arben?> "I don't believe so. Some have excelled beyond my own ability..."

<Cerin> "Why were you following him?"

  • Birds-of-Trinity watches quietly.

<Arben?> "To try to stop him from bringing you information about the deal with the Xi-Mi-Taxi"

<Cerin> "How did you find out he had this information?"

<Zahara> "They must have been stupid to send only one against Markuran, that or trying to feed us false information."

<Arben?> "A message arrived at the manse. I was the only one present, so I took it upon myself to act."

<Cerin> "A message from who?"

<Arben?> "Lai Misuna."

<Zahara> "Hmmm how could Lai have known?"

<Markuran> "How did he know where I was? And where were these other allies of yours?"

<Arben?> "I don't know the answer to the former. And off on various missions, retrieving items or speaking to allies on behalf of the Lily."

<Cerin> "Tell us of their exact missions, such as you know them."

<Zahara> "I would also be interested in what rumors you have heard about the Sunlands

<Arben?> "Four are performing a surveying mission to an underground city northwest of here. Three are meeting with members of the Silver Pact in order to form an alliance. Five are gathering jade for use in weapons. And two are spying on events in nearby cities."

  • Markuran snarls. "Where are those with the Lunars? And those mining?"
  • Zahara lays a calming hand on Marku's shoulder
  • Arben provides details.

<Markuran> "We must slay them all. Or turn them to our cause."

<Cerin> "How long have you been Exalted?"

<Arben?> "Three months."

<Cerin> "...three months. Hmmm."

Tags: (:tags Rovash the Infinite, Injara, Tevezst, God-Exalts, Xi-Mi-Taxi, Channelcages, Arben, Sokesh of the Embers:)

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