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  • Cerin is less ...distracted the day after talk with Zahara, and he finds her in the afternoon with a small kiss "Could we go to the white room, my love?"
  • Zahara smiles slightly, "I was wondering if I was the only person who found it to be a useful place, and not simply there for my amusement." she says drily.

<Cerin> "I always thought it was ...interesting. But now I have a use for it I think."

  • Zahara eyes him appraisingly, "An experiment, yes?"
  • Cerin nods "I need to see how effective it is. I have an idea on how to improve it too."
  • Zahara leads the way to the White Room, "Improve it in which way? It is designed to inhibit the flow of Essence completely, to stop any from using Charms or Sorcery, and no Essence can be regained from within its walls."
  • Zahara smiles slightly, "And the solidification and ordering of the Essence within the walls makes it very...difficult.. for the Fae, especially, to work their magics. Creation is completely static inside.

<Cerin> "I know how it works." He smiles "I need it to work better though. I think."

<Cerin> "While I was in the realm of the Golden Crysanthamum, Herons managed to shut down all my external use of essence. Even the penumbra stance failed. There was a grid of Orichalcum built into the blue jade walls."

  • Zahara seals the door behind them, and the walls glow translucently, the Essence that flows through them tantalizingly out of reach. "You mean to say an effect you had already activated failed when you entered?"
  • Cerin nods "Both my punumbra stance, and the essence pattern that lets me flow like blood were drained away and rendered impotent."
  • Zahara looks over the construction of her room consideringly, "I could try to see if I can adapt this room to cut off standing effects as well, but my Orichalcum is not in a grid, and it is in mostly White Jade

<Cerin> "I know." He examines the layout of the room "But being able to avoid being affected by such a room would be valauble, and so I need somewhere to practice."

<Zahara> "Well, you can practice as it is now, and we'll work out how to cut off standing effects... perhaps if I just build it into the doorway.."

  • Cerin shakes his head "That would not work. Though I suppose I could just walk in and out.."

<Zahara> "I don't see why it wouldn't. Once you're inside, you cannot initiate standing effects, regardless."

  • Cerin considers.

<Zahara> "I could base it off of the essence feedback weapons, except.. without the exploding part.

<Cerin> "Equiping the whole room to strip the charms about people would mean it would work even when the room not active when they entered.."

<Zahara> "Yes, but that would require major reconstruction and... I just don't have the time right now."

<Zahara> "Besides, the room is always active. Or rather, inactive."

<Cerin> "Ah, so it is."

  • Zahara walks over and sits on a spot in the floor that looks slightly different to Cerin's eyes, and it becomes apparent why, when Essence begins to resume its flow through her.

<Cerin> "You insulated yourself?" he smiles

  • Zahara smiles slightly, "Of course. I would not put it past people to turn on me, although I believe they will not, for the moment." she sighs and rubs her forehead a bit, "Hopefully this truce will last."
  • Cerin walks over to her and kisses her softly "I am sure it will last as long as it needs too." he smiles at her encouragingly "I know you're worried about so many things, but I'm here for you, to help you such as I can."
  • Zahara smiles in return, "You're the only thing keeping me sane, these days, you know."
  • Zahara chuckles slightly "although I'm sure some would disagree that I am sane at all."
  • Cerin laughs softly "Well..."
  • Zahara flops back on the cold stone floor and tucks her hands behind her head, staring up at the ceiling. "Well. That's a deep subject."
  • Cerin looks down at her and then laughs. He sits next to her, and gently teases some of her hair away from her face. "There was another thing that I found while I was in Bi`Allah. Just before my body. I dont knwo how much of it was Ymir's paranoia and how much of it was true...or even if it has any relevance in this changed world..."
  • Zahara looks up at him, watching his expression for a bit, seeing his discomfort, "What was it?"

<Cerin> "She had scrawled three things on the rock. the key is in the evening's vengeful blade. The enemy still slumbers, dreaming deep below the earth in Rinkoto. And the flowers cannot be trusted..."

  • Zahara raises a brow slightly, "Does the evening count as Twilight or Night?" she muses, "We knew about the flowers.. I wonder if they had caused trouble in the past as well"

<Cerin> "I don't know. I think it might be the Night. I think that might be the blade I slew you with."

<Zahara> "I hope so. We have no Twilights as allies

<Zahara> "Do you have it? The blade?"

  • Cerin shakes his head "There was a small dagger I recieved from Herons. I don't think that was it."

<Zahara> "I don't think it was in my crypt.. unless it was hidden in a place we didn't look."

<Cerin> "I dont think they would bury the murder weapon with the victim. I cannot think of why Ymir would have left it anyway...So I think it is hidden somewhere else. Though I cannot think why she would leave her diary either..."

<Zahara> perhaps there is a clue in the diary as to where the weapon lies. If Ymir knew it was important...

  • Cerin nods "Perhaps. That is one of the reasons I wish to travel to Juche soon."

<Zahara> "Juche does not have your diary, but it may have other clues, I suppose. We should start with the diary though."

<Cerin> "I am ...working on the diary, though I want to visit Juche to find out where Ymir came from...reading the diary might take months, I can find what I need within Juche in days."

  • Zahara shrugs a little, "It can't hurt, much."

<Cerin> "Marku is working on an artifact to disguise me, and I will go with one of the scouts."

<Zahara> "Just don't get caught.

<Cerin> "I wont." he smiles "I'll see you in my dreams too."

  • Zahara reaches up and touches cerin's cheek, "If you ever need me, I'll come for you. You know that, don't you?"
  • Cerin touches her hand with his "I know." he smiles "I know."

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