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Cerin approaches Zahara's 'home' in the dreamscape they share. He has been avoiding the area since they ...parted ways in the forest clearing, but he doesnt want to be parted from her any longer...and he has a request to make.

  • Zahara has nailed a big sign up to the front door of her obsidian castle, that says "NO BOYS ALLOWED" with a smaller one tacked on below that says "This means YOU!" She thought it was funny, at the time.
  • Cerin softly at the signs, then walks past them both, reaching the doors of the castle, gently pushing them open

<Zahara> The doors are locked, and the stone lions to either side turn to regard you, "Why have you come here?"

<Cerin> "I wish to speak with Zahara...I do not wish to be parted from her any longer."

<Zahara> The lions look him up and down, and laugh, their laughter sounding remarkably like Zee's. "She does not wish to see you, boy."

  • Cerin regards them evenly, though the laugh cuts into him "I will hear that from her lips before I leave this place, should it be true. Let me pass."

<Zahara> "You may not pass, though I will send her a message, if you wish."

<Cerin> "Tell her then that I still love her, tell her then that I am sorry, tell her then that I need to speak with her, tell that I will wait here for her answer every day until I hear it."

<Zahara> The lion you addressed, on the left bares its teeth, then opens its mouth as if to roar, and then from behind its massive fangs, a tiny white mouse leaps, and scurries through a mouse-sized hole in the left door. There is a matching hole to the right.

  • Cerin watches the mouse with bemused interest
  • Zahara looks up as the mouse appears, leaping up onto the edge of her bubble bath. She frowns slightly, and picks the mouse up by its tail. "What is it?" she demands. Upon hearing the message, she sighs. "I KNEW he would try this." she mutters, and stands, the water cascading from her body, and bubbles staying in appropriate places as she stomps down to the door.
  • Cerin waits for the doors to open.
  • Zahara flicks her hair back and pushes the doors open, glaring at the man who awaits her beyond them. "What made you think I'd want to see you?" she demands.
  • Cerin winces slightly under her glare, beginning to feel more guilty "I wasn't sure...I couldn't let you leave though...that would make a mockery of my vow to you." he bows his head "And if you cannot find it in your heart to see me as your love yet, then I have a favour to ask of you for the benifit of the circle." he finishes head still bowed.

<Zahara> "What kind of favor?" she asks suspiciously. "Are you planning to destroy more useful items?"

  • Cerin pauses just briefly, the fact that she didnt even consider the first half of his statement cutting into him deeper. He banishes this with an effort then speaks"I wish to investigate the report Relovia made of the dead to the south. It is too much to hope that they will be near a gate, and so I am in need of rapid transportation if I am not to spend the next month trekking across the sands. The Agatae, even if they could survive the heat, are with you now, and so I have need of your skyship"

<Cerin> are with you now, and so I have need of your skyship"

  • Zahara considers this for a long moment, smiling slightly at his obvious pain, yet for some reason she resists the urge to twist the knife, and instead, replies, "If you promise to bring me a specimen of each type, from weakest to most powerful, you may use the ship. And then return to me."

<Cerin> "If they are beings of flesh, I will capture them for you if I can, or bring their bodies if I cannot. If they are beings of spirit, I will map their essences for you. This is why I wished to investigate them, that I might understand the magics they use."

<Zahara> "I will see you when you return, successful." She swings the doors shut, and the little mouse ducks beneath its little door, chitters at you, and then leaps into the lion's mouth.

  • Cerin winces slightly as the doors closed. Well, that hadnt gone quiet as bad as he had imagined, but...He turned and walked from the Obsidean Castle.
  • Zahara stands behind the door for a few minutes after she closed them, smiling slightly. A genuine smile, not the malicious one she showed him earlier. Then she returns to her bath, humming a little tune.

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