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The First Strata: Red

The outmost borders of Creation as it was originally crafted by the Primordials at the dawn of history. This area was lost at the conclusion of the Primordial War. This area has never been settled by humans, who did not successfully conquer out beyond these borders at any point during the Primordial War. Thirteen Hundredfold Races maintain significant empires in this region, and twenty two others exist in at least limited enclaves.

Notable Locations: The Crystalline Continent of On-Ram, Xiyi Mountains, the Face of Udr, empire of the Marax-Do, Alhilal, Everflame, the Maelstrom, the Dregs of Eternity, Ereshk Tarpits, Jigashi the Undying, Seven Tears, Era'vina

The Second Strata: Yellow

The region which fell into the Wyld during the decline of the Solar Deliberative. The amount of territory lost to this varies greatly by region; in some places the post-Solar borders were almost identical to the Deliberative borders. Many of these lands are states at the tail end of Solar rule, fallen into disrepair; however, a few areas were consumed unexpectedly by the Wyld, and fell into sleep while still populous.

Notable Locations: Elais-Ruvalier, Olani Woods, Varex, the Eleven Maidens, the Red Citadel, Hesperi, Derygol, the Terminal Aerie, Viridian Hearth, ruins of Therembold

The Third Strata: Green

These regions were consumed by the Wyld during the Great Contagion and Fae incursion. These regions are filled with Shogunate-era settlements -- some overrun and lost to the Wyld before they could react, others that slipped away after the Contagion decimated their populations.

Notable Locations: The Darkflats, the Scar, Tara Zhan Keep, the Lion's Maw, Kotol Lorca, Yamota Prefecture, Apanja Yara, the Thousand-Forged Hatchery, Vichnaya Lake

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