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Red and gold octagonal case bearing the image of a flower

  • Records related to the Knights of the Chrysanthemum
  • A thorough map of the Chrysanthemum, including carefully documented segments revealing four secret passages or compartments
  • A page entitled "Trinosi," with a variety of skeletal notes:
    • "Herons rumored to meet with several. Connection?"
    • "What is the location of the Hyacinth? A X W N L B Addendum: EREVEL"
    • "Original population of 333. At least 7 known to currently be alive."
    • "Elements of the fourth, twentieth, fifty-seventh, and ninety-second prophecies remain unsatisfied."
    • "Three heads? Three limbs? Reports disagree on this matter."
  • Individual dossiers on several individual Sidereals:
    • Seven Leaping Herons. Born in the mid-East shortly before the end of the War. Extremely effective agent, moved upwards in the ranks quickly. Currently operating in the Sphere of Valiants, engaged in direct engagement with demonic threats. Was present at the mysterious event which began the "Darkest Night."
    • Qian Mian. Operative during the late periods of the war, currently serving in the Sphere of Valiants. Assisted in the preparations for the first use of the Chime of Ages, including undercover work in arranging for the presence of the Dragons. One of the foremost experts on demonology.
    • Zinobia. Under Qian's employ. Historically engaged in deep cover work. One of the foremost specialists on Netheos investigations. Connections to both Larquen and Azure Wind of an unspecified nature; further investigation warranted?
    • Remembrance of Seven Tears. Married to Askaru. Suspicious presence at the Strangling Ivy Revolt. Further investigation places her with the proper access to city resources to aid the cultists. Later operations history present unaccounted for gaps. Associated in her youth with Seven-Times-Named, before his fall to infernalism. Under close watch.
  • Detailed guidelines for operating the Orrery of Lights.
  • Several Chrysanthemum pins, including one for the Grand Royal Knight.
  • An extremely detailed map of Creation's sky, with astrological plottings out to six orders of all Incarna and other minor star bodies, plus all known and unknown constellations.

Silver, circular container split by a single line

  • Three moonsilver pendants, each bearing the rune of a single letter (A, V, and L)
  • An Essence sketch labelled "A" of the Lunar from Cerin's vision
  • The skeletal paw of a wolf
  • A series of notes:
    • Reflect a process of covert observation
    • Based on a tip regarding a Lunar infernal operating within the Deliberative
    • Observations of four Lunars, coded by the same letters (the fourth is "E")
    • Largely inconclusive results.
    • Astoria: a Waning Moon who worked with Talmuda on many of his plans to fight against the Primordials; largely cleared of suspicion.
    • Vovoka?: a Full Moon engaged in "troubleshooter" duty. Currently operating in the West primarily. Operated in the distant northeast for five years without notable contact with other Exalts.
    • Lillith: a Waning Moon who performed the more covert portions of "threshold kingdom relations" in combination with her husband. Largely cleared until her connection to Herons emerged -- unauthorized by Ymir, marked for further investigation.
    • Evel-ti: a No Moon, distinguished war veteran, was present at the event which plunged one-quarter of Creation into darkness for seven years. Worked closely with the Shadeborn during their existence. Maintains a redoubt in Netheos. Suspicion of communication with Auna both before and after her destruction.

Square black box, decorated by a design of six iron spears.

  • Seven shards of soulsteel.
  • An essence sketch of the flows amongst the two distinct souls of humanity.
  • Descriptions of the final resting places of major behemoths and incidences of sighting as hekatoncheire: Rejad (0), Blots-Out-The-Sun (4), Excelsior Raven (1), Ghrimadus Rei (2), Jormungand (0), the Colossal Minster (8).
  • Detailed lists of individual mortal ghosts of any note, spanning thirty generations and tracking each as they pass into Lethe or vanish.
  • A thick packet of notes, involving an elaborate information-gathering project: a complete taxonomy of Auna as a living primordial gathered by Dragon-Kings; imagery and Essence sketches of Auna and her primary souls taken from three distinct Hundredfold civilizations during their height; time-lapse Essence imagery of the precise process of her soul disintegration and collapse following the use of the Chime, recalled from eideitic memory; a comparison of Essence patterns observed of Auna-derived hekatons at various stages after death; a large foldout depiction of the crash site in Netheos, encoded with detailed information in three distinct Essence layerings.
  • Documents regarding the corruption of Skalexis, including a foiled plot to temporarily slay a member of the Deliberative and revive them with a different soul in place and designs for soul-powered weaponry confiscated from his workshop. Sealed with a red band, labelled "closed."
  • A scrap of blue and silver cloth.

Addendum: Pendants

Congruence-of-Hearts Pendant (Artifact ••)

Used frequently by secret lovers, as well as serving as an element of the marital subjugation of Lunars during the First Age, the Congruence-of-Hearts Pendant is a means by which one lover might know the doings of another.

To be used, two Exalts must commit Essence to it: the wearer, who commits 3 motes, and the other, who must somehow be convinced to give up a single mote to the pendant, which then cannot be returned to them except by the destruction of the pendant or the willing action of the wearer. Once these two Essences are committed, the wearer, while wearing the pendant, may know the general location, vague emotional state, and overall health of the wearer by placing the pendant around their neck, holding it in one hand, and concentrating on the face of the subject for several moments.

(Of Cerin's three pendants, only the L has motes currently committed.)

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