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Dear company, I am afraid my missive brings you ill tidings.

As I write to you, Creation is slipping closer and closer to a state of utter anarchy. I have had little time for seditious action recently, having been too consumed with legitimately aiding the Order in striking against various threats to the world. Let me run down for you a little of what has occurred.

Deathlord activity in the South has increased far beyond expectations. Striking out of the deep desert, armies of undead have begun to fall upon the Realm's minor satrapies in the region. Already four such kingdoms have fallen. The undead which make up these legions seem to be smarter and swifter than those previously encountered, though we have verified they are not Exalted. These legions seem to have access to some dark magic heretofore unknown to the world -- despite no reports of Deathknights or other Exalted support, these beings seemed capable of bringing horrific death and destruction through some arcane process. In one reported instance, twelve of the ghouls surrounded a small fortification and began to carve sigils into the sand with their blades -- within minutes, the building's stone crumbled to dust, and those who had secured themselves within rose to join the horde. The Order has sent a large Wyld Hunt to assist in fighting off the menace, but we are strongly concerned about the matter.

The Realm, of course, is short on legions to direct to the region because we have already committed a huge fighting force to the North, where we are assisting our satrapies in the war against the Haslanti. The League seems to have gained access to some incredible machinery with which they make their attacks -- vast steam-driven war engines, portable heavy artillery emplacements, powerful skyships, and others.

Meanwhile, House Cathak -- my own, once-beloved House -- continues to plan for an invasion of the newly expanded Sunlands. Though none within the house dare speak of it, I have it on good authority that they have gained access to truly terrifying weaponry -- strange magical weapons that can destroy a man's soul. At this point, I expect them to launch their attack within the month. Fortunately, Immaculate monks will not accompany the invasion. I wish I could say that it was my clever arguments that brought this about, but it was Cinerea who truly brought it about -- the twigs within his hair looked almost ready to fall out, the way that he waved his head about and screamed at Linaya for her idiocy.

Within the Realm itself, matters have come to a head. Fighting has already broken out in many cities between the supporters of Houses Cathak, Mnemon, and Ragara, though so far it has remained localized. I expect that only the threat of imminent danger from without holds the houses from declaring war upon one another; remove the pressure and the whole will collapse into civil war very quickly. We have received further reports that Tepet Ejava is encamped in the Southwest, preparing her assault on the Blessed Isle...

There have also been a number of disturbing reports during Calibration. Though no one will speak loudly of it, many around the isle have begun to see ominous portents -- a woman's shadow upon a wall when no woman was present, red robes turning pitch black during the night, steel gates seeming to moan in pain during the night ... the rumors are spreading quickly, and the Order's monks have little been able to dissuade them.

To conclude my letter here, I have compiled the reports of Anathema activity the Order has received within the recent weeks. Perhaps some of these might prove to be worthy of investigation.

  • We've had several reports of what appears to be a large circle of Solars operating in the Southwest. We had suspected that they were behind several attacks on Realm vessels, and the Order was preparing to launch a Wyld Hunt. Recently, there have been reports that they may have claimed a small archipelago for themselves and begun to fortify against potential attacks.
  • The Realm has received unexpected aid in their campaign in the north -- a group of shapeshifting beasts have struck against the Haslanti advance in several locations, though it has had little effect on the overall direction of the campaign.
  • There are vague reports of a group of Anathema working together within the Realm itself to foil a demon summoning gone awry near Lord's Crossing -- though, oddly, the Order seems surprisingly uninterested in following up on the matter.

I hope this message finds each of you well, yet.