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Gathering this information has proven to be remarkably difficult, and we have nearly lost several of our agents multiple times in the process. Nonetheless, today we are finally able to return with comprehensive scouting information on the current status of the war.

We shall begin with broad strategic information. The Lily have engaged forces in all four cardinal directions. The initial assault appears designed to secure the outlying areas of the Threshold. Based on our observations, we suspect that the goal is to push inwards from the boundaries of the world, with the intent of eventually controlling the Threshold as a whole. Presumably at that point the Realm, wracked by Civil War, would prove a weak target and be easily subdued. The Sunlands presents a difficulty for this plan, since it is unlikely to fall as easily as the rest of the Threshold. We suspect one of two events will unfold: either the Lily will alter their plans and strike at the Sunlands once they have successfully taken the Blessed Isle, or they will utilize other methods to strike at the Sunlands in the near future.

Our location in the Sunlands is particularly precarious, with only Zahara's magics protecting us from devastating attack. The Lily are operating out of both Great Forks and Harborhead; the Gods who rule each are members of the Red Lily organization, and their cities are protected by significant garrisons of their Exalts. We were unable to penetrate either Kirighast or Great Forks in order to perform further reconaissance. It is recommended that action be taken to neutralize these threats.

We have been largely unable to determine the origins of the Red Lily Army, which leads us to suspect that they are mobilizing forces from an extra-worldly location. However, once in Creation, they have in some locations been utilizing friendly nations as supply sources and staging grounds. It is our belief that tactical strikes against some of these locations could help weaken their forces.

In total we have observed perhaps 500,000 total Exalts in the employ of the Lily -- a fantastic number compared to those previously living in Creation, but short of the quantity they are believed to be able to field. We are uncertain as to whether this represents a purposeful rationing of potential in order to avoid overcommitment or a barrier to the production of more Exalted soldiers. Unless we witness the Red Lily using mortal soldiers, we expect it will be difficult to determine. The average power level seems to be about that of a moderately skilled Terrestrial -- though some seem to be significantly stronger, a few even approaching your own level.

Our intelligence on individual regions is as follows.

The North. In the Northern region the Lily appear to be making their most concentrated effort. Through means unknown to us, they have successfully brought the Haslanti League on board and are using their land as a staging point in the battle. Furthermore, the full might of the Haslanti military machine has been put behind the Lily's advance. Their current campaign sees the Lily's army, utilizing Haslanti flying ships, engaged against a surprising alliance of Icewalkers and Whitewall. The latter have the assistance of several powerful Lunar Exalts, as well as the three Syndics of Whitewall; it is only their assistance that has kept the Lily from completely destroying their forces thus far. Advanced scouts who have penetrated within the Haslanti League itself have discovered that they have successfully excavated the intact ruins of a First Age city near Crystal, and are currently in possession of a great deal of powerful, ancient weaponry that is currently being analyzed and transported to the front. We expect that the Northern resistance will fail completely once this weaponry is brought to bear.

The woman seen in Lai's broadcast to Creation, an Exalt known as Shikaya, appears to be in command of the Northern campaign; she has been seen frequently within the command tents of the Haslanti forces.

The West. The West, sparsely populated as it is, has fallen prey quickly to the Lily's depradations. Pitched battle between Lily pirate fleets and the forces of the Wavecrest Archipelago did not last long; now the Lily have secured the islands and have begun to build naval bases from which to operate on several of the islands. The Lily's forces now seem to be locked in a bloody stalemate with the undead navy of the Skullstone Archipelago, where the Bodhisattva does not appear to take kindly to their plans of conquest. It may prove worthwhile to support his actions, as loathsome as he may be -- he is currently all that stands between the Lily and an ideal naval staging ground for an invasion of the Realm. Their current ace in the hole appears to be a creature -- or construct? -- massive and golden in appearance, which can hide under the water and attack without warning; rumors refer to it as "the Brass Leviathan."

The forces in this direction don't seem to have a tremendously obvious source of leadership; they reportedly take orders from a source known only as "the Admiral."

The East. The presence of the Sunlands has clearly had a significant impact on the Lily's campaign in the East. With the powerful forces of the Sunlands occupying most of the settled southeast, and the might of Lookshy providing protection to the Hundred Kingdoms region, the Lily have wisely focused their assault in the Northeast. A significant force of God-Exalts are deployed on the Eastern border of Halta and have made significant advances against the armies of that nation. Aiding the Lily's forces in this theatre are a shockingly large quantity of behemoths. The Oaken Mantis and the Grove That Walks have both been spotted in actions on Haltan lands, and there are unconfirmed reports of the Insolent Caretaker, eight God-Exalts in tow, making swift attacks upon border outposts. The forces have pushed their way some distance into the region; though they have yet to take Chanta, it is a near-certainty in the near future.

The Eastern contingent would seem to report to Akuna Ravdash, a powerful (and old) Exalt.

The South. Due to its aggressive climate, much of the deep south is sparsely populated at best, which has allowed the Lily to focus on a divide-and-conquer strategy. Gem, rich in valuables but poorly defended, fell quickly to their assaults, and with the aid of a detachment of magmous demons or Hundredfold, the Lily have formed a nearly impenetrable base of operations in the southwest. The Shadowed Unlife Equation left a swath of destruction throughout a significant portion of the South, and the Lily have used this advantage to their utmost. Several resistance forces tied to barbarian tribes and other nomadic peoples in this region have sprung up; those with Exalted leadership have been able to act with surprising efficacy. However, given the sheer force confronting them, they have been unable to engage in more than extremely basic hit-and-run tactics, and it is unlikely that any will survive for long without the assistance of a greater power.

Holbar, the third Exalt from Lai's group, currently directs the Lily's southern campaign from his fortress in the repurposed city of Gem.