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Alchemy employs 12 processes to generate the Philosopher's Stone. These are grouped together into 4 groups of 3, each of which constitutes a different phase of the Great Work.

Begin with Essence.

The first phase is Decomposition of mortal souls:

  • First was Calcination, ruled by Meru, through which souls are tested by the fire of living.
  • Second is Digestion, ruled by Letheon, through which all souls must pass to be reborn.
  • Third will be Putrefaction, ruled by Netheos, in which the incomplete must linger before changing and passing onward.

The second phase is Modification of elemental substances:

  • Fourth was Congelation, ruled by Wasirru, conjoining what is seperate.
  • Fifth is Fixation, ruled by Xara, ordering what is varied.
  • Sixth will be Ceration, ruled by Elysion, enobling what is dull.

The third phase is Separation of powers and authorities:

  • Seventh was Distillation, ruled by Bi'allah, lonely collector of fragments.
  • Eighth is Sublimation, ruled by Yu-Shan, shining pinnacle of existence.
  • Ninth will be Filtration, ruled by Malfeas, brackish nadir of reality.

The fourth phase is Union between opposities:

  • Tenth was Solution, ruled by Tesearah, where difference is bent to concensus.
  • Eleventh is Multiplication, ruled by the Wyld, where chaos is the whole of the law.
  • Twelfth will be Projection, ruled by Atomnos, where within is without.

Here the Great Work will reach fruition.

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