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The Constellations of Netheos

When the world was first created, fifty constellations shone in the sky: one for each of the fifty Primordials who had come from afar to craft the world. But after the great war, the sky was riven in two: twenty-five Primordials found a place (whether in thrones or in chains) in the new order of things, and their constellations hung yet in the sky -- while twenty-five others fell to death or exile, and theirs slipped away from Meru and fell -- into the skies of Netheos.

Below are the signs that the ghosts of Netheos might speak of, and the basic associations of each.

The House of Beginnings

The Crown

The sign of aspirations and rises to glory.

The Feather

The sign of unburdenedness.

The Mountain

The sign of simplicity and vastness.

The Orchard

The sign of bounty and plentiful beginnings.

The River

The sign of inevitable progress from a distant beginning.

The House of Devourings

The Behemoth

The sign of justified need, of sacrifice to the greater duty.

The Chained Man

The sign of self-doubt and penance.

The Maw

The sign of gluttony and ravenous hunger.


The Wolf

The sign of lurking doom, of the unseen menace.

The House of Maelstroms

The Exile

The sign of inner conflict and doubt.


The Spiral

The sign of the cycles of life, of expected and gradual transformation.

The Thief

The sign of unexpected changes, of sudden prosperity and loss.

The Veil

The sign of self-delusion, of gnawing doubt.

The House of Enmities

The Dancer

The sign of hatred born from jealousy.

The Eye

The sign of laboring under oppression, and of constant vigilance.


The Labyrinth

The sign of confusion, of impossible tasks, and of the mournful past.

The Scythe

The sign of tasks done from necessity, and of justified murder.

The House of Graves

The Cross

The sign of decisions and irrevokable choices.

The Effigy

The sign of piety, and of good people who died too soon.


The Sisters

The sign of familial connections, and also of squabbles; of duty, and also of prodigality.

The Temple

The sign of consistency, and of institutions; of things which do not change.

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