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To Her Majesty, the Empress Zahara Zhan, the Dreambreaker, Architect Unparalleled and Sorceress Supreme, on the 4th day of Calibration in this, the 4th year of her Auspicious and Efficacious Reign,

Moved by loyalty and camaraderie, and aware of the great services that the Empress of the Sunlands has performed, to Meru and to all the Axis of Worlds, I, Imrama Stormfound, write as a counselor and friend to the court.

The Sunlands, not even a dream or a whisper a decade ago, now stand as a paragon of safety, strength and freedom in all of Creation. What the Empire is, it is because of Zahara Zhan, her vision, her sacrifice, the work of her hands and the sweat of her brow. And yet, if the conflicts and closely averted cataclysms of this Calibration and its preamble have illustrated only one thing, it is that none of our number is so capable alone as we are when working together. You drove, from the beginning, the great work of the Sunlands, and for that we call you Empress. But the glory of the Sunlands, and the very survival of this nation and the world in which it resides has been made possible only by the corporate efforts of the Circle of the Sunlands. The national crisis that began with your abduction and ended with the redemption of Cerin the Wolf and the securement of the Auric Temple required the finest efforts of every member of our company. It is by our mutual labor that we and the nation we uphold has survived.

It is for this reason that I write to propose that a new order needs be established in the Sunlands. Our Circle cannot endure part Sovereign and part Subject. I call on you to release all of your Circlemates from any and all oaths which bind the swearer into unequal obligations. Should any other such oaths exist between members of this company, I believe they must be dissolved as well. Further, I propose that a Constitution for the Sunlands be drafted and promulgated, authorizing all members of the Circle of the Sunlands as Peers and Trustees of the Empire. Such a Constitution, if it is to be a just document, must recognize and enshrine the Empress Zahara as the caretaker and custodian of the people, land and wealth of the Sunlands. Likewise this document ought to name the similar province of affairs and responsibilities entrusted to each Peer - the present titles of Spymaster Consort and Tactician-General may point the way toward such an arrangement.

I believe that, to provide the Sunlands with the protection and support it needs, this Council of State, our Circle, must act with one body and speak with one voice, so far as regards the Sunlands. The provinces of each officer must be respected, and those affairs of state which threaten the whole or cross the bounds between trusteeships must be decided upon collectively.

I swore, when first we met, to serve loyally the hope that you and this Circle represent and to make it grander by my part in it. I can only honor my oath to by ensuring the continued strength and vitality of the Sunlands, and so I have written what I have written. My best wishes, and deepest esteem, to you, Zahara Zhan. I came to the Sunlands a stranger, and trusted you to take me in as an ally. I trust you now to take my words in the spirit intended.

In Fellowship, Trierarch Imrama Stormfound