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Excerpts from the Gospels of Laerad

1.12c: And the world was yet empty.
1.12d: And the master did take up root upon Meru, and extend his roots down deep into the earth;
1.12e: Yea, downward through Xara, and Atomnos, and downward into the deepest realm;
1.12f: And the master did extend, and grow his branches upwards to the farthest reaches;
1.12g: Yea, unto the realms of Elysion, and Wasirru, and upwards to Yu-Shan;
1.12h: And from his branches sprung the fruits of the heavens;
1.12i: And from his roots sprung the vines of the earth.

1.30d: Know them, when they stand before you, for they yet serve the master in this world.
1.30e: Know ye the Ygdommu, for they take the form of the the curling vine;
1.30f: They walk in the East, where the tree takes no root;
1.30g: Where the earth bears no purchase;
1.30h: They are of the five vines;
1.30i: They enfold and enrapture;
1.30j: And do their work in this world.
1.30k: Know ye the Estarus, for they take the form of the rugged ash;
1.30l: They walked in the Basin, where now there is fog;
1.30m: They are of the ten branches;
1.30n: They hold all, shelter all, stand fast against all;
1.30o: And do their work in this world.

2.09d: And the Sun-Drenched heard whispers;
2.09e: They came from their gardens;
2.09f: They came from their crops;
2.09g: They came from the grass beneath their feet.
2.09h: And these whispers entered into their minds,
2.09i: Into their dark recesses;
2.09j: And they grew in the dark,
2.09k: As is the way of those things planted by the master.
2.09l: And they grew in the dark,
2.09m: And they bore bitter fruit,
2.09n: And thus came the first Harvest of Bones.

2.17c: Behold, you are of the Itinerants of Ash.
2.17d: The blood runs within you:
2.17e: The blood of a dragon, twisted against its kind;
2.17f: The blood of our master, added to your own;
2.17g: Together, they bring you to serve the Ash Father.

2.21a: You are the Children of the Ash;
2.21b: And these are your Creeds.
2.21c: The Creed of The Seed;
2.21d: That you shall plant the message of the Ash,
2.21e: Not in one place, but in all,
2.21f: And that you shall water it,
2.21g: And that you shall feed it,
2.21h: That it may germinate anew.
2.21i: The Creed of the Root;
2.21j: That you shall draw in for the Ash
2.21k: What it needs to survive;
2.21l: The Creed of the Trunk;
2.21m: That you shall stand fast,
2.21n: Though the world shall seek to destroy you.
2.21o: The Creed of the Branch;
2.21p: That you shall spread the Ash,
2.21q: That it may cover all of the earth once again.

3.04e: And the student Fon spoke to his master,
3.04f: Speaking, "What action shall I take?
3.04g: "For your branches tear not at this sky;
3.04h: "For your roots tear not at this earth.
3.04i: "What shall I do, to break this curse upon me?"
3.04j: And the master spoke to his student Fon,
3.04k: Speaking, "Do as I tell you,
3.04l: "And you shall be free of this curse.
3.04m: "Find the jewels of an earthen house.
3.04n: "Find them, and draw them to you.
3.04o: "Bring them to the grove, that you have consecrated.
3.04p: "Lie them down, upon the earth.
3.04q: "Plant the seed upon their beating heart.
3.04r: "Water it with the blood of heresy.
3.04s: "Feed it with the flesh of enlightenment.
3.04t: "Let it grow, as is my way.
3.04u: "And you shall find the curse lifted from upon you."