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Imrama ]

Draft Principles of the Exalted Deliberative:

-This is the Three-Crowned Mandate of the Exalted Deliberative:

  • The defense and stewardship of Creation,
  • The protection and advancement of Humanity and its allies, and
  • The promulgation of the Faith Ecliptic.

-Membership in this body shall be initiated by invitation of a member or members of the Deliberative, or by petition from an individual seeking membership, and confirmed by a simple majority vote of the assembly. Expulsion will will be accomplished similarly, with the requirement of a simple majority if requested by the member to be expelled, and a three-quarters majority when proposed by another Deliberator or Deliberators.

-Each Deliberator will be entrusted with at least one title and sphere of responsibility - hereafter referred to as a Province, which may include areas of expertise and offices of Deliberative business and policy, authority over lands, peoples or factions pledged to the Deliberative, or both.

-Deliberators shall devote their holdings, their efforts and their lives to the work of the Deliberative, pooling all resources of material, personnel, information and capability.

-Each Deliberator will hold operational authority in matters specific to their Province, and may depend upon the advice and support of the Deliberative when exercising such authority. When making decisions exclusive to their Province, Deliberators may be over-ruled only by a two-thirds majority vote.

-In matters where two or more Provinces conflict or intersect, those members involved will reach agreement by consensus, or the matter will be resolved by a simple majority vote of the Deliberative as a whole.

-Any nation, people, or faction pledged to the Realm of the Third Age must be provided a Deliberator to serve as custodian and advocate. Members of the Deliberative may represent multiple constituencies, and constituencies seeking to pledge may either offer a new candidate for membership (who, if accepted, will become their custodian), petition a current Deliberator for their custodianship, or accept the ruling of the Deliberative in assigning a Deliberator to them.

-Non-human nations, peoples and factions may enter into alliance with the Realm of the Third Age without accepting administration by a Deliberative member. Such valued allies shall be granted an observer seat on that body, with full rights of speech, but without right of vote, except where matters specific to their Province are at stake. No vote of the Deliberative shall over-rule the self-determination of an ally without first dissolving the alliance.

-Membership shall be open to any Exalt inducted as described, and to allied observers as described. Other beings may attend sessions of the Deliberative at the invitation of one or more Deliberators, and may speak with the permission of the same or any other Deliberator. Guests will be expelled if at any time there is not a Deliberator willing to sponsor their presence, or by the operational authority of their custodian (if they have one), or by a simple majority vote.

-Deliberators agree to abide by the decisions of the Deliberative, and to speak with one voice in all matters of public policy.

Draft Tenants of the Faith Ecliptic:

-The Gods require the Living in order to endure.

-The Living require the Gods in order to survive.

-The Living shall render offering and prayer unto the Gods, in proportion to their offices and to their righteous exercise thereof.

-The Gods shall use their power and authority to aid the Living and benefit Creation.

-None shall make offering or prayer to the Enemies of Creation.

-None shall conspire with the Enemies of Creation against the Living, or the Dead, or the Gods, or the Elementals, or against Creation itself.

-The Enemies of Creation are the Yozis, the Neverborn, the Unbroken Primordials and the Fair Folk, together with all the agents of these, excepting those who swear the Oath of Peaceable Accord.

-The only aid the Living may offer the Dead is to speed their passage into Lethe - anything else only risks their existence being lost to the Void.