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The Taxonomy of Rexinus

(An Excerpt)


  • Creator: Gaia
  • Attitude: Recumbent
  • Birthing: Biological
  • Soul Manifestation: Slow, with deliberate action
  • Essence Channels: Tenfold Paths of Mastery
  • Castes: Anklok, Mosok, Pterok, Raptok
  • Appearance: Reptilian, approximately six feet in height. Body form equivalent to basic God-Template. Variance by caste:
*Anklok: Broad, muscular; tough skin, lack of subtle movement musculature. Coloration in tones of orange, yellow, brown.
*Mosok: Larger, slick, aquatic. Adapted to water-dwelling. Coloration in tones of sea green, deep blue, purple, opalescent white.
*Pterok: Thinner, more angular, bearing light fur and large arm-wings. Coloration in white, pale blue, violet, black.
*Raptok: Lithe, dextrous, elongated. Decorative feathers. Coloration in deep forest green, with feathers of gold and deep red.
  • Temperament: Savage, but refined. Deeply connected to the inner aspect of the hunter, with culture supportive of duels to the dath, sacrifice, etc. Simultaneously dedicated to learning and expansive knowledge; produce many scholars and theorists.
  • Habitat: Each caste originates in a different direction: the Anklok in the south, the Pterok the north, the Mosok the west and the Raptok the east. Each is adapted to distinct conditions of their unique direction.


  • Creator: Cytherea
  • Attitude: Recumbent
  • Birthing: Creation from Essence
  • Soul Manifestation: Slow, automatic
  • Essence Channels: Heartbound Spirals
  • Castes: Revali, Rigali, Rodali, Rumali
  • Appearance: Approximately seven to eight feet tall, thin, with a smooth skin. Adheres to basic God-Template, but with extremely elongated limbs and head, and a multitude of digits. Coloration is determined by caste; all castes share Essence wells and channels which flow freely over the skin.
*Revali: Dark black-purple, with yellow Essence
*Rigali: Medium blue, with white essence
*Rodali: Dark reddish-black, with orange Essence
*Rumali: Moderate sea-green color, with blue essence
  • Temperament: Calm and reflective, but cruel. The Fa'la'tarena are rarely kind to the servitors, and have little tolerance for foolishness or disrespect from their cousins. Their society is heavily devoted to meditative focus and contemplation; they have discovered many wondrous facts about the nature of Essence channelling.
  • Habitat: Primarily dwell in the vast pagoda-cities of the treacherous Ziyi Mountains, far above the ground.


  • Creator: Uzeki
  • Attitude: Ascendant
  • Birthing: Essence Infusion into Living Being
  • Soul Manifestation: Instantaneous
  • Essence Channels: Black Rivers
  • Castes: None
  • Appearance: The appearance of an individual Krizos depends on the being into which it was born. However, all share basic identifying characteristics. Each bears the basic form of the creature into which it was born; however, its skin will be marked by the black rivers that bear the Krizos' Essence. This Essence will extrude itself into necessary protrusions not posessed by the creature -- additional limbs to bring the total to eight, tendrils for delicate manipulation, seven to thirteen sensory input mechanisms, and various offensive mechanisms.
  • Temperament: Distrustful and harsh. Society marked by constant turmoil and repeated internecine struggle. Little interest in exchanging knowledge or interacting socially with other species. An odd talent for artistic expression; responsible for the Eleven Ebon Statues that line the Third Downward Wood Road.
  • Habitat: Primarily within the Underways, largely within the region between Lostrand and Rintoko.


  • Creator: Sillamis
  • Attitude: Ascendant
  • Birthing: Spontaneous Generation
  • Soul Manifestation: Instantaneous
  • Essence Channels: Fivefold Pentacles
  • Castes: None
  • Appearance: Range in size from 2 to 15 feet in diameter. Take the form of a swirling vortex of Essence within the shifting boundarines of a circle of red, glowing eyes, held aloft by a spiral of wings with fivefold symmetry.
  • Temperament: Inscrutable, difficult. Communicate in words and sentences which seem at best incomplete to others. Are known to adopt incredibly elaborate and incomprehensible plans and projects, which are suddenly completed to no effect or dropped without explanation. Often act in ways seen as arbitrary by others. Strong streak of viciousness against those who oppose their actions or plans.
  • Habitat: The icy air-wastes of the deepest North.
  • Special notes: Current estimates place the total quantity of Quenafex at 100-150. They are solitary and have formed no obvious society, nor do they typically build or form dwellings; their innate abilities allow them to exist without such comforts.


  • Creator: Qaf
  • Attitude: Recumbent
  • Birthing: Essence infusion into inanimate material
  • Soul Manifestation: Quick, with deliberate action
  • Essence Channels: Bloodstones
  • Castes: Endo, Viso, Koso
  • Appearance: Basic adherence to the God-Template, executed in animate stone. Secondary features vary somewhat by individual. Variance by caste:
* Endo: Built of rough, jagged, dark black rock, dotted by small diamonds. Broad and powerful; walk on four limbs. Heads and supporting features reminiscent of a wolf.
* Viso: Built of smooth, swirled marble rock of differing colors. Thin, graceful form, with heads and supporting features reminiscent of a hawk.
* Koso: Built of rough, earthen ore containing deep and plentiful veins of gold and silver. A moderate but solid build, with heads and supporting features reminiscent of a lion.
  • Temperament: The Zipetok vary by caste: the Endo are largely gruff and quick to anger, the Viso typically withdrawn and often inscrutable, and the Koso forward, direct, and determined. Society as a whole is heavily divided along caste lines and focuses heavily on visceral experience over contemplation and thought.
  • Habitat: Large habitations spanning two southern mountain ranges and the intervening desert.
  • Special notes: Note the distinct birthing method marking a key difference with the Jadeborn (q.v.)