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To [Her or His] Esteemed Eminence, the [Princess, Prince-Regent, Fisher-King, Oligarch, Marquis, Baroness, Lord, Sultan, Exarch, President, Mayor, Consul, Bergermeistrix, Plutarch, Chancellor, or Dutchess] of the August nation and people of [Ruchaga, Kansagra, Tesr, Xachi, Kero-Yu, We-Dikune, Arosh, Velen, Laris, Cho-Holuth, Meresh, Nechara, Aryvyras, Darangin, Matetha or Pa-Laris],

I greet you in peace and friendship, as a defender of Creation and an official emissary of Her Majesty, the Empress Zahara Zhan. With great joy, I write on her behalf to invite your nation into union with the Empire of the Sunlands. Knowing you to be the wise and loyal steward of a proud and independent people, I entreat you: please do not dismiss this offer out-of-hand, but afford me the honor of considering its merits.

The Sunlands and all of its citizens enjoy a degree of security and a standard of living which far exceeds that of any other nation in Creation. Its many cities, towns and farms want for nothing, and benefit greatly from a vast internal economy and a surfeit of natural resources. Furthermore, the leadership of the Empress and the assistance of her many Exalted allies graces the diverse peoples and prefectures of the Domain of the Sun with wondrous advantages not seen in millennia. The Dreambreaker is a strident voice for all her people in meetings of the Exalted Deliberative, and her protection and inventive genius has allowed the lands of the Southern East to bloom as never before.

All of these innumerable blessings have been freely given to the many nations united under the Sunlands banner - neighbors you know well, such as Tavereth, Bolek and Chaya - without the loss of indigenous culture or local autonomy. Regional governments have been left in place as the Empire has expanded, and municipal leaders are given broad leeway to continue their service and stewardship in the time-honored manner of their nation. To join with the Sunlands is to become an honored limb in a mighty body, while keeping your nation's precious and independent soul intact.

I offer my heartfelt gratitude to your august personage for the time spent in reading this letter, or in listening to the subordinate who reported to you on its contents. Should you wish to tour the Sunlands, or to interview any of its citizens or regional officials in order to better judge the veracity of my assertions, I would be only too happy to arrange such. Until we next correspond, 10,000 blessings on your house - Her Majesty's government and I fervently await your reply.

In Truth and Humility,

Imrama Stormfound