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Update Phoenix of Ashes

Phoenix of AshesGallantNight
Aztec Sword Saint Black Smoke
ShreyasSol Invictus388 total, 163 unspent, 225 spent
Last XP Update: Tulips are for Forgiveness
Attributes (8/6/4)
Abilities (25, 10 From Caste/Favored, Min 1 In Each Favored)
Archery  Endurance4 Craft(bakery)3 
Brawl  Performance  Investigation  
Martial Arts  Presence  Lore4 
Melee5 Resistance  Medicine2 
Thrown  Survival  Occult2 
Night   Eclipse  Specialties 
Athletics5 Bureaucracy  AbilityRating
Awareness  Linguistics4   
Dodge5 Ride    
Larceny2 Sail    
Stealth3 Socialize3   
Linguistics: Firetongue; High Holy Speech, Old Realm, High Realm
Tempers Essence***** Virtues (5)
Willpower8Personal:23 totalCompassionX X
X X X X X | X X X - -  23 freeConvictionX X
Regain Willpower When Peripheral:54 totalTemperanceX X X X
You do something particularly impressive or awe-inspiring.33 freeValorX X X
Limit Break  4+7+10 committed
* * * * - | - - - - -  Bracers, PS, S-BS
Combat Statistics
Initiative:7(9)Soak (L/B):(2/3)Mobility:-0
REP Attack:13 (19)Parry:11Damage:+8L
GSS Attack:18 (24)Parry:11Damage:+12L
Effortless Dodge:5Dodge Action:19
Feat of Grace:11Feat of Might:9Feat of Mettle:3
Essence Regain16/Hour8/Hour0/Hour
W/ Hearthstone26/Hour18/Hour10/Hour
Health Levels (7)0124Incapacitated
Personal Weapons
Reborn Ecstatic Plume+2L+2+07+2
Glorious Solar Sabre+6L+7+0+2
Hearthstone Bracers+2(stacks)
Anima Banner:
Phoenix of Ashes's anima banner is a pillar of purple-black, scrolling smoke. (Think Wind Waker FX here.) At its base it is tinged with white-gold lights that come from within; her Caste Mark fills with white stars as the anima becomes more intense.
0 MotesNo display.
1-3 MotesAs she begins to spend Peripheral Essence, Phoenix of Ashes's Castemark appears and begins to flicker with otherworldly luminosity. Anyone who can see her can make a Perception + Awareness roll at standard difficulty to notice it.
4-7 MotesAt this level of display, Phoenix of Ashes's Castemark glows like a beacon, and its light will shine through anything placed over it.
8-10 motesNow spiralling, gold-edged smoke begins to issue from Phoenix of Ashes's feet. The display fades quickly and cannot be seen through treetops, but her Castemark is strong and bright.
11-15 motesThe smoke rises higher up, always vertically as if there were no wind, and its light is visible for miles. Inside it, there is a sound of birds and a smell of blood mixed with chocolate and incense.
16+ motesThe smoke engulfs Smoking Mirror and turns him into a gigantic, wispy quetzal-beast whose tailfeathers end in serpents' heads; he spirals around Phoenix of Ashes like a constricting python.
Virtue FlawBerserk Anger
Limit Break Condition:The character has to face the consequences of her actions, or is otherwise shown she is fallible.
Backgrounds (7)ValueNotes
Allies*****The Red Court of Desiccation maintains Fire House and the surrounding lands. They have assigned Smoking Mirror to serve as a liaison and bodyguard to Phoenix of Ashes.
Artifact*****Reborn Ecstatic Plume ***, a sword made of three Chiaroscuro glass feathers, is Phoenix of Ashes's personal weapon and enables her to communicate with birds. The original Ecstatic Plume was destroyed in the Primordial War when it was used to parry a Yozi's attack, but has somehow reconstituted itself.
  Hearthstone Bracers **, Orichalque, these bracers have a setting for the Gem of Perfect Mobility.
Familiar*****|**Smoking Mirror, an obsidian quetzal who eats hearts. His eyes are full of smoke. Significant combat capabilities, intelligent as an adult human, can communicate telepathically with its master, five Charms.
Manse*****Gem of Perfect Mobility, A red jewel that glows as bright as a candle, its facets shift in the moving air, making it look like a globe of dim fire. In still air, though, it is still, and its shape reveals itself to be the many-faceted brilliant cut of fine diamonds. Its bearer moves twice as fast and can take two normal actions each turn.
  The Gem of Perfect Mobility is produced by Fire House, a Manse in the South. Carved out of a gigantic ametrine, this building fades from deep violet at its base to honeyed gold at the roofs of its many tangled loggias and terraces. The sprawl of crystal is made opaque by many white tapestries, on which idyllic pastoral scenes are depicted in woven bas-relief. Deep in the centre of the Manse is a fountain of natural gas upon which the Hearthstone forms; this gas permeates the whole area, making the Demesne smell like lightning and creating translucent veils of cool flame which can be passed through safely, and produce enough light and movement at night to make Fire House seem populated at all times.
Charm Descriptions (10, Min 5 From Caste Or Favored)
CharmTypeCostNon-Instant Duration
Excellent Strike1m/dSupp
–Iron Whirlwind Attack3m/attackExtra Actions
––Perfected Blade Discipline6mIndependent Action
–Hungry Tiger Technique????
––Fire & Stones Strike????
–––Whirlwind of Searing Blows????
––––Illuminating Inferno Strike5m 1wSimple
–––––Heart of the Sun Strike6m 1wSimple
–Undaunted Weapon Technique3mSupp
––Serpent Strike3mSupp
–––Steel Symphony Stance5m 1wSimpleScene
–––Inevitable Strike3m 1wSuppScene
Golden Essence Block1m/2dRef
–Dipping Swallow Defence2mRef
––Bulwark Stance5mSimpleUntil next action
–––Fivefold Bulwark Stance5m 1wSimpleScene
Retrieve the Fallen Weapon1mSimple
–Summoning the Loyal Steel1mRef
––Glorious Solar Saber5m 1wSimpleScene
–––Magnificent Sunblade StylePermanent
–––Exemplary Horizon BladePermanent
Ox-Body Technique (x3)Permanent
Essence-Gathering Temper1mRef
Willpower-Enhancing Spirit3mRef
Dragon-Line Body MeditationPermanent
Repose-in-Battle Approach6m 1wSimpleDay
Self-Healing BodyPermanent
Monkey Leap Technique1mRefTurn
Foe-Vaulting Style3mSupp
Inescapable Sword Dance1mRef
Graceful Crane Stance3mRefScene
Unearthly Grace Meditation5mSimpleScene
Freedom of Exquisite MotionPermanent
Lightning Speed1mRefTurn
Spider-Foot Style2mRef
Feather-Foot Style3mRef
Cloud-Foot Style4m 1wSimpleScene
Eagle-Wing Style5m 1wSimpleScene
Sky-Body Style10m 1wSimpleScene
Reed in the Wind1m/2dRef
Shadow over Water2mRef
Seven Shadows Evasion6mRef
Reflex Sidestep Technique2mRef
Flow Like Blood5m 1wSimpleScene
Body of Evening MistPermanent
Intangible Smoke Defence8m 1wRef1 turn (comboable)
Penumbra Stance7m 1wRef
Wind-&-Water Evasion3mRef
Shimmering Mirage Stance6m 1wSimpleScene
Whirlwind Brush Method4mSimpleScene
Flawless Brush Discipline6mSimpleDay
Letter-Within-a-Letter Technique6m 1wSimpleHour
Thousand-Facet Words Technique10m 1wSimpleSpecial
Self-Authoring Text Style20m 1wSimpleSpecial
Sagacious Reading of Intent6mSimple
Poetic Expression Style3mSimpleScene
Masterful Training Manual10m 1wSimpleSpecial
Merits & Flaws
Legendary Dexterity
Equipment And Other Gear

Sol Invictus

Charms Birds Had
CharmTypeCostNon-Instant Duration
Hundred Hungry Blades Meditation10mIndependent Action
Iron Raptor Technique2mSimple
Edge of Morning Sunlight1mSupp
Corona of Radiance5m 1wSimpleScene
Flaring Halo Technique6m 1wSimpleScene
Windblown Leap Approach5mSimpleScene

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