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Zahara lights the 5 candles on her circular table, inlaid with slate, marble and granite patterns reminiscent of a protective circle, and arranges the little vase of flowers - red lilies just offcenter. She dims the lights in the room, the Gilmeyne dancing off to one side and the candles provide the light. The pillows have disappeared in order to turn the room into one suitable for dining, and she smiles, offering Cerin a seat across from her.

<Cerin> "Thank you, Zahara" He sits down gracefully across from her, looking at the table, his eyes indicating he gets some of the significance of the lilies.

<Zahara> "You're quite welcome. The servants will bring dinner, and then leave us in peace for the rest of the night." she says as they enter, each bringing fine food and drink, on beautiful plates that stay hot or cold as appropriate.

  • Cerin 's eyes light up as he appreciates the magic at worked. He smiles at Zahara.

<Zahara> "I hope you like roasted Yeddim calf."

<Cerin> "...I dont believe I've ever eaten it before"

  • Zahara looks over as two servants hoist a huge tray between them, setting it on a banquet-style table a little off to the side. Upon the hot platter lies a whole roasted yeddim calf, with a pumpkin in its mouth. The servants begin to carve the meat delicately, choosing the finest cuts of the tender meat, and place it onto a more manageable platter, which goes onto the table.

<Zahara> "It has a wonderful flavor, and it's very tender. I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

<Cerin> "I am sure I shall" he smiles and offers her slices of the meat, before taking some for himself.

  • Zahara accepts and sprinkles some spices from a small bowl over them, passing it over to Cerin when she's done. "My special recipe." she notes.
  • Cerin sniffs on the spice lightly, trying to gauge a sense of the flavour, before sprinkling some on his own meat

<Cerin> "It smells delicious" He leans back to allow the servents to serve up some vegetables on his plate

  • Zahara takes a sip of her wine as the servants depart the room, a full spread before them. "It should be. We found the best chefs in the Sunlands and brought them here. It turned out that one of the best was a peasant woman from the eastern part who had quite a following along a trade route."
  • Cerin sips his own wine "I see." he laughs softly "Even after several months here, the luxury in which you live suprises me sometimes"
  • Zahara smiles, "We live as befits the rulers of an empire. What would the people think if the most powerful people in the land lived in hovels?"

<Cerin> "That is true" he acknowledges with nod

<Zahara> "We do what we must." she puts on a mock-sorrowful expression. "For the people."

  • Cerin laughs softly "I can see your suffering"
  • Zahara tilts her head "It's terrible, I can hardly stand it."
  • Cerin shakes his head slightly at her, and takes another sip of her wine
  • Zahara breaks her pose and smiles. "You, however, I can stand."
  • Zahara slices a piece off her yeddim and bites it delicately off the fork.
  • Cerin samples some of his own yeddim, making appreciative noises as he does
  • Zahara continues making light conversation throughout dinner, enjoying the evening and just watching Cerin to see how he reacts to things she says. She finds it quite interesting to see how he reacts to the things Markuran hates most, such as her lack of caring for people without a good reason, etc.
  • Cerin does his best to be a good dinner companion, though Zahara can no doubt tell that he has not done this sort of thing for a while.
  • Zahara made sure to only have two sets of forks, spoons and knives so as not to confuse him too terribly.
  • Cerin is grateful. He seems to be waiting for Zahara to get to the point of the meeting, as it were.
  • Zahara realizes such, and is purposefully drawing it out. Finally, after several hours of fine dining, she pulls a cord leading into the ceiling, and a bell rings. Servants scurry in and remove the scattered remnants of the meal, sweep the floor and clean the table while they wait. Once all is refreshed, they bring in dessert; some sort of frozen concoction made of fruits, done up to look like a peacock, complete with a feathered tail
  • Cerin laughs "This is an incrediable icecream"
  • Zahara smiles, "I love peacocks, so beautiful. What better way to display dessert?" she chuckles, and defaces half of the peacock, serving him a nice helping, then to herself, and turns the rest so the whole side is still facing them. "There."
  • Cerin smiles and samples some of the fruit "Delicious" he eats more of the iced fruit, quickly demolishing half his bowl
  • Zahara samples the ice creams, of which there are several flavors, and finally says, "I hope you enjoyed the dinner, Cerin." she folds her napkin neatly and places it on the table. "Now, I believe you were going to tell me a story."
  • Cerin pauses briefly in raising his fork to his mouth before putting the food in his mouth. When he finishes he nods "Yes, I was"
  • Cerin takes a little breath "I first met Lai when I was stopping over in Great Forks, after hunting down a god for Talespinner."

<Zahara> "Talespinner?"

<Cerin> "He is one of the triumvate of gods that rule over Great Forks"

  • Zahara nods, "Ahh yes, I haven't been to Great Forks, but I've heard of them, now that you say it."

<Cerin> "Anyway, Lai orginally wished for me to hunt down one of the Claw Striders that inhabit the southern edges of the scavenger lands...thinking about it it must have been not too far from the Sunlands, though I am not sure how much control you had the 2 years ago it must have been"

  • Zahara nods thoughtfully, "We have expanded our borders quite a bit since then, yes."

<Cerin> "I'm not quite sure why he wanted it, I would hazard a guess it was for reagents for some spell or artifact"

<Zahara> "Interesting..." she idly ponders what types of spells a Claw Strider's parts would be for. "Go on."

  • Cerin takes a sip of his wine "After delievery was the last I heard of him for several weeks, I think it was Nexus when he met me again. It was slightly perturbing that he found me again, but then he was an Exalt, and I was taking no especial care to cover my tracks. This time he wished to engauge my services as guard and guide for an expedition into the deep east."
  • Zahara nods thoughtfully, "Did you know then what type of Exalt he was?"
  • Cerin shakes his head "That ability was one I learnt later."

<Zahara> "How did that trip go? Did he do anything out of the ordinary?"

<Cerin> "The trip was fairly typical of such things. He himself did nothing especially out of the ordinary, certainly nothing beyond my capabilities. We collected the Life Flowers and numerous other herbs that he wanted and returned to civilisation"

  • Zahara nods, and waits for you to continue

<Cerin> "It was at the end of the trip that he mentioned the Red Lily, and asked if I might consider joining with them"

<Zahara> "What did he offer you in return?"

<Cerin> "Some money, the Cache Egg I own...things like that, and of course the chance to work for a better future..."

  • Cerin laughs
  • Zahara chuckles, "Everyone has their own idea of a better future, don't they? What made you decide his was the best vision?"

<Cerin> "He was willing to pay me rather a large amount of money, and he was the first who actually offered me tangiable things to do for such a goal, not simply trying to engage my services to kill people for their vision."

<Cerin> "Not that I have an especial objection to that, but better worlds are not built on corpses alone"

<Zahara> "Ahh, but did he treat you to fine dinners?" she chuckles.

<Cerin> "Several fine dinners, but none with so fine a companion to dine with"

  • Zahara smiles and blushes slightly, "You're too kind." she pauses. "Is there anything else I should know about your engagement with Lai?"

<Cerin> "I'm not sure I can think of anything else, though..not that I have not mentioned to you before"

  • Zahara nods slightly, "I just hate surprises, you know?" she smiles and takes another bite of her still-cold iced fruit.
  • Cerin nods, taking a bite of his fruit. "I can understand that"

<Zahara> "I'd much rather hear anything untoward straight from the source." she lifts a brow, inviting him to think of anything that she shouldn't know, but will eventually find out anyway.

  • Cerin eyes widen just slightly as he percieves the charm being used "There is something, but I would rather not share it until I understand it more fully myself"

<Zahara> "Perhaps in speaking of it, one reach a fuller understanding."

<Cerin> "It is a document I am working on, one with such details about the new Exalts that I have been able to discern"

  • Zahara nods, "That sounds fascinating. If I discover anything about them, I will be sure to let you know." she lets the statement hang.
  • Cerin nods "Thank you" he relaxes alittle

<Zahara> "Now, speaking of secrets, we must determine what to tell Rannath."

<Cerin> "Hmmm?" he sips on the dessert wine "Oh, about Bertrand, yes"

<Zahara> "Any information we give out, Bertrand will be its source. Luckily much of the information you gave me is also written in his hand."

<Cerin> "But what of his Exalted status?"

  • Zahara frowns slightly, "That may have to remain conjecture at this point. After all, we did find some evidence of his Exaltation during our examination of the break-in earlier."

<Zahara> "That, along with the spell of letter retrieval should be enough."

<Cerin> "If you say so"

<Zahara> "Besides," she ponders, "Does it matter so much that he is Exalted, rather than a godling himself?"

<Cerin> "It does. Betrand, though a flawed Exalt, has more power than one of the dragonblooded. These things Rannath should know when he makes his descision"

  • Zahara rubs her chin, "True. Then we will disclose it. After all, you have seen him as a prisoner here, and you would be able to tell."

<Cerin> "Also, if he could be induced into spending Essence, it would greatly help in my study of the Exaltation process"

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  • Zahara chuckles, "Do you think he will try to escape when we open the door next? He was left unchained."

<Cerin> "I doubt it, but it would be best to be prepared for any foolishness"

<Zahara> "Well, I'm sure Rannath will be amenable to at least studying him before he dies. Or, more likely, he'll try to convert the man to our side. He has this whole.. nobody is truly evil thing going on, much like Markuran."

  • Zahara waves her hand dismissively

<Cerin> "I was going to do the experiments before we revealed him to Rannath. It saves problems"

<Zahara> "I think that's an excellent idea."

  • Cerin smiles

<Zahara> "Would you like to go down tonight? I doubt Rannath will visit my dungeous any time soon, but Markuran might come to check on the Abyssal. It would be best to tell them about him as soon as possible."

<Cerin> "Why would Marku come to check on the abyssal? He dismissed him as a worthless corpse.."

<Zahara> "But at the same time, he cares about how the worthless corpse is treated."

  • Cerin sighs exasperatedly

<Zahara> "I have no idea why it means anything to him, but he's strange."

<Cerin> "I would prefer not to have to do this tonight...this meal has been most enjoyable. But..."

<Zahara> "Tomorrow morning, then?"

  • Cerin smiles and nods "As it pleases you"

<Zahara> "Many things please me" she smiles back.

  • Cerin smiles slightly wider
  • Zahara returns his gaze for a smoldering moment, and then turns to watch the Gilmeyne. "I do so love to dance."
  • Cerin turns towards the Gilmeyne "They do dance so well..." trying to forget the effect that gaze had on him
  • Zahara is firmly squashing that same effect by thinking of how she will unleash it when the time is right. What a night that will be... "So ephemeral."
  • Cerin nods slowly, and settles back to watch Gilmeyne dance

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