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30 Descending Fire, Realm Year 768.

After some significant work, Zahara and Cerin have been able to read certain portions of the papers they retrieved from Rathess -- which seem to belong to some sort of metaphysical history of Creation. Now, the two sit pouring over their discoveries.

  • Zahara runs her fingers back through her hair, sitting back in her chair with a sigh. "Do you think these are all true? Or are they more childrens' stories like some of those crystals?"
  • Cerin bends over the fragments in front of him, or rather the copies of them. He looks up "They might not be true in all details, but I think the ideas behind them may well be."

<Zahara> "Can you tell, though? I don't want to..." she frowns, "Well it would be awfully embarassing if these turned out to be false."

  • Cerin laughs softly "It would be, but no, I cannot tell if they are truth or fable, not from the text alone"

<Zahara> "Can you imagine what wars we could start over these? What brand new jihads?"

  • Cerin nods "We could do that. Birds would be interested to read them, no doubt"

<Zahara> "It will be hard enough for the mortals to believe that we Solars are the masters of creation, as we should rightfully be. They think we are all demons. But... to say that even the GODS were made by another?"

  • Birds-of-Trinity walks in just as Zahara says this.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "What? I thoughs gods just popped into existence fully-formed."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Like maggots."

<Cerin> "Many would not believe it. Ah, hello Birds"

  • Zahara whips around as Birds enters, a piece of paper in her hand, "Oh, Birds," she says after a second. "You startled me.'
  • Birds-of-Trinity takes a step back; Zahara brandishing research is a fearsome thing indeed! "What's all this?"
  • Markuran follows on Birds' heels, looking somewhat sleepy and disheveled. Running a hand through his hair, Mark adjusts recently put-on clothing. "Is that important, or are you writing love epics?"
  • Zahara has been known to use papercuts to her advantage. She looks to Cerin, and then back at the two who entered. "Notes from Rathess." she explains

<Markuran> "Do they matter?"

<Cerin> "Very interesting notes, in many ways. The love epics are in that pile, if you're interested."

<Zahara> "That depends."

  • Markuran yawns and plops himself down in a chair. He starts to put his feet up, then halts. He leans back a little, but remains upright.
  • Zahara sets the copies down carefully, arranging them in a ritually significant fashion automatically.

<Markuran> "No, not interested. Just wondering what you two were doing so quietly in here."

  • Birds-of-Trinity picks up a love epic, opens it to a random page, and drops it in shock.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "They're allowed to write those things?"

  • Cerin nods saddly to Birds.

<Zahara> "You should see the plays"

  • Birds-of-Trinity looks at the notes from Rathess. Surely they will be less ...disillusioning.

<Cerin> "This is the piece Zahara was refering to when you walked in" he gestures

  • Markuran glances at the love epic and wonders if Birds might need some help shattering a few more of her illusions...
  • Zahara reads it aloud for the benefit of all. "...ordials, fifty unimaginably powerful beings spawned from the pure chaos of the Wyld, built Creation, an island of stability in the unending chaos. Gaia formed the body of the world, the stable rock upon which existence was tethered; Cytherea brought life to the surface of the rock; Lytodea built the structure of fate, which brought with it the passing of time;"

<Zahara> "Yu-Aten built the spiralling glass towers of the heavens, to hang above the world and house the magnificent creators; and Ymitri built for his fellows the noble servants, the Gods, based on the template of his own souls; and they were put to the task of maintaining the world. At the head of these Gods were the Incarna, the seven greate..."

<Zahara> "That's all we could read from that one."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "That's, um, interesting."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Wait..."

  • Markuran grumbles under his breath. "if I wasn't keeping an open mind about blasphemy..."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "...built for his fellows the noble servants, the Gods, based on the template of his own souls?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Do you know what that MEANS?!"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "It means that we can learn exactly how gods work."

<Zahara> "Um. Yes, but give me your interpretation."

  • Birds-of-Trinity literally starts glowing with excitement. Her Castemark sizzles.
  • Zahara extracts the flammable paper from Birds' vicinity

<BirdsOfTrinity> "And then, we can make new gods."

<Zahara> "Why would we want new gods?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Why would we want new pastry, Zahara? Nothing stays fresh forever!"

  • Zahara blinks, then starts to laugh."
  • Cerin laughs

<Zahara> "You didn't happen to bring along any of your new pastry creations, did you?"

  • Markuran makes a peculiar motion, almost as if he had begun to move towards Birds, then he sits back in his chair with a floor-rattling thud and lets loose a deep belly laugh. Something in his eyes says the laugh interrupted something that might have ended badly.

<Cerin> "Some of your pastries would be most appreciated...and the idea of making gods is a fascinating one..."

<Markuran> "You suppose we could fathom the mind of a creature older then the seas and deeper then the Abyss."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I have to go read everything ever written on this topic, immediately. I'll go get us some cakes presently. I suspect that this will take some time." Birds peels out the door, sending unimportant papers flying.

<Zahara> "I think that IS everything written on this topic."

<Markuran> "She'll be back in an hour, when she realizes she doesn't know how to read."

  • Cerin raises an eyebrow at Marku.

<Markuran> "Haven't you ever wondered why we can't read her handwriting?"

<Zahara> "I thought that was just her being... flourishy."

  • Cerin nods
  • Markuran shakes his head.

<Markuran> "She's a fast learner. She'll figure it out soon.

<Cerin> "Anyway. What about this carnival...It does sound rather fascinating, and I believe it starts tomorrow." he picks up the scrap

  • Birds-of-Trinity comes back balancing several trays on her hands, head, shoulders, &c. "I have had the servants send us some paper as well, and new writing brushes."

<Zahara> "Hmmm Calibration already? My how time flies when you're being threatened on all sides."

<Cerin> "Indeed."

<Markuran> "The festival of bright water will start at midnight..but this..Carnival sounds even more interesting then the festival.."

<Cerin> "I think I know how we can get there, too." he smiles slightly smugly.

  • Zahara helps Birds get the trays on the table, which she mostly cleared off
  • Birds-of-Trinity picks up an interesting picture book.

<Zahara> "Do you, now?"

<Markuran> "And Aldana Kingfisher is now mate to Stev Swordeater.."

  • Markuran looks mournful as he remembers this fact..

<Zahara> "Who?"

<Markuran> "That tall blond with the purple eyes and the hips that was dancing on the rigging last festival."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Ooh, the one with hips."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You should do something about that."

  • Zahara thinks about this for a minute, then raises a brow, "Someone actually is willing to put up with her? I mean.. yeah, the hip... nevermind. Men."
  • Cerin smiles "I plan to ask a God...Well, a Goddess"

<Zahara> "Close.. personal friend of yours?" she asks

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Carnival?"

  • Cerin hands Birds the requisite note

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I suppose this is one of those other things we just learned."

  • Zahara passes the paper to Birds
  • Birds-of-Trinity is too tired to bubble over with excitement again.

<Cerin> "She is, yes. My first true hunt was dedicated to her. The one that lead to my Exaltation."

<Zahara> "A festival of the gods, in which all of them are invited to.. something han."

<Markuran> "Grala?"

<Markuran> "The Leafwalkers worship her."

<Cerin> "She is Mistress Of The Eternal Hunt, and venerated by hunters across Creation"

  • Zahara studies Cerin to make sure he's not sweet on this Grala person

<Markuran> "We should have dedicated the Yeddim Cataphracts to her. She would have enjoyed that hunt."

  • Cerin was perhaps sweet on her, once, it wouldnt hold a candle to his feelings for Zahara though. He turns to Marku "I did."

<Markuran> "Ah. Well good. How do we get her attention?"

<Markuran> "We can always find something dangerous to slaughter. There is no shortage of vile monsters around."

<Cerin> "She will be arriving here tomorrow. To take myself to the Carnival, if no one else"

<Markuran> "Will she take the rest of us?"

<Cerin> "I said I might have companions with me."

<Zahara> "So you knew about Carnival before?"

<Cerin> "It was one of the first notes we dechipered, remember?"

<Zahara> "Yes, of course."

1 Calibration, RY 768.

Cerin stands atop the corpse of a freshly killed beast in the woodlands outside Solaria, dedicating his latest kill to Grala.

  • Cerin waits, standing next to Zahara for Grala to appear.
  • Zahara stands next to Cerin, dressed in a shimmering gown of spun gold that clings in all the right places, and has a long slit that shows off her toned thigh. Her neck is adorned only with the amulet she'd found in her tomb, having decided to leave her collars at home for the nonce.
  • Cerin is clad in a simple grey shirt and trousers, tastefully trimmed with some small amounts of gold. Only close inspection reveals the quality of the silk, which is exquisite.

After a moment, a figure walks out of the trees: a thin, oddly tall woman, in a long cloak of black and gold feathers. She seems to be an ideal of cruel beauty, epitomized by the vicious talons she has in place of hands.

<Grala?> "You have called upon me, Cerin of the Wolf."

  • Markuran joins the rest, looking somewhat uncomfortable in his newly-shaped clothes. Despite not being *used* to wearing clothes that conceal his body, Mark manages to look highly presentable, having recently trimmed both hair and beard and washed nicely. His clothes, all in various shades of bronze and black, accent his dark skin and hair and the shimmer of the Armsbreaker and his tribal armbands in Orichalcum
  • Cerin bows "Welcome Grala, Mistress Of The Eternal Hunt, thank you for answering my call. I wish for transport to the Carnival of the gods, for myself, my love, and my companions."
  • Zahara smiles politely at the goddess.
  • Markuran offers the Goddess a bow, smiling charmingly at her
  • Birds-of-Trinity adjusts her black dress. It's nothing unusual for her, apart from being made entirely of tiny lilies.
  • Grala looks over Cerin and his companions closely. She nods to Zahara and Marku, then turns back to Cerin and a cruel grin crosses her face. "/Why/ do wish to journey to the Carnival, Cerin?"
  • Cerin takes Zahara's Hand "Zahara Zhan." he gestures to Marku "Marukran the Bear" and to Birds "Birds Of Trinity"

<Cerin> "I, we, are curious about what transpires there. We wish to see with our own eyes."

  • Grala raises an eyebrow to Cerin.

<Grala?> "You are not ignoring my advice, I hope."

  • Markuran peers at Cerin. "What advice?"

<Cerin> "I am not deliberately hunting after the Lily, no."

<Grala?> "....if you say so. I advise only for your own sake, of course." She turns away from the group, and raises one hand up above her head.

<Cerin> "I thank you for your advice, of course"

With a swift motion, she brings her talon down, clawing a hole directly in the fabric of reality. A piece of the air peels out and drops to the ground, where it disintegrates in a poof of oddly-colored smoke. Where it was, a circular hole into an ostentatious room of green stone hangs in the air.

<Grala?> "Follow me, Solars." Grala steps through the hole.

  • Cerin takes Zahara's hand and walks through the hole with her.
  • Birds-of-Trinity shrugs.
  • Markuran walks into the hole, looking around on the other side
  • Zahara follows Cerin

The four find themselves standing in a great room, apparently built entirely of brilliant green jade. It stands perhaps one hundred feet high, with numerous columns running up to the ceiling, each covered with an infinitely elaborate design. At the far end stands what appears to be a great door, bright red and trimmed with silver. Beside it recline two immaculate beasts, like the perfect ideal of the leonine form. Each would stand ten feet high at their shoulder, and each appears to be made entirely of a brilliant golden metal. It is only the swish of their tails and the slow motion of their manes that reveals their animation.

  • Birds-of-Trinity runs up to the door and tries to open it.
  • Markuran moves to peer curiously at the giant lions.
  • Cerin eyes widen slightly as he percieves the power of the two lions.

The two beasts turn to look at Birds. "Do you have permission to be here, little one?" one asks in a mellifluous, flowing voice.

<Grala?> "I have brought them. They may pass."

The other lion turns to Grala and says "As you wish."

  • Birds-of-Trinity looks at the lion-creature, considers a moment, and hops up on its neck. "Grala brought us."
  • Grala is now known as SI-ST
  • Cerin blinks.

The lion seems mildly bemused at Birds' presence upon its shoulders, but makes no significant effort to dislodge her.

<Markuran> "Birds, don't stand on the lion-god, it isn't polite."

  • Zahara puts her hand on her forehead, and shakes her head mutely.
  • Birds-of-Trinity slides down, gives the lion a little kiss, and then regains her composure. "Yes, yes, quite, quite."
  • Markuran peers curiously at said lion god's flank, mane, ear, nose, eyes and tries to see its teeth..

<Cerin> "Thank you Grala. If I might ask, how do we get back once the Carnival is over?"

Grala laughs at Cerin. "You should have no difficulty with that." At that, she flings open the doors and strides out.

  • Cerin raises and eyebrow to that, then kisses Zahara's cheek "Shall we?"
  • Cerin gestures to the door
  • Zahara squeezes his hand, "Of course." she says airily, as she eyes the door, then strides toward it, idly wondering if it's a 'push' or 'pull'

The doors appear to swing freely in both directions when not constrained by magic.

  • Markuran trots off behind Zee and Cee, eager to meet more giant animals of shiney metal.
  • Cerin pushes the door open, striding through with her, looking about at "...han"
  • Birds-of-Trinity ducks back in for a second and asks the other lion, "Um, where is 'here', percisely?"

The vista that greets the Solars as they pass through the door almost defies description. The door opens up into a truly vast plaza in the center of a great city. The plaza itself is perhaps ten miles across in every direction, filled to the brim with great stages, massive improbable fountains, sumptuous banquet tables, and wandering performances. Beyond the plaza, the buildings of the city jut up. Each seems to be made entirely of the most perfect crystal -- somehow transparent and yet utterly opaque at the same time, each reflects the entire surrounding in miniature, producing the strangest recursion even when viewed from miles away. The buildings jut up in every possible shape and size, creating a skyline that is oddly diverse and yet utterly compatible with itself. Far from the Solars' position, a massive palace sits: four giant minarets, taller by far than any other buildings in the city, surrounding a tremendous dome, miles upon miles across. The sky above holds streaks of every color imaginable, looking like the night sky viewed through the most incredible fevered dream. It gleams and shifts as every moment passes.

<Zahara> "It looks like the First Age was not entirely lost." she breathes

  • Cerin nods. "..."

Grala says, from the position she has taken near the doorway: "Welcome, Solars, to the heavenly city of Yu-Shan."

  • Markuran is distracted from the mind-blowing beauty of the vista by the stomach-churning scent of the *food*. The big man races for the banquet tables.
  • Birds-of-Trinity stares and stares.
  • Cerin tears his eyes away from the vista before him "....Thank you for bringing us here, Grala"

She nods, then moves off to begin enjoying the party.

  • Cerin gestures after Marku and the Goddess "Well, onwards?"

Throughout the plaza, beings of every description can be seen. The gods are more splendid, numerous, and bizarre than one would even imagine, taking every imaginable form and often shifting as the mood strikes them. What appears to be a group of Dragon-Kings -- or something quite similar with wings -- sits around one particular fountain, tossing bizarre celestial fish to one another. What seem to be humans of some kind can be spotted occasionally -- though rarely -- amongst those attending as well; here, a green-skinned woman in glamorous clothes brings flowers to an eager spirit, there a tired-looking man gazes longingly at a sensual elemental's dance. Even a number of what must be Fair Folk seem to be in attendance -- undoubtedly to enjoy the greatest party known in or out of Creation.

  • Zahara stares at the vista, memorizing the curves and angles and structures behind the crystals, trying to figure out how to build them back home.
  • Cerin is obviously only keeping control by some great effort of will.
  • Zahara 's fingers twitch, wishing she had brought some paper and a proper pen.
  • Cerin starts to walk down towards the throng with Zahara.
  • Birds-of-Trinity observes Zahara's frustration, and finds a stack of heavenly napkins. Silk is enough like paper!
  • Markuran does not even feel violent as he moves past one of the fae to get at the food, the thought of pulverising the shining visage never occurs to him.
  • Birds-of-Trinity hands them to Zahara with one of the pens she always carries.
  • Zahara smiles and uses condiments to draw on them, color coding things with different foods.

The food is beyond even Marku's greatest expectations. Impeccable representations of almost any dish he has ever heard of lie between foods that he lacks the words to even describe, much less categorize. Each individual aroma is uniquely identifiable, even amongst hundreds of scrumptious offerings.

  • Zahara licks her pen frequently

Standing at Markuran's banquet table is a figure almost as massive as he is, covered in a volumnious dark crimson hooded cloak made of some kind of fur and trimmed with gold. The hand reaching out for food is likewise large, and covered in a perfectly-fitting black silk glove.

The cloaked and hooded figure has a large thin bundle held in his other hand, wrapped in golden silk.

  • Cerin samples some of the food Zahara is standing near, with some of the condiments, when she isnt using them.
  • Markuran ignores the figure, happily munching away on some strange pastry filled with glowing purple cream.
  • Birds-of-Trinity examines the various snacks carefully, scrawling recipe notes on her arm.

<Zahara> "Cerin, can you annotate these with the flows?" she offers him a stack of newly decorated napkins

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Oh, excuse me." Birds has collided with a Fair Folk, and spilled a frothy red beverage all over his...torso?

<Cerin> "Of course, my heart" he starts to descorate them with the especially tastey sauce he just used, teasing the flows and lines out with a diamond cocktail stick.

The perfectly svelte and elegant fae looks down upon the odd stain upon his chest for a moment. Then, without warning, he grabs Birds and locks her in a passionate kiss.

  • Birds-of-Trinity takes the opportunity to check his muscle tone.

The faerie has an immaculate swimmer's build.

  • Cerin frowns at the figure standing across from Markuran, as he comes to annotate those flows. They do look rather familiar.

The hooded figure looks over at Birds and the faerie, laughs softly, and walks away from the table into the crowd, eating some kind of large mammal's well-cooked haunch.

  • Zahara starts in on a new set of napkins, attempting to detail every possible aspect of this Yu-Shan city
  • Markuran licks at a perfect sphere of a pale-colored concoction that, while melting where the Solar licks it, remains solid in every other place, not messy at all. The soft orange sphere is dotted with bits of fruit and shines with crystals of sweet and sugar. Mark gatheres several more in all shades of the rainbow and hands one to Cerin, a wildly colored purple-red-blue-yellow-green ovid of delishousness.
  • Cerin shakes his head softly, trying to place them. He moves on the next sketch. he absently eats the ..thing that Marku gave him "mmm..thank you"
  • Zahara plucks a small piece of some sort of meat from the table and, while she intended to eat it absently while working on her sketches, is distracted by the fine flavor, and takes several moments to savor it before returning to her scribbles.
  • Markuran nods and wanders off, licking at his multicolored collection of sweets as he goes.

Even beyond the incredible food, the city seems to be full of incredible entertainments. Groups of thirteen-handed jugglers compete with elaborate phantasmic plays and music that can be seen for the attention of the crowd.

  • Birds-of-Trinity finally breaks from the kiss. "Well, hello there."
  • Cerin finishes on the stack, folding them carefully. And stowing them carefully away. Where they wont be snacked on.

The fair one smiles devilishly at Birds, then begins to walk past. "I will see you again tonight, my darling!" he shouts at her as he departs.

  • Birds-of-Trinity makes a nore of his appearance, and shifts her outfit a bit, to include a veil.
  • Zahara diagrams the table.
  • Cerin takes a moment to watch the Jugglers. He kisses Zahara "Want to take a walk around, my love? We have enough sketches to last us the next year."

<Zahara> "But there's so much more," she kisses him back grins, holding up her stack of napkins. "Then again.. there's more elsewhere too. Let's go."

  • Markuran snatches up a spun-sweet statue almost as large as Birds and drags it along behind him on a block of slowly melting wine. Returning, laden with sugary confections, to the gateway Mark raps on the door and looks inside for the Celestial Lion that he'd been staring at earlier.

The door opens, and one of the lions pokes its head through. "Can I assist you?"

<Markuran> "Are you the one that Birds of Trinity was standing on?"

<Selonis?> "...yes."

  • Cerin smiles and takes her hand, starting to walk through the crowd, looking about him with wonder at the gods and fey and architecture.

<Markuran> "Would you like a ball of sweet frozen stuff?"

  • Markuran offers a shiney sphere of red.

<Selonis?> "...thank you. Normally I must wait until my guardian shift has ended in order to partake of the refreshments."

<Markuran> "When does it end?"

<Selonis?> "Not until midnight tomorrow."

Cerin and Zahara wend their way through the throngs of partygoing gods, enjoying the incredible spectacle of the event.

  • Markuran considers. "Well, when it ends, I would like to ask a great favor. I have heard stories of the great golden lions trusted to guard the greatest places of power. I want to test my strength against yours."

<Zahara> "Do you think they'll be here, Cerin?" she asks idly as they make their way through the party

<Cerin> "Hmmm?" he looks at her

<Zahara> "The ones you're not hunting."

The lion grins a savage, toothy grin at Markuran. "If you challenge me thus, I trust that you will provide a suitable challenge."

<Markuran> "I hope to. You accept?"

<Selonis?> "I accept."

  • Cerin smiles "They may well be. It almost seemed too much to hope for though." he frowns "Where did I see that before?"

<Zahara> "See what?"

<Markuran> "I will see you midnight tomorrow." Mark smiles broadly, looking immensly pleased. "What is your name?"

<Selonis?> "I am known as Selonis, young one."

<Cerin> "Someone...something...it reminded me of something I knew." he glances about, then scales a small tower holding up a great banner woven of moonsilver and rainbows, scanning the crowd.

<Markuran> "I am Markuran the Bear of the Lakewalker Tribe. We will meet next midnight."

  • Birds-of-Trinity wanders around, sampling the entertainers.
  • Zahara checks out the view.
  • Cerin leaps down, lightly landing next to Zahara. He seems a little perturbed.

The view is excellent. From higher up, the gleaming quicksilver canals which run through the rest of the city can be seen, the beautiful colors of the sky glinting off of them in fascinating ways.

<Zahara> "What's wrong, baby?

<Cerin> "...its nothing..but..You have to see this" he sweeps her into his arms, and runs up the swirling decoration on the poles until he balences on the top with her in his arms.

  • Zahara clings to him as he runs, laughing and watching the world swirl around her as they run up the poles

<Cerin> "Look at the canals!"

<Zahara> "I want one."

  • Cerin tenses slightly as he notices something in the crowd below. "..We should get down." he starts to run down the banner as it flows in the wind, his feet balencing on the merest slivers of the raised stitching before he leaps off.
  • Birds-of-Trinity decides to go look for Markuran. "GRACEFUL CRANE STANCE!" She climbs a convenient barbecue tower to get a better vantage point.
  • Zahara holds on tightly, but... really because it's an excuse to hold on tightly.
  • Cerin sets her down on the ground once more after a kiss. He still seems slightly 'off centre' to her.
  • Markuran is occupying himself, and a number of deities, with a little performance. Having found a large supply of the cold-sweet-spheres and some crystalline candies shaped like various animals from across Creation the big Barbarian stripped down to his loose black pants and began juggling, catching a treat in his mouth every so often and gulping it down as he contiuned to juggle the sweets
  • Markuran has begun adding other things to his juggling, as he runs out of food. Such as a young-looking goddess of flowers who resembles a miniature hula-dancer.

<Zahara> "Cerin, what's wrong?" she asks, holding his shoulders so he has to face her.

<Cerin> "Someone I really did not expect to see is here." he frowns "He was talking with who I can only guess is Unfolding Petal." he speaks quietly

  • Zahara frowns, "Who is it?"

<Cerin> "An Olichike...like Ssithumi..but...the link is different. The essence does not match so perfectly."

  • Birds-of-Trinity , noticing Marku putting on a show, decides to make things a little more...entertaining for him. She runs across the various tents and such toward him, and then dances at the peak of his throwing arc, kicking objects off the path he set for them at random.

<Zahara> "Someone you know?"

<Cerin> "I worked with him a few times, before I met you"

<Zahara> "Dangerous?"

<Cerin> "Highly."

<Zahara> "More fun that way."

<Zahara> "We should find out what he's talking about."

  • Birds-of-Trinity is careful not to step on the hula dancer too hard.
  • Markuran drops another orangey ball down his throat and, as it leaves his palm to disintegrate into a wave of sweet that settles into his belly, he snatches for Bird's ankle and adds her to the procession of juggled objects. The small goddess giggles and quickly braids a rope of her skirts and tosses the other end to a...flower-spirit that is suddenly opposite her in the juggling-circle!

<Cerin> "He was over in ..that direction." he gestures. "If you wanted to walk over there."

<HulaGoddes?> "Play with me, dancer!" the goddess and her flower minion start whirling the skirt-vines, setting up a game of double dutch.

  • Zahara heads over in the indicated direction, blending in with the partygoers by sampling food and entertainment along the way
  • Birds-of-Trinity giggles as she dodges the ropes, while still spinning through the air. It is a confusing sort of activity.
  • Cerin follows after her, idly sampling food as he goes. He blinks as he see's birds appear above the crowd, in amongst the crowd.

As Cerin and Zahara move forwards, they can begin to glimpse what Cerin saw earlier -- a Dragon-King, speaking to a large anthropomorphic red flower. As they move closer, the hooded figure from the banquet table earlier approaches the conversing pair.

  • Zahara dances in the general area, oddly reminiscent of the dance she used to taunt the lunar, while she listens in
  • Cerin stiffens. Whats he doing here? and talking to them. This needs some thought as he flows through the dance next to Zahara, matching her moves with effortless grace
  • Cerin murmurs in her ear "Rannath is there."
  • Zahara looks over, during the next twirl in the dance, "He's been gone a long time."

A squat, ugly faerie waddles over to where Marku is juggling and says, loudly: "Birds-of-Trinity, my Infinite master wishes to speak with you."

  • Cerin nods as he pulls her into a tighter, faster twirl before letting her spin out again, extending his senses towards the conversation
  • Birds-of-Trinity squawks, hooks her foot around a nearby god's neck, and tumbles to the ground, landing balanced carefully on one hand.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Hello, sir. Just now?"

  • Ugly Faerie nods "Yes, ma'am. Just now."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Alright then." She cartwheels to her feet and follows the gremlin, humming a cheery folk song.

  • Markuran drops the last few sweets down his throat and lets the goddess and her flower-servant down. Sweeping his tunic back on, though it seems slightly more suited to showing off his build then it was when he first removed it..Mark bows to the crowd that had gathered
  • Cerin listens further, his legs flowing through the dance Zahara leads him on without really watching her, though his eyes are locked to her face.

The cretin leads Birds to a table where several dashing young creatures sit, enjoying the wine from a nearby wine fountain. One in particular is a graceful, lithe gentleman -- possessed of twenty -- or more -- arms, long flowing hair that seems to have no end, elaborate red robes that bear upon them the sigil of a seven-pointed star, infinitely regressing.

  • Cerin 's body tenses, as if he just heard something very interesting. He catches Zahara gently in his arms as she lands, letting her slide off his arms to continue the dance. "He seems to want to meet with an associate of Petal" he murmurs after a kiss to her ear

Marku enjoys the attention of the various passersby who have stopped to gaze upon his performance art.

  • Zahara concentrates mostly on the dance, since she can't actually hear anything other than the music and laughter and talking of those around her. "What for?" she asks quietly.
  • Markuran lightly grasps the arm of a sleekly blue-gowned mergoddess with shining emerald hair. "Would I offend if I asked to dance?"

She giggles at Marku, and shakes her head no. Drops of gently scented water fly off her head as she does so, and blossom into water lilies wherever they strike the ground.

  • Cerin kisses her other ear the murmurs "He did not say, I believe they know ..if not each other, then of each other. Apparently the visitor will be watching the light show." the long murmuring whisper punctuated with small kisses

The cloaked figure can be seen walking away from the flower god.

  • Birds-of-Trinity salutes the fairy by changing her dress, spangling it with the same infinite stars, interlocked in a complex pattern.
  • Markuran sweeps the mergoddess off into a dance near Cerin and Zahara

<Cerin> "Should we approach him...he almost certainly knows we are here...I recognise the cloak from the banquet table." he asks softly, his lips almost pressed to her ear

<Rovash?> "Please sit, my dear." He waves to an empty chair.

  • Birds-of-Trinity takes a seat. "I take it you are the Infinite Rovash. Your name betrays you!"
  • Zahara nods a bit, "If you don't think you'll find out anything else from Petal, we might as well see what he's been up to."
  • Rovash grins gently. "You are very perceptive, madam." He sips upon his wine. "You indicated that you wished to speak to me."
  • Cerin shakes his head barely "Petal is alone for now"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "O Most Unlimited Rovash, in your infinite wisdom I bask, for only one thing can trouble me! I wonder about your quest, and how it can be resolved." Birds-of-Trinity spouts the stilted language of Heaven with some amusement.

  • Cerin starts to move the dance with Zahara in the direction Rannath walked off in, every twirl and movement bringing them closer.

<Rovash?> "That is an excellent question, Triskelious One. It is greatly important to me that I find a method to reunite with my One True Beloved. Alas! I can do so only upon the spot where your... buildings currently sit."

  • Zahara dances right along

The hooded figure is walking, in more or less a straight path, towards the northern end of the plaza.

  • Cerin finishes the dance with a spin that sends Zahara on one side of rannath, himself on the other, catching her in his arms as they meet in front of Rannath "Good day to you, Rannath. It has been a while since we saw each other"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You say 'building' like it is a scatological pun."

<Rannath> "It has. I see you two are well."

  • Rovash chuckles to himself, and continues. "I do not bear any /specific/ malice towards you, you must understand. I merely have an aching desire which must be satisfied. You can understand that, can't you?"

<Zahara> "quite."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Certainly. For instance, the companion you have to your..le..ri...MY left...is looking increasingly delicious as we speak."

<Zahara> "And yourself?"

  • Rovash nods.

<Rovash?> "So. You are clearly an intelligent woman. How do you propose that we resolve this embarassing impasse?"

  • Birds-of-Trinity looks at the crunchy-looking child. "Um, would you mind...stopping that? It's a trifle unsettling."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "How problematic are these...buildings...for you? If you were at the appropriate location inside them, would that be sufficient?

<Rovash?> "...I think so. Assuming there are no extraneous walls or... ugly things. I hate ugly things."

<Rannath> "I am in excellent health, but I must be moving on. Enjoy the festival." And, with that, Rannath attempts to step around the couple, again walking for the north end of the plaza.

  • Birds-of-Trinity smiles.

<Zahara> "So you're leaving your post as general of the Sunlands then?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I think that we can come to an agreement, assuming that my friend Markuran will yield to the pressure that Zahara and Cerin will doubtless be putting on him..."

As Rannath makes his motion, a man only too familiar to Cerin steps out of one of the buildings north of the three, wearing red robes and carrying a crimson rapier.

  • Rannath smiles wickedly underneath his hood, walking faster. "No. I just have a small amount of business to attend to."

<Zahara> "Don't be long. Someone has to do it."

  • Cerin tenses and gives the man a look that should flay the flesh from his bones and then burn the bones to ash. "Lai..."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Let me make you a proposition, Rovash. I have a friend who would quite literally sell young men to be able to spend some time examining you. You would not come to any discomfort, assuming that you find the same things painful that humans do at that time."

  • Cerin starts to move after Rannath,

<Rovash?> "...I do so enjoy being examined."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "In exchange for such an examination, I am prepared to open our gates to you and your beloved, and provide what hospitality we extend to our other esteemed guests."

<Rovash?> "That seems like a reasonable arrangement."

  • Birds-of-Trinity brushes off the mild alarm at Rovash's admission.
  • Lai Misuna? walks in confidently, then seems to notice Cerin. "...ah, you've come to see the sights," he says, deadpan.
  • Cerin nods "Just so. The turning of the year finds you well?"
  • Cerin is obviously concentrating on being civil and polite. The fire in his eyes from before has faded.
  • Markuran dances in a slow arc behind Cerin and Zahara, keeping his eyes on this person Cerin is speaking to with such lights in his eyes. Mmmm..his arms around the brilliant sapphire goddess tense slightly. He forces himself to relax in her soothing, cool embrace.
  • Birds-of-Trinity , on impulse, pulls back her veil and tackles the elegant gentleman sitting beside her, in order to see if he was as impressive a kisser as his countryman.
  • Rannath steps over, standing to Lai's left. "Ah, Lai Misuna. Whatever happened to your fellow Exalts?"
  • Cerin sends questioning emotion, tinted with great rage, to Zahara, through the Unity

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