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In the greying light of pre-dawn, Markuran waits for Birds at the edge of the lake-sea, looking unhappy but determined. His armor shines wetly and sweat of exertion still beads on his brow.

  • Birds-of-Trinity crosses the unstable lines of fishing barges, being careful not to disturb the loosely knotted nets, which are pulled out of the water to dry during the day. She is dressed for the occasion, wearing only a long, black sheet that's wrapped around her in a complex manner.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Markuran the Bear! Greetings!" She salutes him.

  • Markuran gives the black-clad woman a bow, hands held together at his stomach. "Birds of Trinity, I need to talk to you before our duel. I want..to apologize."
  • Birds-of-Trinity nods. "I'm listening."

<Markuran> "I have not been right inside myself and it has festered. I sometimes move without allowing my mind to direct my body. I learned long ago that doing so was dangerous for a man of my size and strength and once again when I was Chosen. But my memory seems to be failing. I wish to be forgiven for acting against you without just cause."

  • Birds-of-Trinity conceals a smile as she extends her weapon. The first rays of the sun scatter red sparks across both the Chosen's faces. "I challenged you to draw your attention to this. I'm glad that you understand what has happened. Disarm me in three moves, and I will consider my honor satisfied and call you friend again."

<Markuran> "With magic or simply as we are?

  • Birds-of-Trinity wills her Castemark to glow. "We are magical creatures. Do as you will."
  • Markuran nods to Birds and takes a step toward her, switching the Armsbreaker to his off hand. As he completes his step, the big man lunges, but not at Birds. Moving past her, he tears free a net still heavy with water and whips it out, the net coiling around Birds's form
  • Birds-of-Trinity grabs the net's edge with her off-hand and kicks off the boat. *Closeup* Birds-of-Trinity's face, seen through the cords of the net. *end closeup* She does a flip in the air, trying to entangle herself in the net in a way that doesn't actually hamper her movement.

Birds succeeds, the net twisting around her, and as she lands she is clad in black sheet and red net, with neither impeeding her movements

  • Markuran reaches out and grabs a trailing end of the net, hauling her close to him. As the lithe woman is pulled into his grasp, Markuran wraps powerful arms around her, holding her at just the right points where he's observed that her body remains most solid even when disappearing from under attack.
  • Birds-of-Trinity makes a somewhat halfhearted, but masterful, effort to twist away. Markuran finds himself holding the red net and a wet corner of Birds' wrap.
  • Markuran quickly yanks the wrap half off Birds, hoping to distract her while he tackles her, wrestling her blade away in a frenzy
  • Birds-of-Trinity mutters, "two," while the wrap unwinds.

<Markuran> "I win, Birds of Trinity."

  • Birds-of-Trinity intones, "three," as the Reborn Ecstatic Plume appears in Markuran's hand. "I accept your apology. Now turn around so I can get dressed." She gives the big man a small hug before dashing away.

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