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After releasing the black wind from his crypt upon their last visit, Markuran was reluctant to revisit the site of Kiriath's tomb. But some months later, he and Zahara returned. Cerin and Birds were working on understanding the new process of Exaltation and Zahara hoped to scavenge more samples of First Age Weaponry from the tomb, to help her learn how to forge with this new technique Cerin had showed her.

  • Zahara gazes at the chasm, which is quite bridgeless again. "I could carry you across, Marku" she suggests.
  • Markuran shrugs. "If you think you can."

<Zahara> "I am stronger than I look," she reminds him. "Or you could borrow my 'stone and carry me across if it would make you happier."

<Markuran> "It's your stone. Let's hurry, I don't really want to linger here.."

  • Zahara studies him for a moment, trying to figure out the best way to lift him, then simply hoists him up in her arms, and begins walking across the chasm at a slightly more than leisurely pace. "I hope those boxes still contain useful items."
  • Markuran nods his thanks to Zahara once the two are on the island.

Past the chasm and once again within the tomb, the two Solars look around at the shattered coffin, the scattered bones and the undisturbed jade boxes. Dark carvings in jade and soulsteel scream their unreadable message across the walls and blue pyre-flames light the small, dank room.

  • Zahara deposits him on the rock nicely, and dusts her hands off, inspecting what's left of the tomb. "I hope those jade boxes aren't as..dangerous as the sarcophagus."

<Markuran> "The coffin was covered in spikes and made of soulsteel and had no lid. I think it was obviously a warning. I wish I had heeded it.."

  • Zahara squeezes his shoulder comfortingly, though whether it can be felt beneath the armor is up for grabs. "You were angry. It blinded you. Today, we come with clear minds."
  • Markuran nods. "And clean souls?"
  • Zahara smiles, "For the moment."
  • Zahara gazes at the wall, covered with runes, and frowns. "Do you want to know what it says?"
  • Markuran hesitates, then nods. A hand idly runs across the carefully trimmed beard he's worn since his duel.
  • Zahara continues facing the wall, then, as she reads the words aloud. "It says.. "Here lies Kiriath the Deceiver. For his crimes, thousands suffered -- and two great Kings paid the greatest price. Let him rot here, that none may ever know the touch of his cruel hand again." She reads in an even voice, keeping her tone neutral.
  • Markuran shakes his head, sighing. "Probably true. Let's start looking for something useful from those cruel hands."

<Zahara> "For what it's worth, Markuran." she says, touching the runes on the walls, "This time I think you have learned enough to deny the temptation."

<Markuran> "They slew those who made the Gods, in that age. Their knoweldge was beyond compare. I hope that it was a flaw in the soul that has since healed..but I fear the eels are simply a harbinger of the same darkness."

<Zahara> "Then you must realize when the...eels.. become to active, and stop them, as you did recently. It does make life much nicer, don't you agree?"

<Markuran> "Someday, I might not be able to stop them. But, I will fight them as long as I have strength in my body and mind."

  • Zahara nods, "That is as much as I can ask."
  • Zahara turns and checks one of the boxes for a fastener that can be unfastened, or simply a lid that can be lifted off
  • Markuran pulls his shirt off and starts wrapping several of Kiriath's bones in it, taking care not to break them. Zahara notes that this is some sort of record, Markuran has been completely clothed for almost a week prior to this totally mundane shirt removal!
  • Markuran glowers at the bones as he collects them. "His skull burned the black wind. Maybe he can do something useful, no matter the blackness on his dead soul."
  • Zahara notes in addition to him being unclothed - which is nice, mind - he's also doing what he told her not to do. That whole sanctity of the bones thing. But she decides not to comment.

<Markuran> "He doesn't deserve the respect your ancestor did, Zahara." apparently the big man noticed your look

<Zahara> "I'm sure my ancestor was not all sunshine and light either." she smiles slightly.

<Markuran> "He wasn't locked in a block of death's metal on a guarded isle in the middle of a bottomless pit."

<Zahara> "Well...no." she prods the shards of soulsteel with a toe. "This is true."

  • Zahara levers the lid off of one of the black jade boxes and peeks inside. "Sun medallions." she holds them up.
  • Markuran glances at them. "Those will be useful to give to priests of the Ecliptic Faith."

<Zahara> "Very well-crafted, too. I think your priests will like them."

  • Zahara tucks the medallions into her well-used loot sack, and moves on
  • Markuran pries the lid off another of the jade boxes and paws through its contents, dropping the gaudy vestments back into the box with a sneer.

<Zahara> "What'd you find?"

<Markuran> "Baubles and silks."

<Zahara> "Give those to your priests too."

<Markuran> "They need no such fripperies."

<Zahara> "Why not?"

<Markuran> "They are to be among the people, showing them the way. These silks are for a master, not an ally."

<Zahara> "How will the people know who they are?"

<Markuran> "Sometimes, they won't need to. But if they must, the medallions and less...foolish vestments will serve. These are not appropriate. And, they're too small for most of my priests."

<Zahara> "Surely you'll have some priests that aren't..tribal. Eventually."

  • Markuran shrugs and moves to the next box, peering inside

<Zahara> "Hmmm maybe Birds will like them."

  • Zahara looks up, consideringly. "Cerin needs me."
  • Markuran hefts a huge mace from its black jade resting place and nods. "Then lets go."

<Zahara> "Nice mace."

  • Zahara walks to the edge, then hoists Markuran up again and walks back over the chasm

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